Celebrity Rehab Revisited 3: What The Future Holds


The stories of the patients of Celebrity Rehab are often about heartbreak, troubled pasts, and redemption, and this week, we’re taking a look at a few of the stars from the second season of the series, whose stories combine all three. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Bob Forrest reconnected with four of the celebrities who appeared on the sophomore season for the second in a four-part series called Celebrity Rehab Revisited. On this week’s episode, we catch up with Tom Sizemore, Joey Kovar, Kari Ann Peniche, Heidi Fleiss, and they mourn the loss of Mike Starr.

“Of all the patients I’ve treated, Tom Sizemore is one of my greatest success stories,” Dr. Drew says before sending Bob off to find out what Sizemore is up to two years after treatment. “I’ve been clean since the day that Bob Forrest somehow got me to go into rehab, I have not used a narcotic for two years and 144 days consecutively,” Sizemore says, cementing the fact that his treatment truly does seem to be a great success. Sizemore is working steadily on Hawaii 5-0 (and he has over twenty other productions in the works this year alone, according to his IMDb page), and he volunteers for the Midnight Mission homeless shelter in L.A. “I’m a better person for having been through all of this,” Sizemore tells Bob. “I really think he’s going to make it this time,” Bob says of Sizemore’s complete turnaround.

Joey Kovar, Real World alum and cocaine addict, had anger issues to boot. When he entered treatment in 2009, his mission was to get sober because he was expecting a child with his girlfriend. “I thought having kids would be what cleaned me up,” he said, “but that’s not the case.” Kovar admits to relapsing after his release and allowing his cocaine addiction to become the worst it had ever been, (he even says that in one span of two months, he got three or four nights of sleep total when he was at his worst) but he chose to go back to the hospital and has been clean for 45 days. Right now, Kovar is living with his grandparents and answers to a higher power, and says that in his new-found sobriety, he hasn’t had an urge to use drugs once.

Kari Ann Peniche had a rough go of it in the recovery center when she was Dr. Drew’s patient, lashing out and being difficult at times, but after leaving (and relapsing), she is now clean and has been for over a year. Currently married with a baby, Peniche says of her crystal meth addiction, “I woke up one day and said ‘What the heck am I doing?'” and sought additional treatment from Bob and Dr. Drew in order to get to the place where she is now. “Kari Ann is a living example of how anyone could turn their life around,” Bob says. “The changes in Kari Ann’s life are real.” Kari Ann also told Bob she didn’t want her past to define her and she was sorry for blaming everyone but herself for her problems. “Who would have thought that Kari Ann would apologize for the way she behaved on Celebrity Rehab?” Bob asks. “I’m impressed. She’s come a long way.”

“No one knows for certain the exact state of Heidi’s sobriety,” Dr. Drew says of Heidi Fleiss, whose meth addiction brought her to the recovery center two years ago, but who also revealed a loneliness and had some love issues, in that the only things she actually cared for and had a loving relationship with were her pet birds. When Bob checked in with Heidi, she was living in the Nevada desert with her birds and working in a brothel, and he says “This is exactly how Heidi was living before rehab…I can tell she’s having a struggle with sobriety.” Heidi admits to still doing meth on occasion and taking pills to come down off of it, but Bob is also worried about the birds. “The birds are almost like a drug to her. They exclude interpersonal relationships, they exclude friendships, this is harder to accept than the madam stuff, that made sense…And now she’s in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of birds.” But Heidi has made peace with a lot of things in her life and Bob leaves he’s optimistic for what Heidi’s future holds.

Sadly, one cast member from season three whose story ended was Mike Starr. Starr passed away this year at age 44. “I was a wreck when I heard. It’s terrible. It was just terrible,” Tom Sizemore said of his friend. “Mike was such a nice guy. He was just so lost.”

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