Jackie Christie, The Marrying Kind: The Art Of Making Love


Basketball Wives L.A. star Jackie Christie has graciously offered to write a column for the VH1 blog with the advice and wisdom she’s picked up after years of marriage to retired NBA star Doug Christie. The Christies’ relationship has been inspirational for many of their peers, and they’ve never compromised it, they put family and each other ahead of everything else. The pair wrote a book, No Ordinary Love, together and we’re glad that Jackie has chosen to share even more of her words of wisdom as a true basketball wife with us each week. This week is her final installment for the season, and she gets (really) intimate with her take on the art of making love. Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your writing and your wisdom with us this season!

The Art of Making Love

The art of making love is divine. That’s when a kiss is not just a kiss, and a touch not just a touch. To make love is like slow dancing in a way, as you hold, caress and whisper sweet everythings into your partners ear and watch their eyes gloss over from the intense ecstasy the two of you are sharing together, hearing them breathe with an ever so soft pant…and she whispers oh yes…harder, faster. And he says “Are you okay?” in a sweet and caring way. All the while your anticipating what’s to come.

Your mind is mush with beautiful thoughts of joy,beauty and passion. And your hearts beat fast then faster in unison. You grab at each other pulling, tugging, scratching and clawing. Your bodies tenderly shake as the incredible pleasure your both felling is taking over your senses.

Your bodies journey higher and higher to the top, you call out his name only to have him hold you tighter and groan at the sheer pleasure that’s now overtaken his body, just feeling you tighten around him, his manhood can take no more, and he hollers out in a deep voice “oh baby!” You’re all wrapped around him so tight now…With you legs covering his body and you don’t even hear your owns cries of passion and joy… You’re both on another planet, nothing else matters but the explosions of ecstasy you’re experiencing! And….

Suddenly, he breathes softer in your ear as he slows his once deep and demanding pace. He comes to a stop, only to rest his head softly on your chest and the two of you drift quietly off to sleep…Until you awake and press the replay button.

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