Who Were This Year’s Biggest Onscreen Rivals?


Rather than asking what the biggest, baddest fight of the year was, we’re posing that question in a different way: We want to know who you think had the fiercest, most volatile onscreen relationship of 2011. Because as we’ve learned, even some of the biggest fights, like Laura and Malaysia‘s episode one blowout on Basketball Wives L.A., can still end with no hard feelings. But these women we’ve listed below, well, it’s pretty safe to say they may never be friends. So whose situation is the realest, meanest definition of “frenemy”? You tell us. To refresh your memories, look after the jump for GIFs and clips of some of the more intense moments these women shared.

Jackie Vs. Everybody, Basketball Wives L.A.

Tami Vs. Meeka, Basketball Wives

Somaya Vs. Chrissy, Love And Hip Hop

Karen Vs. Drita, Mob Wives

Evelyn Vs. Royce, Basketball Wives

Ashley Vs. Danielle, Famous Food

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  1. cathy says:

    love you Drita and Carla

  2. Sussie says:

    Tami is a bully to smaller girls. I would like to see her try her nonsense on NeNe leaks or anyone from Atlanta Housewives. She has had beef with everyone on the show. Tami should learn to pick on people her own size.

    Everlyn is phony and afraid of Tami. How is she so friendly with Tami after there beef but falls out with Jen over a stupid blog.

    Susie, is a weak nothing. The new girl Kesha has more class than the entire cast including Shaunie.

  3. Nadia says:

    Tamie is a bully, is acts like the mean girls in high school. Kesha nuff respect to you, the girl have class something you cant say about Tami.
    Susie talks too much. Most of these women act like vicious high school girls.

  4. forreal says:

    Basketball wives Miami, well what can I say. These women are a “HOT MESS”, to dam old to behave this way. Tammi ain’t nothing but a big psycho bully, therapy isn’t working for her. Lock her crazy ass up and yes, you did steal the girl purse. You didn’t pick it up out of concern for her, you are full b/s. Evelyn another psycho crazy ass mentally retard, the girl have issues. Shaunee acts like she is all innocent, but she is messy as hell. She instigates most of this drama and then wants to act innocent, like she is perfect. Poor Jen I hope she never comes back to this degrading show. The dingbat of all Suzie, messy one of all so she won’t get her ass kicked. She is a trip, starts the mess. I wished one of the girls would give her a good ass whipping so she can shut her dam mouth, with her ignorant old ass. Royce and Jenn is the best of them all. I hope Jenn sues the crap out of that girl for slapping her and get Evelyn too.