Olivia Recaps Love And Hip Hop Episode 8 And Celebrates That Her Single, “Walk Away” Is #2 On iTunes


Olivia Longott is a busy woman, but we’re so lucky and thrilled that she’s going to be giving us some exclusive episode commentary every week during this season of Love And Hip Hop.

Sorry for the delay guys, I’ve been on the road working but you know I had to check in with my weekly recap. Let’s first start with the Jimmy/Chrissy proposal. I thought it was great — a long time coming and I’m very happy for them both. True love is hard to find, and I think those two have it in each other. Kudos to Jim, he did the right thing.

Kim and Erica…I don’t know what to make of it. I would think there is enough money and magazines for the both of them. That beef seems trivial and silly if you ask me, so I won’t waste to much time on it, ’cause clearly I don’t know the true origins.

The Chrissy and Yandy beef is serious, and I would hope that they can figure this out ’cause it’s sad where this has gone and scary where it can go. We all need a sit down so we can repair this if its reparable.

Now to me…I’m very excited the new single is #2 on iTunes and we’re shooting the video very soon. I’m so happy you guys get to see me singing and doing it the way I’ve always wanted to, and the fact that it’s being received well makes me even happier. And as far as Teairra and Rico, Ima make music with or without him, I would love to work with himm, but my life won’t end if I don’t. I’m not here to create conflict with anyone, I’m just gonna do me with Rich by my side and God willing see them at the top.

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