Mob Wives Castmember Junior Pagan Outed As FBI Informant


We all know how Renee Graziano and the rest of the Mob Wives family hates a rat, so things on the show are about to get complicated. Renee, whose loyalty and anti-snitching views are well known, received a big shock when she learned that her ex-husband Hector “Junior” Pagan was just revealed to be an FBI informant. The New York Post reported today that Pagan has been wearing a wire and cooperating with the FBI as part of a deal he struck after his prominently featured arrest during the first season of the show. Making the situation even more volatile is the fact that one of the people Pagan allegedly informed against was none other than Anthony Graziano, his ex-father-in-law. This is going to make for a seriously dramatic season two.

Show producer Jennifer Graziano tells the Post “The first inclination is always to say, ‘Shut it down.’ It is a reality show, and I knew this was going to be personal to me going into this. But I didn’t know this was going to happen.” She also hinted at how Renee is dealing with the situation, saying “Renee is an open book and lets people into her life because she wants people to understand what she’s going through.”
[Photos: Getty Images/Twitter]

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  1. a friend of a friend says:

    that rat cocksucker would have been dead a LONG time ago, but he was around TG

  2. Debbie Wilkerson says:

    Carla you are the classiest and what should you care about the a–es fighting but you do protest to much. Why put yourself in “their ” way? Do your own thing and quit answering their stupid questions. Renee is just an instigator easy to see.

  3. Yolanda says:

    I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renee you are a doll. You remind me of my best friend in the whole world. Drita, my daughter says you remind her of me. Karen is like my friends sister.
    Carla is just a beautiful down to earth woman. Big ange, so funny, you remind me of my friends mother. Watching this show reminds us of the days when we were younger (my friends and I).
    I hate to say it but I dont care for Ramona to much. She is quite the instigator. Drita got it right
    d.j. flap alot. With a friend like Ramona who needs enemys??? Karen, proud of you for standing up for yourself and all that you have done in your life. drop the nacky Ramona.

  4. Lisa says:

    Every time I see the show, and I am number one fan, I am so amazed at how Renee and I think the same. She thinks exactly as I do, especially on tonight show she feels caught in the middle and always takes care of everyone, and it does get to you, so I have tremendous sympathy for this woman. Renee you are not alone, the only difference between you and me is our family life, I am not Italian but PR, everything else i see you in me

  5. Daniella says:

    Renee, I think you are one of the strongest women on the show, only you don’t see yourslef as strong, just a victim, Snap out of it. I say Good Riddance to “Junyaa” or Hector as he will be known when he is picking oranges in the south. You have all the abilitiy to be the strongest one of the bunch since you have been through tough parents, a horrible marriage to a loser “rat” who I am sorry, but he is in no way good looking. You have a wonderful son who I hope doesn’t go into that lifestyle, but it looks so fabulous the way they portray it sometimes it is no wonder why young kids think it’s an easy way to make alot of money. How are all these women getting Mercedes Benz mini vans ( a waste of money) when they do absolutely nothing in their lives. I would be so bored to live in that way. Renee, so you don’t have a big round butt, but you have amazing cheek bones and eyes that others would kill for, so do not complain anymore. I was teased horribly because of the pout that is so popular now, even my butt got made into jokes and now it is the thing to have but I do not care And please tell Karen that she is starting to look as if she gained fifty pounds at least and sounds like a lunatic. Her father is in prison not because of murder but because he sold ecstasy like a fool. She seems really unhinged and I am surprised her daughter is so pretty with her as a mother. Ramona’s kids are well, shall we say, meant for radio.

  6. gezabel says:

    Renee is Junior’s doormat. I don’t think she is strong at all. When she came out with the fact that Junior only has sex with her “backwards”, well, that really blew me away. His contemptuous faces and scowls when she is talking to him says it all. He doesn’t even like touching her. He’s an opportunist and a creep. Renee is always apologizing for something going on in Junior;s mind. I mean, who says I’m sorry for whatever it is that I said or did. She never really knows what the hell she is apologizing for. He never opens up to her. With Junior you have to be a mind reader. What kind of fulfillment does she get with a moron like him? These mob wives take a lot of crap that most women would not. I say, don’t let the door hit you in your butt on the way out. Good riddance to white trash.

  7. Dawn says:

    Renee is loud and very insecure. She needs to calm the hell down and Drita is her friend and Ramona is just trying to cause problems. Renee you get on my nerves!! You act like your bi-polar! I leave the room when Renee is on. She gives me a headache. I love big Ang she is awesome.

  8. Dawn says:

    Karen is a cow!!

  9. Dawn says:

    Renee you make yourself look like an idiot when you believe what Ramona is telling you. We all she the manipulation on the show, your blind. Ramona knows how to push your buttons and you let her.

  10. duncan says:

    what do you mean thay dont like rats karens dad is a rat,she’s a rat.

  11. DW in KS says:

    Anyone else notice that Renee’s nail polish was almost black when she started reading the letter from Junior, then all of a sudden, it’s now bright red? Bad staging, I mean editing?

  12. kristina says:

    renee i love this show and all the cast members… you are an amazing woman stay strong and keep your head up! my father is doing an 9 To12 Year bid. im only 23 He has been locked up on and off my hole life. you inspire me to keep my head up… your in my prayers!!!

