Read The First Chapter Of Karen Gravano’s Book Mob Daughter Online


We’ve been wondering since last season when Karen Gravano‘s book would be ready and the answer is “now…ish.” Gravano, star of Mob Wives and daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, has released the first chapter of her autobiography Mob Daughter on Facebook and so far, it’s pretty awesome – within the first few pages, Karen gets right into the murders she suspected her father committed, his “construction business,” and it basically sounds like the Sopranos. In a word, it’s unreal. And to think, Drita refused to read this chapter last season. We can’t wait for the entire book to be released, it comes out in February 2012.

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  1. Joey Gambino says:

    Dearest Karen, wow, been waiting for a while now for your new book. Im sure it will be great! !
    If everything works out good , would you consider having a movie made on your dad and you, from begining to end everything that happened ??? I think it would be a great movie as well. I guess this is a question you might have to speak with your dad about….anyway, hope you have great luck with the book and I hope your dad is doing well. Love ya sweetie, Joey
    P.S. E mail me anytime you like, would love to hear from you. BENSENHURST RULES ! LoL

  2. icethicks says:

    Dear Karen, How are you?1st of all I think you are a Beautiful person;a great person…I have alot of respect for you…you have been and lived the life from childhood to a great women & mother.I watch the show faithfully.You & your Home Girl go Hella Hard…lol…But anyway I see you are truily Real…Much Respect for that.So I know your book is to the maxium on point.I can’t wait to get it.Goodluck to you & the family…best of luck on all projects you set out to do.all so P.S.E mail would love to hear from supporter…thanks Karen…PEACE

  3. I admire her honesty. I love how straight forward she is and she is not ashamed of herself, her father, or the lifestyle that she grew up in. I am definitely going to purchase a copy for myself today! Love you Karen ;)