Tough Love Miami – Episode 10 – Bahama Mamas


“A toast to Tough Love bootcamp!” the women declare on the high seas. They’re almost done with their personal journeys, but Steve has just given them a quick vacaton on which they must tackle one more challenge. But first: the cheating thing.

“I was not shocked that perfect Christine was cheating on her husband, I knew she was hiding something from the beginning.” Miss Know It All Avonte says when it’s revealed that Christine cheated on her husband, Josh.

The women are all shocked to hear in Josh’s testimonial that the real reason his marriage to Christine failed was not his “lack of passion” as she keeps saying, but her passion…for someone else. Josh even hired someone to tail Christine to be extra sure she was cheating. Yikes.

“F— that! I was pushed into the arms of someone else, I didn’t ever want to sleep with anybody else!” Christine defends herself. She maintains that she never meant to have an affair but that since Josh was cold, distant, and anti-cuddling, she needed to seek physical comfort somewhere. When Steve presses her on the affair asking her why she never told him about it she answers “Because you didn’t ask!” which is total BS because Steve already asked her what the biggest lie she told was and, well, an affair is more of a lie than anything else she could have come up with. “I feel like part of it is my fault,” Christine says, to which Steve hilariously responds, “Part of it??”

“How embarrassing, I’m supposed to be a Mrs. Iowa!” Christine says of this whole ordeal. But as reparation for the ordeal, everyone gets sent on a cruise to the Bahamas! But it won’t be all fun and games and casinos and Bahamian beer, each woman will have a mission on the trip, and the ultimate goal at the end of it will be to decide who gets their promise ring.

Brigette‘s mission is to determine her future with Anthony. Leilani‘s is to see if her bond with George will endure beyond bootcamp. Christine is going to need to learn to be more forthcoming about what she needs in a relationship. Avonte is told she needs to keep her guard down and let things develop with Eric, who she’s been on one previous date with. Chasity has to let Al know what kind of relationship she wants with him (and not let thoughts of her ex, Thomas, ruin it). Michelle needs to get over her bad boy lust and enjoy her time with good guy Sam. And Jane and Alan just have to figure out what they’re doing together.

The women have 48 hours alone, without Steve’s guidance, to work on their relationships while onboard. If nothing else, at least Leilani and George are psyched for their trip!

Let’s check in on Chasity first…

“I like Al,” she says, “but he needs to show me more and if he doesn’t give me his all, I’m probably not going to continue to see him.” Chasity seems a little bored by Al, to be honest. Is she itchin’ to put her go-go boots back on? She tells him her concern, which is that he is always agreeable and never seems to have an opinion, and funny enough, he tells her nothing she’s really said is all that objectionable, so what is there to disagree with? Automatically this makes Chasity more calm and accepting of their relationship and she seems like she’s prepared to go full steam ahead.

During their time on the ship, Christine and Frank discuss her needs and she tells him she needs to be treated like a woman and a wife, receiving affection and physical love from her man. “Frank is a 180 from any other guy I’ve dated before…we balance each other out pretty darn good.” Once they open the lines of communication, they’re ready to close the bedroom door.

“Who would have though you would like the Ken doll?” Chasity says to Michelle, who may have only just met Sam, but she gets weak in the knees thinking about him. They enjoy the same activities, he’s a good kisser, what’s not to like? Her only sad emoticon is that she met him so late in the season. “I felt like I was living a fairy tale,” Michelle says of her time with Sam. “It might be too soon, but I really want to give this guy my promise ring. Am I crazy?” she asks. She’s totally cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, this one.

Avonte gets a rubdown with Eric (relax, I said WITH, not FROM) and she impresses Steve with her openness.

She brings up the topic of dealbreakers which is so four weeks ago, and really does a great job getting to know him. “I haven’t stopped smiling,” Avonte says. Avonte tells Eric that Steve saved the best for her last date with him and she is falling for him, although she worries about his “stability” i.e. his bank account.

Jane and Alan receive a private cooking lesson that involved love pancakes and bickering.

And later, Jane needles Alan into telling him the things he did wrong on their past two anniversaries. “If Jane wants to make this relationship work, she needs to back off,” Steve says from the sidelines. She does for the moment when finally tells Alan she realizes that even when he puts in the effort to make her happy, all she does is b—h about it, but later at dinner, when Alan calls her breathtaking, she puts on the sourest of sour faces and says “Really? This is the first time you call me breathtaking? When I get dressed up, I do it for you.”

This guy can’t win. He apologizes for how he has treated her in the past, but I feel like Jane’s just bitter about it all.

Brigette appears to be having an amazing time with Anthony (who knew that the tub on a cruise ship would be big enough to fit two people??),

but after more small talk, she learns he’s not as social as she would like him to be and he has a lot of traits that make her doubt their compatibility. When she reconvenes with the girls for drinks on the lido deck, she’s obviously reserved and not willing to get into her doubts. “This is everything I wanted but honestly, it might be too much too soon, just like Steve said.” So will she give him her promise ring or what?? Even Brigette doesn’t know at this point.

When Leilani tells George she wants to come back to Miami to visit him and she doesn’t want him to see other people, he changes the subject, which is weird. (Maybe his mom is getting to him.)

That makes Leilani and Steve nervous that he won’t quite verbalize his commitment.

We won’t know what the women decide to do with their promise rings until next week, but they certainly all are showing serious growth on this trip. It’s sort of like every episode of The Love Boat. There may have been excitement, drama, and rough seas, but we all had fun and learned something. If only Steve had shown up as Gopher. He would have really pulled off that bow tie.

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