Our VH1 Stars Pick Their Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter


It’s been an interesting task, compiling these year-end lists from the stars on our network. No doubt they’re an eclectic group with vastly different tastes and interests, but one thing that unites them all is their love of Twitter. Each and every one of the stars we’ve spoken to have a Twitter account and follow it religiously, which is why we love their responses when we asked them who their favorite person is on the social site. It may not surprise you to hear that @Oprah was a biggie amongst our stars, but even more popular than Opes herself? Reverend Run (@RevRunWisdom). Check out our full list of favorites below.

Gloria Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: @RevRunWisdom is always a lot of fun to follow, his tweets are always inspirational.
(Follow Gloria at @GloGovan)

Malaysia Pargo, Basketball Wives L.A.: @teracarissa
(Follow Malaysia at @StyleInGrace)

Sean Cameron, Beverly Hills Fabulous: @DaRealAmberRose
(Follow Sean at @SeanieMunroe)

Chynna Soul, Why Am I Still Single?!: @BreakingNYCNews The all time best up to date Instant Breaking NYC News Happenings Alerts before any other News Source. From the most Important pertinent information to the most ridiculous yet entertaining Manhattan happenings.
(Follow Chynna at @ChynnaSoul)

Siggy Flicker, Why Am I Still Single?!: @Oprah
(Follow Siggy at @siggyflicker)

Jenn and Jamie Dunn, Why Am I Still Single?!: @Oprah
(Follow Jenn and Jamie at @TheMoxieTwins)

Victor Goldman, Why Am I Still Single?!: @siggyflicker and @TheMoxieTwins
(Follow Victor at @victorgoldman3)

Elgin Charles, Beverly Hills Fabulous: @Oprah
(Follow Elgin at @ECBeverlyHills)

Jackie Christie, Basketball Wives L.A.: @AndersonCooper
(Follow Jackie at @JackieChristie)

Jennifer Gimenez, Celebrity Rehab 5: my BFF @BRANDIGLANVILLE
(Follow Jenn at @JenniferGimenez)

Jennifer Williams, Basketball Wives: @RevRunWisdom His tweets are inspirational, it’s nice to see something positive and inspiring on my timeline.
(Follow Jennifer at @IamJennifer)

Tami Roman, Basketball Wives: @RevRunWisdom
(Follow Tami at @TamiRoman)

Royce Reed, Basketball Wives: That’s a hard one, but probably @RevRunWisdom
(Follow Royce at @RoyceLR)

Kenya Bell, Basketball Wives: @Drake
(Follow Kenya at @KenyaBell)

Olivia Longott, Love And Hip Hop: @KevinHart4Real
(Follow Olivia at @1andonlyOlivia)

Somaya Reece, Love And Hip Hop: All my fans. I follow all my #TeamSomaya fans, they are hysterical and always keep it real with me. They encourage me and give me honest opinions on everything I do without hatred behind it. They’re honest and keep me grounded.
(Follow Somaya at @SomayaReece)

JoAnn Ward, Tough Love Miami: My son, @stevenbward
(Follow JoAnn at @loveagent)

Laura Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: @KevinHart4Real
(Follow Laura at @L4Govan)

Kesha Nichols, Basketball Wives: I love @RalphMarston. His inspirational quotes are always right on the money.
(Follow Kesha at @KeshaNichols)

Imani Showalter, Basketball Wives L.A.: Sounds crazy but I love @LilDuval LOLOLOL he is hilarious, a tad bit crude, but he speaks the truth.
(Follow Imani at @IamMelissaImani)

Drita D’Avanzo, Mob Wives: @Pink
(Follow Drita at @DritaDavanzo)

Carla Facciolo, Mob Wives: @HollywoodLife
(Follow Carla at @CarlaFacciolo)

Renee Graziano, Mob Wives: Duh, @50Cent
(Follow Renee at @ReneeGraziano)

Ramona Rizzo, Mob Wives: @RevRunWisdom
(Follow Ramona at @RaMonaRizzo888)

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