Poll: Who Is The Biggest Underdog Of 2011?


Every show has an underdog, a person who’s not quite part of “the circle,” or who has to work hard against all odds to make a name for themselves. Sometimes the underdog is constantly swimming upstream, and sometimes they “rise to the top,” in the words of Draya, the classic underdog from Basketball Wives L.A., and Draya did just that, working her way into the circle and becoming a fan favorite. So we want to know which struggling star won you over the most this year. Was it Draya, who had to work just to not be judged by those around her? Was it Royce from Basketball Wives, who had to dodge insults and flying glass throughout season three? Or maybe you prefer Somaya Reece, who was clearly the underdog of the first season of Love And Hip Hop, but thankfully Kimbella is taking her place in season two. On Baseball Wives, Jordana Lenz is the one labeled a groupie (or in baseball terms, a “cleat-chaser”) and has to defend herself against the actual wives. And then of course, there’s the sole man on our list, a man who lives in a house full of strong-willed women who just wants everyone to get along, Mr. Mark Patridge from Audrina. This poor guy hardly stands a chance with all the fighting that goes on around him. Take our poll and let us know who your pick is for the Biggest Underdog of 2011.

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