Who Had The Best Reunion Moment Of The Year?


Cast reunions are some of the most heated, exciting, eventful episodes of the year, and we’ve had a ton of great reunion moments from all of our shows in 2011. But if we had to pick one moment to reign supreme over all the others…well, that’s a tough choice to make. We’ve narrowed down our four biggest reunion moments and want to know which one you think was the best. Watch each moment below and then take our poll!

Evelyn Lozada
After putting up with Meeka Claxton all season, it seemed like the ladies on Basketball Wives might tear her apart during the reunion. Surprisingly, Meeka and Tami, though they exchanged words, kept things fairly civil during the taping. However, it was during an argument with Meeka over the design of her earrings where things got heated. Evelyn, who has an earring line of her own, got into a dispute with Meeka’s earring designer and after a brief back and forth, shouted her now infamous “Security!” and gave a double snap of her fingers, getting the designer booted from the set. In time, Meeka followed suit, choosing not to return to the show.

Somaya Reece
Somaya may have said some not-so-nice things about Olivia during season one of Love And Hip Hop (“I’m making you relevant again” ring any bells?) and it came back to bite her at the reunion when Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz took her to task. However, it was Somaya who had the last laugh when she repeatedly called Rich a “vagina,” turning your every day anatomical reference into an insult and causing him to angrily walk off the stage. (Somaya even apologized to fans of the show for Rich’s behavior.)

Renee Graziano
Renee and Carla came to blows during season one of Mob Wives when Renee accused Carla’s boyfriend of inappropriately touching her. The women agreed to disagree over what kind of “bad touch” this guy actually tried, but it made for the most explosive conversation of the reunion, with Renee breaking down in tears and finally shutting Carla down saying “Restylane! ‘Cause you’re nothing but a filler, bitch.”

Draya Michele
Draya had the best lines of the night during the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion and she definitely held her ground when she had to. When she was describing how she was treated, she told host John Salley “The underdog rose to the top on this show!” Later, when the women were ganging up on Jackie and conversation turned (half-jokingly) to Jackie needing medication, Draya joked “Do you have a doctor? She got Michael Jackson’s doctor!” (“Michael Jackson’s” actually trended that night on Twitter, so we KNOW you loved it!)

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