VH1 Blog Exclusive: 10 Things To Know About Mob Wives Star Big Ang


In honor of Big Ang Week on the VH1 Blog, we’re posting regularly about our new favorite reality star, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, who debuted on Mob Wives on New Year’s Day and has been buzzed about ever since. I spoke to her this week to find out what her deal is and how she feels about being thrust into the limelight (she’s not that surprised by her fame, telling me “I had a feeling it was gonna blow up.”) First things first, her laugh. It’s as amazing in real life as it is on TV. Second of all, she isn’t shy about talking about plastic surgery, although she admits that while watching Renee have her procedure, she had to cover her eyes. Third, her description of her breasts’ and their evolution is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. You’ll have to read it to believe it.

Ten Things We Learned About Big Ang

She Got Her Nickname At The Age Of Twelve

“When I was younger, me and my girlfriend, she was Little Ang and I was tall, so we were Little Ang and Big Ang. I actually had the name tattooed on my leg, a homemade tattoo when I was thirteen and I had it removed when I was twenty-seven for four thousand dollars. I didn’t want my kids to know their mother’s name was Big Ang, so I removed it, but the name stuck with me anyway! I’m fifty-two and I’m still Big Ang!”

What’s the Deal With The Guy Who Has Her Tattooed On His Arm?

“That’s my nephew Ronnie, he got that tattoo about ten years ago. My girlfriend, who passed away two years ago, she was the artist, she also did all the monkeys in my bar, she airbrushed the whole bar, she was a tattoo artist and she died of breast cancer. All my tattoos are from her. And she really loved me, and she had a picture of me in her tattoo place of me and her hanging out, and one day she took that picture and drew it and tattooed it on my nephew. I told my nephew if he got the tattoo I’d pay for it! [Laughs] And he was only like twenty years old but I said ‘If you get my picture I’ll pay for it!’ so he got it!”

She’s Not Really Looking For A Man At The Moment…Because She’s Trying To Reconcile With Her Ex.

“Well, actually….I was separated from my husband for seven months and I was thinking of considering maybe working it out with him. Maybe like starting at the end of the month or something. When I get back from Disney, I’m taking my grandson for his third birthday. So when I get back, I was thinking of maybe trying, considering, working things out with my husband. We’ve been married two years. [Laughs] Only two years! But we’ve been separated like, most of the whole time.”

She never has to pay her own way.

“All the wiseguys love us and pay our checks… There’s not one night that I don’t go out, whether it’s with my daughter, my friends, my nieces, I go out like four nights a week, and my check is paid. I’m telling you, I go out for drinks and — I mean, I leave tips everywhere but they won’t take my stuff. The other night I was out with Carla and Drita, all people in the restaurant I knew, how do I know so many people? And they all kept sending us drinks.”

She still wants more plastic surgery on her face…

“I need to get to get something done with this face. It’s startin’ to fall to the ground! My eyes are getting heavy, the neck is getting very loose. I just want to have my neck and eyes lifted.”

…But she thought watching Renee get her body tuck was hard to watch.

“Ew, I thought that was gross. When they they cut that piece of meat off her. Oh my God, it was so disgusting. I closed my eyes and screamed. But I need to really do something with the face part, but I will look into the right doctor, I will research major for that.”

She is happy with her breasts, however.

“I started doing my first set of implants when I had my daughter twenty seven years ago. She was three months when I had my surgery. Of course, my boobs would actually hang…I could tuck them in my pants. I always had very big boobs and when I was pregnant they were like, huge, so then they just came to nothing and I wasn’t gonna walk around at the age of twenty-five with these kinda tits. They were like raisins. [Laughs] Maybe more like prunes, yeah. Like prunes.”

Her family loves that she’s on the show…mostly.

“My family is all for this! My sisters and brothers LOVE it! My kids’ father will have nothing to do with it and won’t let me talk about him, so that’s the lifestyle, I don’t talk about that part. But my own family? They’re all for it. My son likes it because he came a couple times to the set. My daughter is actually a schoolteacher for seventh grade so she don’t like to be involved. But she said the whole school knows I’m her mom.”

No one she knows has ever been in fights like the ones we’ve seen.

“People I know don’t fight like this, never in my life have I seen people fight this much. Over ex-boyfriends! It’s retarded. I think it’s over the top now. It’s crazy. They have to move on to the next subject. I don’t know any people that fight like this, my friends, we’re in our fifties, we surely don’t fight like this. But then again, we always had rules. My friends, we’ve been friends thirty years, and we never once went out with each others ex-boyfriends or whatever, so we never had a situation like this, but I see they’re really serious about it. I’m staying neutral through the whole thing, I know it’s not my business and I don’t even know who they’re arguing over! I don’t even know Lee. I can’t get involved. That’s not the kind of person I am.”

She thinks most mob movies are pretty accurate.

I think a lot of them are accurate. Bronx Tale, Casino, Goodfellas. They’re accurate.