Yandy Smith Sarcastically Tweeted About Blue Ivy Carter And It Didn’t Go So Well


Love And Hip Hop star Yandy Smith has found herself at the center of yet another situation involving mistaken intentions and poor judgment. (As if she hasn’t gotten herself in enough hot water as a result of her poor gift-giving skills and messy introductions this season on the show. We love Yandy, but she is always getting into this kind of trouble, isn’t she?) Yandy sent out a Tweet this weekend to congratulate Beyonce and Jay-Z on the birth of their new baby, writing “Awww congrats Beautiful Bey and Jay! Even though that baby been here for a month already. I be knowin! Glad you had a healthy baby. #GODBLESSYOU.” Gossip websites and her followers on Twitter went crazy, putting Yandy on blast for claiming the birth, which has been scrutinized enough as it is, happened last month, but Yandy says she was being sarcastic and no one got the joke.

She later tweeted “Finally going to sleep. Final thought As usual- Rumors suck! I will never understand from a statement why people take things to be fact.Continuation-My sarcasm was in bad taste. I was making light of the ridiculous rumors which of course were untrue. I apologize if I offended any1.

What do you think, poor taste, or just a joke that people took too seriously? Or just Yandy being Yandy?

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  1. afrothickechick says:

    Sometimes it is so easy for things to get blown out of proportion, especially when people want them to. The enemy is really hard on your back right now Yandy and that is even more reason to run to God. We all know what it is like to get lied on, misunderstood, and persecuted. It’s not the situations you’re facing that really matter. What really matters is the way you go through them. You seem to be a really sweet lady with good intentions. God Bless U!

  2. sharleygirl says:

    Yandy u r damned if u do and damned if u dont! Just do u and d u. Handle ur business and keep it business. What u do to earn a living is about making ur money. Stop trying to help people that dont want it. They can work it out themselves. Mona got ur back. She tells it like it is even wen it hurts u. It will help u avoid a lot of pain and hurt feelings in the future. Make ur money girl and find u a man that is deserving of a smart attractive sister like u. Every time u think about helping one of those ingrates, call ur man and help yourself. WALK OUT!

  3. dannie says:

    Yandy manay times when repeated unplesant events happens in our life, we should take them as a sign to do self inventory. Clean out your closet of life, regroup, stay away from crowds, stay away from tweeter, and practice thinking before speaking. The demons are busy at work, but you can defeat the demons by staying in prayer and put God first. He will never leave you nor will he lead you in the wrong direction. Ask or his guidance and he will direct your path.

  4. deloris says:

    Yandy consider yourself blessed. You do not need negative energy around you. Yes, you made some mistakes by mixing personal & business. They just do not mix. But, keep it moving. Leave the terrible two behind you and move on with your life. Don’t gossip about Jimmy and Chrissy, and do not hold a conversation about Chrissy and Jimmy. It is just unhealthy for you to mention these terrible two period. Make your money, leave Jimmy and Chrissy in the wind.

  5. Me says:

    It’s just best sometimes to keep your mouth shut!

  6. lisa Heyward says:

    Yancy, is trying to remain relevant in the public’s eyes. Some people seek attention, not caring, if it’s good or bad attention; their objective is to remain in the public’s eyes; some people get their fifteen minutes of fame and try to extend it to an hour; failing to realize that when your time is up; IT’S UP!!!!!!!!!! I ain’t hatin, at least she got her fifteen minutes.

  7. And there it is, a perfect example on why Chrissy couldn’t deal with this person, she just keeps crap going….I think in her head she is more important than she really is, even when her Mentor tried to help her understand what she was doing was not professional or in good taste she still didn’t get it…..Dense

  8. Dang_SheBadd says: