Celebrity Rehab Revisited 4: The Battles Continue


The stories of the patients of Celebrity Rehab are often about heartbreak, troubled pasts, and redemption, and this week, we’re taking a look at a few of the stars from the second season of the series, whose stories combine all three. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Bob Forrest reconnected with four of the celebrities who appeared on the fourth and final episode of Celebrity Rehab Revisited. This week, we catch up with Rachel Uchitel, Leif Garrett, Janice Dickinson and Frankie Lons.

Rachel Uchitel was addicted to Ambien, Valium, Xanax, and several other drugs when she checked into Celebrity Rehab, but her biggest issue was love addiction. Rachel had never “dated” anyone in her life prior to rehab, she would jump into long-term, serious relationships that were ultimately destructive. Currently, Rachel is in a relationship (married, in fact) to a man named Matt that she met on Facebook. “Today, Rachel and Matt are doing great, and we wish them nothing but happiness,” Dr. Drew says after Bob’s visit with her. She’s drug free and appears to be incredibly happy.

Heroin addict Leif Garrett had lived his whole life in the spotlight and under the influence. Even after completing the program, Dr. Drew had his concerns, but catching up with Leif now, he appears to be fairly successful. But (there’s always a but), he does admit to having had a few drinks. He’s kicked heroin, but in his own opinion, he doesn’t believe that a few drinks are detrimental to his recovery. “Alcohol is not my problem,” he says. Unfortunately, Leif was in a severe motorcycle accident this past summer and received medication for his pain, but he didn’t form an addiction to any painkillers. Bob visited Leif with Rachel Uchitel to express their concern for him and ask him to stop all the drinking and lose the cavalier attitude about sobriety. “You smoked pot, you drank sake, you take Percoset. Those are drugs,” Bob tells Leif. “I can’t believe this is happening right now,” Leif replies. “This is insanity and quite honestly I don’t appreciate it.” And for the first time on the Revisited series a castmember walks off the show. “The idea of being abstinent from the moment you enter the doors of a rehab facility is bulls—,” Bob tells Leif when they meet up days later. Leif admits he felt ambushed by the accusations that he’s still a user but he says that “Medicating myself is not the answer.”

Janice Dickinson’s time in the recovery center was volatile, combative, and disruptive (not unlike her time on Top Model, but I don’t really want to make light of her recovery process). “Since I left treatment, I have not relapsed once. It’s been fifteen months of pure sobriety,” Janice says, and claims that “La Diva” and “Superb—h” are gone. “She is Janice Dickinson twenty four hours a day, seven days a week,” Bob says before he meets with her. Janice says she has a feeling of restlessness, like a motor inside her that keeps running, so Bob gets her involved with a community center to give her something to do. “Janice, of all people, needs grounding,” he says.

Frankie Lons was an alcoholic for much of her adult life and after completing the rehab program, she quit after care and was reportedly arrested on drug charges. Bob visits her at her home in Atlanta and she now admits to drinking but told Bob she doesn’t take drugs. When he asks her to stop drinking, she tells him “Well, Bob, it’s like telling you to stop counseling.” Bob challenges Frankie not to drink that night when they go to a club at it appears that she kept up her end of the bargain. Bob works with her radio station manager to assure that Frankie can hold down her job and not let alcohol interfere. “Frankie is Frankie,” he says. “She’s probably not going to change all that much, but can she stay sober? I think she can. I hope she can. But…it’s up to her.”

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