  13. Dmorg58 says:

    Renee has lived a pretty high class lifestyle all her life. She was happy to live with everything that came with it. You do the crime you have to do the time. Junior wasn’t the hardcore gangster she thought he was. He gave up her father and everyone else, She could have left that lifestyle when she became an adult, but she didn’t and now she is acting like they were going to get away with these crimes forever. It’s time to face the piper

  14. baileybear says:


  15. joey from philly says:

    i grew up in a mob neighborhood and things are different today, everybody wants to do the crime but nobody wants to do the time!!! And its a lost cause with all the special organized crime task forces watching every move you do and eventually its jail for a long time. These women need to find real men who work and love ect……..if they want happiness. Im a greaseball italian but i own everything and my family has me cause all i do is work…lol

  16. Deep South says:

    Renee needs to let Junior go….he’s probably in a whitness protection program , and she won’t see him again. She is not judged on his actions. Look at Karen’s dad….he was a snitch too. Watch who your friends are….Ramona is not one of them. She is also a sneaky troublemaker.

  17. Divina Lulu says:

    Is anyone really surprised about Junior Pagan. Watching his body language you can tell he is a RAT! Rene, wake up. And how does it feel to be in Karen’s shoes. You gave her a really hard time when she went back to Stanton Island. And by the way, Renee is NOT strong, she is as weak as they come. All she does is cry like an prescription drug addict, mixing it with alcohol, can we all say Whitney together. Watch Ramona’s body language. She’s dirty too. Keep in mind what happened to her last boyfriend. Drita said it like it is in that filthy “Lifestyle” when she said “A Rat Is Born a Rat”, not made one. Notice how Ramona does not cry. I WISH Victoria Gotti would join this cast and really show these gals what a REAL gangster’s daughter acts like.

  18. Susan says:

    Renee, hang in there babe! There’s several of us girls down here in the south that are rooting for you! Take Care Of “Yourself”….You are the Most Important thing right now!

  19. eve says:

    Renee, I’m so sorry for what your are going thru, But it seeems Ramona, Karen ans Big Ang have your best interests at heart – tru blu sisterhood…As for Carla & Drita I think their actions speak for
    As for DAWN: Get a life girl and stop hating-you’ve had your 5 minutes fame…

  20. dehope says:

    karen is silly for fighting over someone elses husband and being a bully, romona is jealous and is trying to bully her way into the show by being an instigator, and should be gone quickly, the show was great without her, carla is cool, calm, and collected she is so classy, renee is a sweetheart and I hope things work out for her and AJ, drita is not going to back down but I’m so proud of her moving on like adults are suppose to do and handle her business, why should she have to fight about her own husband, ang is just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. CARMEN says:

    Renee and Jennifer, stay out of the LIME-LIGHT. THE FEDS are all around you. This show was not worth it. THE WORST DAY OF YOUR LIFE AND ITS NOT OVER. Your poor Dad, his sick and he could die in jail. He knew this show was no good for him, which Affect all his family and friends. I guess money will make you do anything. STOP THE SHOW!! STOP THE MADNESS!!! God help you.

  22. Judy says:

    Renee you have had some time now to think about things and I know you have AJ to consider. But a rat is a rat! You love Junior deeply but if my husband did this to my father I would have to kick him to the curve. He dishonored your whole family. I would leave it up to my son if he wants a relationship with his father or not. What a heart breaking discisson. Renee hang in there times have got to get better they can’t get much worse. Ang, you have got the greatest personality. Drita, I think it’s great that you are taking your kids to see their father. You said your daughter does not know her father, don’t you have a picture that you can show her? Even if what you and your husband had is over, I believe every child should know their father. It’s not a nice place to take kids, I did it, but you do it for them not you!

  23. nhl09 says:

    These woman crack me up Renee falling apart over Junior and her dad. What the hell they get involved with men of crime and then they go nuts or are upset if anything happens to them or if they go to jail. “You do the crime you pay for your crime”
    They are a bunch of thugs like Karen says you have to deal with it it is part of our lifes.
    Get a frigging hold of yourself Renee your the whiniest baby of them all.

  24. cepaco says:

    first i want to say that my heart goes out to renee and her son a.j. i cant say i know how you feel but it is really sad to have someone you put your wholelife in their hands and be betrayed.just keep your head up and remember it is not your fault and god will take care of you.and as for carla she really needs to be more sympathetic to your situation and be very careful of what she say cause simple words can hurt.

  25. Demarei Gigliuto says:

    Renee you are an amazing woman. My heart goes out to you. My grand-father Pietro Gigliuto was in the life and I remember many things when I was young. Many outsiders don’t understand the lifestyle and what the women have to go through when the men they love go away and you are left to carry on. I hope for the best for you. Much Love

  26. dizzy says:

    l feel 4 you renee, my heart goes out to you,your beautiul and all that ..keep your head up high your a very strong woman ,4 junior that is really sad what he did you and your son must of not meant much to him..sorry to say let the rat go..

  27. Tess says:

    Renee you are one helluva woman! Now that you have your wits about you again I’m hoping you see clearly the manipulation you were put through by ramona and karen when you were at a very low point in your life. ramona soo lied to you and I hope it’s televised if/when you confront her about swearing on her children at the Poconos to save her a** from your wrath! The show was fantastic without her, but you’re there still and Drita, Carla, and Ang is still there-so like an addict who knows whats not good for them, lol, I will continue to be a huge fan! Cento Anni Bella!!

  28. Janet says:

    Why is Ramona on the show??? I think she’s bipolar too! She causes most of the problems and she’s not even a wife! It’s not called mob grand daughters!

  29. darby says:

    my most favorite of the “ladies” are drita and carla. i am the most like drita in personality but i would be most compatible with carla because of her calming effect. i think thats why she and drita are close. drita feels her quietness. i wish drita would go ahead and “thump” on Ramona. she just strikes me as schrewed and calculating. dont care too much for karen either. renee needs to calm down and stop embarassing her son on t.v. her timing is way off when she wants to discuss his struggling. his body language shows that she usually just makes him uncomfortable. guys hate hysterical mothers!