Olivia Recaps Love And Hip Hop Episode 4


Olivia Longott is a busy woman, but we’re so lucky and thrilled that she’s going to be giving us some exclusive episode commentary every week during this season of Love And Hip Hop.

Hmmmm… So I see u guys enjoyed last night’s show. Where can we start today with Chrissy and Kim, or Kim and Em? Let’s start with Kim and Em. lol

I’m so proud of Emily for standing her ground and letting Kim know that she didn’t, doesn’t, and won’t ever agree with her past actions, but it’s also big of Kim to try and make amends. I will not discuss the hair on fire incident, let’s just leave that alone. And fyi, I was superimposed with men on my lap — that was not me. Now although the party was fun and I had a good time with the girls, as far as Chrissy and Kim, I think Kim tryin’ to get an apology is never gonna happen. What needs to happen is they just need to stay away from each other and keep the peace. Nancy, Jim and Chrissy, I’m glad things are going well and they have finally gotten to the point where they are giving each other a chance.

Yandy and Chrissy we just have to wait and see…

(And by the way, we here at the VH1 Blog know that despite what Wayne Williams thinks, “December” is still at the top of our charts, so go ahead and download it over on iTunes!)

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