Starring James Franco As Mystery, The Pickup Artist?


Funny story: Way back in 2008, my first job writing for the VH1 Blog came when I was asked to recap the second season of The Pickup Artist. You remember, that was the show where Mystery, the crazily-dressed master at getting women outta his dreams and into his car, taught a group of geeky guys how to be charming? You remember, Mystery, ready for a Ren Faire at any moment, charming, weird, and slightly attractive in a way you can’t put your finger on:

Well, we just heard that James Franco, another dude who is charming, weird, and slightly attractive in a way we can’t put our finger on, is in negotiations to play Mystery in a movie. (Also, it would not surprise us to learn that James Franco has a “ready-for-a-Ren-Faire-at-any-moment” outfit, too, but that’s off-topic.) The movie would be an adaptation of the book The Game, written by Neil Strauss. In real life, Mystery taught Strauss all of his seductive, smooth moves (a.k.a. “The Mystery Method”), the process of which became the basis of this pickup artist’s bible. Personally, if we had to cast anyone in this role, well, Franco would be the perfect man for the job.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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