T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 5 – The Shekinah Show


Just another day in L.A with T.I., Tiny, and their friends!

T.I. and Tiny are visiting the left coast this week on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, and it’s the first time they’ve returned to Los Angeles since that last fateful trip. “It ended bad…but it started good,” T.I. says, proof that he is a half glass full kinda guy, on account of the fact that the last trip ended with him in jail. But this trip is all business, T.I. is there to promote his book, Power And Beauty, so off he goes to work, while Tiny goes to hang with her girls.

She brings Shekinah and Shamra to lunch (I love the dry dry dry delivery Shekinah uses when she says “This-is-a-nice-lunch-Tameka-thanks”)

and they all decide that when in Beverly Hills, do as the Beverly Hillsians do and they go visit a plastic surgeon for a consultation.

The surgeon is flanked by two surgeon lackeys who seem unsure of just what to make of Shekinah.

She wants to get some help with her skin (“Cut down on caffeine,” the doc says, while his assistant serves her a coffee.) and then points at her gut as another problem area. So off they go to the privacy suite so he can circle some fat with a Sharpie.

This doctor, who looks unsettlingly like Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock, does not know what to make of Shekinah because she is just telling it like it is and his fellow doctor points out that she’s actually made him blush.

Heh. Cough.

Shekinah gets a chemical peel which, by the sounds of it, literally burned off most of her face, and Shamra got a little botox. Later at the hotel, things get touchy when Tiny tells Shekinah that her she’s not loving the hairstyle Shekinah just worked on. “I value Shekinah’s friendship, but here’s where it gets tricky. If Shekinah was just my employee, I could tell her my hair is off a little bit, it wouldn’t be a problem. Because she’s my friend, she can’t take criticism, especially from me.” That issue comes to a head when Tiny takes a meeting with T.I.’s agent, Brian, about developing a late-night talk show, and Shekinah keeps interfering with the meeting. “She’s being unprofessional and rude again,” Tiny says, and it comes to a point where Tiny and Shekinah both question where the line between business and friendship lies.

Over at the radio station, T.I. was getting interviewed by his old friend Big Boy, who has been ill recently, unbeknownst to T.I., and when he falls on the floor having a seizure, T.I. scrambles to find his phone to call 911. But Big Boy, whose sense of humor is as sick as he is, gets up laughing to show T.I. that he was faking the whole thing.

“Listen, I’m sure you have another coma to fake, so I’m going,” T.I. tells him as he leaves the studio. “The best part about it is that he was actually playing, and as of right now, he’s doing pretty damn good so that was wonderful.”‘

Over at T.I.’s book signing at Barnes And Noble, he’s struck by the ladies that have shown an interest in his lterary endeavors. “The interesting thing to me is women in full club, after-party-like uniform decided to show up. Damn!”

Back at home, T.I. and Tiny discuss the trip (after T.I. puts the smackdown on Domani, who’s been “lollygagging” in school. Can we pause to appreciate T.I.’s use of lollygagging?) and Tiny explains her difficulties with Shekinah.

T.I. tells her this is an issue he deals with all the time and he tells her “It is the friend’s duty to separate the personal from the professional.” He goes on to clarify “Either you can accept that salary and you can create that boundary between friend and employee, or you can be a full-time friend for free!” Actually, that kind of makes sense!

Tiny calls Shekinah to tell her she loves her, though neither one admits they were wrong. But unlike the last trip to L.A., this one seems to have a happier ending.

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