Your Favorite VH1 Stars Choose Their 2011 Film Of The Year


December is full of “Best Of” lists, usually written by critics, but here at VH1, we’re doing things a little differently. For the next week and a half, we’re going to be rolling out the Best Of lists as determined by our talent, the people you love to watch on our shows, and we’ve asked them all what they think were the best films, songs, and people of the past year. Our first category? Favorite film. Check after the jump to see what all your favorite stars from Basketball Wives, Love And Hip Hop, Why Am I Still Single?!, Tough Love, and more, have to say about their favorite flicks, and stay tuned all week for even more lists. We’ve been surprised by the responses so far, and we think you will be too. But one thing is for sure…everyone loved Bridesmaids.

Gloria Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: Bridesmaids

Malaysia Pargo, Basketball Wives L.A.: Arthur

Sean Cameron, Beverly Hills Fabulous: The Green Lantern

Siggy Flicker, Why Am I Still Single?!: The Social Network

Jenn and Jamie Dunn, Why Am I Still Single?!: Bridesmaids

Elgin Charles, Beverly Hills Fabulous: The Help

Jackie Christie, Basketball Wives L.A.: Colombiana

Jennifer Gimenez, Celebrity Rehab 5: The Help

Tami Roman, Basketball Wives: My short film called The Tombs.

Royce Reed, Basketball Wives: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Kenya Bell, Basketball Wives: Blue Steele

Olivia Longott, Love And Hip Hop: Immortals

Somaya Reece, Love And Hip Hop: My project :)

JoAnn Ward, Tough Love Miami: Hall Pass [Ed. Note: I love everything about this choice]

Kesha Nichols, Basketball Wives: Like Crazy and Bridesmaids

Imani Showalter, Basketball Wives L.A.: Bridesmaids was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!! Contagion was very thought provoking with tons of shocks and surprises, I also really enjoyed The Help because as an avid reader it was wonderful to see the characters bought to life on the big screen (excellent casting)

Drita D’Avanzo, Mob Wives: The Town

Carla Facciolo, Mob Wives: Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Renee Graziano, Mob Wives: My fav movie is any HARVEY n BOB WEINSTEIN FILM!!!!!! Love my TWC

Ramona Rizzo, Mob Wives: Twilight: Breaking Dawn

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