Renee Graziano Reveals Some Crazy Dirt About Her Surgery, Her Relationship, And The Rest Of The Mob Wives Cast


Renee Graziano appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show yesterday, and we have to say, normally we don’t learn a ton of new, revelatory gossip from press interviews, but there’s something about the way that these hosts manage to coax information out of their guests that’s impressive. When Renee appeared on the show, she discussed a lot of topics ranging from her surgery to her depression, to her own connection to Lee D’Avanzo, and we admit that some of the things she revealed blew our minds a little. Here are some of the things we learned from Renee (caution, spoilers ahead if you’ve been staying away from real-life Mob Wives news in order to see it play out on TV, a few topics Renee mentions will be addressed later this season on the show):

  • The woman that Lee D’Avanzo cheated on Drita with was none other than Junior’s own girlfriend.
  • If you’ve been wondering what Big Ang‘s relationship is with the women, it turns out she’s Renee’s aunt’s best friend.
  • Renee says she and Carla were “on our way to making up,” but Carla made comments about Renee’s son that Renee thinks are unforgivable. Aside from Carla, Renee speaks to everyone else in the cast.
  • She attributes her twenty-plus year struggle with depression to “the lifestyle” and the effects that it’s had on her.
  • She confirmed that Junior wore a wire in order to cooperate with the Feds, and as a result, Renee’s own father had to return to prison. She also said that she currently does not know Junior’s whereabouts.
  • Before Junior wore the wire and disappeared, they were making plans to get married for a second time.
  • Watch the entire interview above for more with Renee.

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    1. the krug says:

      okay rene – good for you for staying out of this girlie girl bs fighting Second of all, Karen should shut the h*** up and quit sounding like a guido wanna be. Drita can and will kick your ass everywhere from from here to Sunday. And ultlimately, Karen, we all know your dad, Sammy the Bull, is incarcerated. You started out the 1st season so well – just wanting to write your book etc. and I was on your side until you made the dumb a** comment about Drita saying s*** when you were riding here husband looking at his dumb a** painting. Not good. She was right. Even though Lee has turned our to be a jackass and everything you said he was, no woman wants a sexual visual of her husband with anyone. And I have to say at the get go I thought Drita was going to come off as lower class but I was sooooo wrong. Karen, for all your worrying about your daughter, Corinna, and having her visit you, you are the slug. Drita is smelling like roses because we are all rooting for her and we all like her dead honesty – plus she’s trying to work thru her anger issues. What are you doing besides breaking plates and talking like a thug. Drita isn’t doing that. She’s moving on. Even tho I’m sure her heart has been broken and destroyed every which way with the 2 children she has with her soon to be ex…..Karen, buck it up and class it up At least try to be as classy as Drita (and Rene, and Carla – Yous guys are the BEST)

    2. The Krug says:

      Geez Rene – You are going thru a lot. I hope that this, too shall pass, and whatever is happening with Junior and your dad will be okay. After all that’s the main thiing, right? I know you are a fabulous mom to AJ. Keep on keeping on. Know you are FABULOUS and wake up and look at yourself each day and be PROUD and HAPPY. Know it’s what’s on the inside that matters – and the mother we are to our children that will count in the long run. I’m betting on you. Take Care, God Bless and God Speed :-) A friend someday