Why Am I Still Single?! Episode 8 – Siggy Flicker And Her Team Work With Jay And Lindsay


Matchmaker Siggy Flicker and her team of stylists and recruiters are experts in the field of dating, and each week on Why Am I Still Single?!, they take on two new clients to help them rehab their image from the inside out. Siggy, her twin stylists Jenn and Jamie, and her love pickers, Hayley, Chynna, and Victor, will be giving us a weekly look at their clients and they issues they’re up against.

Do you ever worry about how a guy like Jay, who you described as a gigolo, will treat a woman you match him with?

Siggy: I found out he was rejected, his girlfriend left him for another woman. There’s always a reason for someone acting the way they are, and I’m not intimidated by the words player or gigolo. People play because either they don’t want to be in a committed relationship, and in that case, I don’t want to work with them, or if they’ve been hurt and it’s a form of acting out, which I can work with.

When you were giving him his lesson, even though it looked funny from the outside, he was definitely affected by it emotionally.

Siggy: Yes. All the lessons start out being silly but it was the only way to get them to realize “This is how silly you really are.” You think juggling all these women is fun? It’s ridiculous, it’s superficial. If you are giving your ex-girlfriend the power to ruin your life, go ahead, but let me show you how silly you’re acting.

Have you ever worked with a client like Lindsay before? I’ve never heard of groups of friends dating one another, aside from everyone on Melrose Place.

Siggy: Oh yes, plenty of my clients are like that. Because Lindsay is afraid of the unknown, afraid of rejection, and if her friends reject her, she can still go back to being friends with them so she doesn’t have much work to do. It’s basically friends with benefits.

Has she maintained friendships with all the people she’s dated then?

Siggy: Some of them, yes. Some dumped her and she’s been hurt.

Her lesson was an extreme version of how tethered she is to her friends, but how do you change someone’s comfort zone and get them to realize they need to not be so dependent on friends?

Siggy: In my lessoon I tolder her “You’ve got to face your fears, you’ve got to do something about that.” And the minute I told her that all her guy friends would end up getting married and she was going to be alone, it it her. Everybody moves on and if she continues to do what she’s doing, she’s not going to end up in a good place. I think I scared her by saying that.

She’s 24, and I know maturity levels are different for everyone, but at 24, it seems like she still has a while to figure things out, does age matter to when you’re working with someone, do you allow for some room to mature?

Siggy: No. I don’t even look at age. Love is love, if you don’t deal with your issues at 24, you’re going to have the same issues when you’re 44.

These were some of the funnier lessons you’ve done, what are you thinking when you watch people on their lessons, do you ever laugh, is it entertaining?

Siggy: I feel two things, the first thing I feel is that this show is out of godd—m control and I would never go this far, and then when I’m doing the lesson, I cry or I get mad. During my lesson with Jay I was mad, those mannequins were seventy five pounds each, and I’m always thinking of the other person and at the last minute they were changed from blow-up dolls to mannequins, so carrying it around, he became exhausted. I just felt bad. Lindsay was having fun, it was silly, but she had fun with it, and it’s always more fun when that’s the case. I don’t want to watch somebody suffer.

Do you ever get worried when you have a client like Jay, who’s a player and hasn’t treated women all that well in the past that he might hurt or offend the person you pick for him?

Hayley: Players usually play around until they find the right girl. For Jay, he most definitely is a player. When looking for a match for him, I kept in mind that I needed to find a girl that wouldn’t put up with any of that nonsense. Additionally we recruiters always hope that the client will be receptive to Siggy’s training.

Chynna: Jay is insecure, which is why Jay runs away from women with brains and runs to the boobs. Eye felt the best date for Jay is a full-length mirror with a pair of silicone breasts. Even though Jay is attractive, he uses his looks to lure in women on his insecure level and then his manipulative approach sets in as he tears down the woman to feel better about himself.

It was a challenge to find someone for Jay because he is offensive, but he wears rose-colored glasses which block his reality so he doesn’t see himself as doing anything wrong. The chick eye selected for Jay is a woman. Not a young girl that Jay could manipulate, but a woman with all kind of NYC SASS, a chick that will mentally check him, mind f— him, and put him in his place and show this boy what time it is. That’s when eye found this perfect chick from the boogie-down Bronx! ‘Cause one thing eye know, chicks from the Bronx can straighten out boys, and kick their asses into men!

How do you go about finding someone just right for someone like Lindsay, who needs someone she feels an instant comfort level with?

Hayley: For Lindsay, I decided to go to very casual spots, since she isn’t that comfortable with formal dating. I went to a furniture store, to look for someone in a casual environment and very low key.

Chynna: Lindsay slept through all her friends and needed some new ones. The best kind of man for Lindsay is a guy that is out in the world, exploring NYC, constantly attending new happenings and events that will take Lindsay completely out of her comfort zone and into a whole new roller-coaster of things to do. When eye ran into a NYC Tour Guide, he was the perfect mate for love ‘em and leave ‘em Lindsay.

Eye instantly recognize the behavior of the NYC Walking Tour Guide, as yours truly, Chynna Soul, hustled a free NYC Tour Bus ride which turned into a summer of walking tours and classes and eye became a NYC tour guide. Eye loved learning my Manhattan, but eye have to admit, eye was a sucky tour guide, because eye could never remember all the facts and dates of NYC history and made up s— as eye went along, though eye was very entertaining..(details & dish all in my upcoming book “When are you gonna become Rich & Famous & take Care of your Poor Old Mutha”-author Chynna Soul).

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