Happy New Year! Find Out What Resolutions Our VH1 Celebs Have Made for 2012


January first means two things to most people: Hangovers and resolutions to never drink again. Or resolutions to never consume something again, be it alcohol, chocolate, entire pies in one sitting…whatever. But a lot of the folks who make up our VH1 family look at the bigger picture when they make their resolutions, and we’re excited that they shared them with us in time for the new year. So check out our list and see who’s resolving to “show their inner rock star,” who plans to give back to their community, and who didn’t make any resolutions at all.

Gloria Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: My New Year’s resolution is to stop being late, and to work on being on time and making deadlines. lol

Malaysia Pargo, Basketball Wives L.A.: To follow my first mind always…

Sean Cameron, Beverly Hills Fabulous: TAKE CARE OF ME MORE!!!

Chynna Soul, Why Am I Still Single?!: To have the world’s first Stainless Steel “Secret Soul Stones” non-chain/non-pierced body art worn on every Soul across America!

Siggy Flicker, Why Am I Still Single?!: To continue helping others and giving back because I have been so fortunate

Jenn and Jamie Dunn, Why Am I Still Single?!: 2011 resolution is to live out everyday likes it my last! Which I already do but I am going to turn it up a few notches!!!


Elgin Charles, Beverly Hills Fabulous: My New Year’s resolution is to get my show back on the air and obtain what is rightfully mine!

Jackie Christie, Basketball Wives L.A.: To help as many people as I can with food clothing and more :-)

Jennifer Gimenez, Celebrity Rehab 5: 2011 was a year of serious growth for me, I feel as if I started all over…so 2012 is MY NEW BEGINNING….so I’m ready for all the blessings…BRING IT 2012 IN A GOOD WAY PLZ!!!!!

Jennifer Williams, Basketball Wives: My 2012 resolutions are to be more involved in my non-profit foundation, Project Save the World. I think it is extremely important to give back to the community. I have been so busy and I feel like my charitable efforts have been lacking. Also to elevate Lucid to the next level. I had a lot of big decisions to make in 2011 and it was a year of starting over but I don’t live with regrets. Looking forward to see what 2012 has in store for me!

Tami Roman, Basketball Wives: To stay myself, in light of all God has blessed me with, never lose myself in the fame or fortune and keep my eyes and heart on him

Royce Reed, Basketball Wives: To just be happy! For so long I didn’t think me being happy would come or last, so I settled. Now my life is so perfect that sometimes I question it too much. I’m pledging to accept the smile in my heart and in my soul and just enjoy being loved and in love!

Kenya Bell, Basketball Wives: Show my inner rock star ;-)

Olivia Longott, Love And Hip Hop: To be bigger and better

Somaya Reece, Love And Hip Hop: I don’t have one. I make three month goals because they are attainable. When you make New Year’s resolutions you generally don’t keep them. It’s best to make 3 month goals. It keeps you motivated and it’s a no fail plan.

JoAnn Ward, Tough Love Miami: To beat my number of matches that fell in love last year.

Laura Govan, Basketball Wives L.A.: To have better bowel movements!

Kesha Nichols, Basketball Wives: I have three… #1 – Don’t be afraid of self-promotion. #2 – Don’t be afraid to use my resources. #3 – Open myself up to new and different experiences. Oh and DRINK MORE WATER! But that’s every year. :-)

Imani Showalter, Basketball Wives L.A.: To stop cursing so much!!! I was raised to be a lady so it’s kind of bad when I open my mouth and sound like a truck driver LOL. I’m under renovation, GOD is still working on me :-)

Drita D’Avanzo, Mob Wives: Not to punch anyone in the face illegally

Carla Facciolo, Mob Wives: Live my life to the fullest and appreciate what I have and always keeping it real.

Renee Graziano, Mob Wives: 2 get in great shape so I land the cover of Playboy!!

Ramona Rizzo, Mob Wives: TO MAINTAIN BALANCE

Big Ang, Mob Wives: Try to quit smoking

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