Take A Head-To-Toe Look At Yandy Smith’s Business Chic Style


In addition to being a TV star and a music manager, Love And Hip Hop star Yandy Smith is a fashion entrepreneur. In our Head To Toe style feature with Yandy, she discusses her style, which she calls “business chic,” and part of her business includes her jewelry line called Everything Girls Love. All of Yandy’s accessories come from her line, but when it comes to clothing, she goes high fashion, rocking the Alexander McQueen. We love how Yandy can combine her goofy personality with her head for business, like when she tells us one minute that her dress “just lays on my booty nice,” and then in the next breath she tells us to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” She’s like a seminar in how to keep things fun when you’re keeping it professional. For more shots of Yandy’s Head To Toe style, check out the gallery below, too.
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Dress and Shoes: Alexander McQueen
Earrings, Ring, and Bracelets: Everything Girls Love

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