Grantland Covers The Evolution Of VH1 Dating Shows


On the outside, Flavor Flav, New York, and Bret Michaels may not have anything in common with Steve Ward and Siggy Flicker. But anyone familiar with VH1 programming or who has a passion for dating and relationship shows knows better. Everyone we just mentioned is a member of the VH1 family and has been a part of the slow but steady evolution of the dating shows that have become a guilty pleasure and a fixture in most of our homes. Over at one of our favorite culture sites, Grantland, they have a great article on the history of such dating shows and it’s a fascinating look at how and why the model has changed from celebrities choosing from a field of competitors to find a match to “real people in need seeking love.” Obviously both genres have their fans, but we’re curious to see what you guys, the fans the shows are directed toward, think. Let us know in the comments!

From Flavor Flav to Siggy Flicker: A Comprehensive History of the Late-Period American Dating Show [Grantland]
[Photos: Getty Images/VH1]

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