VH1 Stars Pick Which Scenes Were Their Favorites To Film In 2011


As an outsider watching a show, we never quite know what scenes are really “real,” what’s staged to help move the plot along, or whether or not certain trips our casts take are truly enjoyable for all involved parties. (cough*Basketball Wives*cough) At the very least, we now know what scenes were most fun for the stars who were in them. We asked the casts of several of our shows which moments were their favorites to film, and the answers are surprising. (Seems like that Basketball Wives L.A. Hawaii trip was more fun than it seemed!) Read on to find out how they answered.

What Was Your Favorite Scene To Film This Year?

Gloria Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: Hawaii was actually a lot of fun, despite all the drama, lol

Malaysia Pargo, Basketball Wives L.A.: Surfing in Hawaii…’cause for you guys that don’t know, I can’t swim, so it was pretty amazing to surf in the ocean.

Sean Cameron, Beverly Hills Fabulous: When I filmed in Miami for the hair show BATTLE – lol

Chynna Soul, Why Am I Still Single?!: My all time favorite for sure, is when eye hollered out to the hottest chick walking out of a Yoga Studio “YOU SINGLE WITH THAT BODY?!?” featured in the very first episode and on all the promos for the show. That line was trending all over TWITTER and people are still hollering that line to me on the streets wherever eye go all across the country.


Siggy Flicker, Why Am I Still Single?!: James the Rocker with the Etiquette Coach

Jenn and Jamie Dunn, Why Am I Still Single?!: James or Sergio‘s makeover

Jackie Christie, Basketball Wives L.A.: Our wedding because my mother and family was able to be skype’d in :-)

Jennifer Gimenez, Celebrity Rehab 5: Was with DWIGHT “DOC” GOODEN on CELEBRITY REHAB 5, when he and I sat together while he wrote a forgiveness letter to himself and to his kids…. I LOVE DOC…we sat for a few hours feeling deep emotions together…He was WILLING….

Jennifer Williams, Basketball Wives: My divorce party. I had a blast and it celebrated me moving in the direction of being independent.

Tami Roman, Basketball Wives: The scene with my mom and daughters, with a close second being taping with the girls from Project Girl charity

Royce Reed, Basketball Wives: Probably my pool party because it included my real friends and just pure, laid back fun!

Olivia Longott, Love And Hip Hop: My upcoming scene with Jerry Wonda

Somaya Reece, Love And Hip Hop: The meeting with Barry and Swift. I was so scared of the meeting because I feared my wardrobe malfunction would be frowned upon. But then Barry said he was going to invest in me! I was so happy to hear that. But that wasn’t my favorite part, it was knowing that although I had a wardrobe malfunction, they saw the potential in me and saw that I kept the show rocking in spite of the malfunction. I felt accomplished!

JoAnn Ward, Tough Love Miami: The scene where we exposed the girls on the social media sites.

Laura Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: Jackie’s bachelorette party

Imani Showalter, Basketball Wives L.A.: There was a scene in Hawaii where we swam with the dolphins and after there was a bus ride where me and the girls just joked and laughed and bonded and became sisters.

Drita D’Avanzo, Mob Wives: Raccoon Hunting

Carla Facciolo, Mob Wives: When my kids and I talked on the beach. My kids looked so cute.

Renee Graziano, Mob Wives: Spending time with AJ is always my fave, and Karen and I reuniting

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