Poll: Who Is The Most Stylish Woman Of 2011?


One of the best parts about watching all of the shows that I do is getting to see all the amazing outfits, jewelry and shoes that the ladies of VH1 wear. So perhaps it’s an unfair question to ask since everyone’s style is different, but we want to know who you think has the best fashion sense. We’ve narrowed down the field to six ladies that we think exemplify style, so let us know who’s your favorite. (And of course, write-ins are welcome, let us know in the comments who you’d rather see on this list!)

So who will it be, Evelyn Lozada (see more of Evelyn’s style here), La La Anthony (check out La La’s style from TRL to the present here), Jennifer Williams (see a gallery of Jen’s style here), Emily Bustamante, Stacey Dash (see more of Stacey’s style here), or Gloria Govan (who won our best dressed poll back in November)?

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  1. Sharon says:

    This is not a valid poll. Clearly Stacy Dash is by far superior styled than any of the others. This fake poll, must be based on reality show populatiry and clearly not fashion. Get it right.

  2. SeriouslyLOL says:

    Who is ever taking this poll must be out of their minds!!!! STACY DASH is the most stylish, HANDS DOWN! This is the only show I have ever in my 30 something years of life watched JUST to see what is being worn. The Vintage/Cotour stlye of Dash on this Single Ladies was off the charts! Lets be real!!!

  3. jenny says:

    i love evelyn, but Stacy is the most stylish woman of this season and she’s hot, i am so sad why she left though…i was so excited for the new season to come out, with all the girls from season 1 together but now that i learned that it will be without stacy in it….i am really really sad….the trio from season 1 is the best…the producers really need to think back to their decision…