Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – Do You Know What Happens To People Who Play The Middle?


So Erica’s only got this one move, huh?

Before we get into Erica though, let’s start at the very beginning.

Hurricane Chrissy has blown over, and like Hurricane Irene, those of us on the East Coast were fortunate that she didn’t do as much damage as she probably could have. Yandy, after making her backdoor exit out of the club, didn’t get a chance to see any of the other girls after her fight with Chrissy, so she’s meeting up with Olivia and Emily in the city to figure out what went down.

Emily‘s loyalty lies fully with Chrissy, and she sees the negative, instigating forces that Chrissy does within Yandy. Like Chrissy, she doesn’t ike that Yandy’s all about the checks, and she takes offense to Yandy’s comment that she bought a table at the club and insinuated that Chrissy didn’t have that kind of money. With Yandy, Emily says, “When the money’s gone, it’s just BS left.” Olivia see things a little differently and is trying to give both sides a fair shake. She tells Yandy “I already told Chrissy you aren’t the problem, she has the problem with you.”

Yandy asks Emily for help reaching out to Chrissy and wants her to broker a peace agreement, and Emily’s response is a simple “Ask Olivia. She’s both of y’all’s friend.” Because she’s learned her lesson and is NOT getting involved. It’s refreshing when someone on reality TV has learned their lesson, isn’t it?

Yandy may not have Emily on her side, but she goes to visit her mentor, Mona Scott Young (hey, it’s coincidental that Mona Scott Young is also a television producer who works on a show called Love And Hip Hop!) I kid, but Mona is easily the loudest, clearest voice of reason this show has seen since ole Uncle Ralph visited Jim to tell him about relationships. Among folks in the industry who know Jim and Yandy, rumors have been flying over how Yandy quit her job, and she clears some of them up. At one point in her resignation email, she mentions Jim’s money funding Chrissy’s bag and shoe habit, among other things, and Yandy admits that yeah, she may have crossed the line when she took a couple of digs like that because she was emotional. “That emotional s— has no business in your business,” Mona tells Yandy.

Erica, on the other hand, hasn’t learned any lessons in her brief time on the show, and she just keeps on digging in at Kimbella. During an interview with Vibe, she’s asked about the fight she had with Kim, and tells us that Kim’s been talking some smack.

“One thing you don’t do with me,” Erica warns, “is pick a battle, ’cause I will always win.” The interviewer, Stareene Rhett, asks what Erica said to Kim to set her off and Erica tells her “I think I mentioned that she was a joke and even her man laughs at her, probably with the next bitch.” She basically laughs this off, as if to say “Can you believe she got so bent out of shape over that??” In the same breath, Erica accuses Kimbella of sleeping around and says “I wouldn’t even call what she does ‘modeling.’”

“You don’t think you guys have a littttle something in common?” Stareene asks her, which is hilarious because it’s clear she’s thinking what we’re all thinking “Don’t you both define the term ‘modeling’ loosely?”

Over at Olivia’s career. Rich explains that she’s got a deal worth somewhere around $1.5 million and “If Liv takes this deal, we could be on our way. If she doesn’t take this deal, it could be the end of her.” But Olivia isn’t sure she wants to “sign her life way” for another deal where she loses creative control of her music, so she tells Rich she’s got to sleep on it before she makes a decision.

Rich isn’t thrilled by that. But you know what? He’s not the first person she’s going to disappoint tonight! Because she’s got a lunch date with Emily and Chrissy and Emily becomes uncharacteristically feisty and informative, telling Chrissy that Olivia told Yandy to stop being the bigger person in their argument, and just walk away instead of persistently apologizing.

Olivia feels caught in the middle because she’s friends with both women, but Chrissy tells her “You know what happens to people who play the middle?…I don’t need no weak people around me and I don’t need no sucker-ass people around me.” “Well I ain’t neither of those,” Olivia promises her.

Kimbella is still focused on her home life and making things right with her family, so she meets with her brother Kenneth to talk about the talk she had with their mother last week. That’s a lot of talk.

Kim explains that she told their mom that she didn’t want to end up like her (yes, we already witnessed it, but still, ouch), and then she says that she worries because it’s not like she and Juelz don’t have their scrapes every so often. She wishes she had a husband at home, but she’s not ready for that with him and she wants to continue to get to know him. At what point are you like, sure, I’ll have your kid and also live with you and also throw glasses at people who doubt our relationship…buuuut I am not ready to commit? I guess I’m just old-fashioned.

Yandy and Olivia meet what now? Oh, right, talk about Chrissy some more. Olivia is still trying to play nice with both of them, but she calls Yandy out for “throwing darts” and instigating some of their problems. Yandy makes matters worse when Olivia calls Chrissy Jim’s wife, and Yandy responds “First of all, she’s his girl. They were engaged when she proposed, and now they’re installed, because he gave her an installment plan.” Chrissy is not going to like that. Chrissy is also not going to like Yandy’s comparison of her to Hitler. OY.

“It is so not messy between me and Nancy,” Yandy says as she and Jim’s mom get questionable massage treatments together at the spa. Their relationship is so much more comfortable than getting beaten with reeds.

When the beatings finally subside, Yandy confides in Mama Jones that she doesn’t want to lose her, even if she’s stopped working with Jim. She depends on Nancy for advice and being her second mom. It’s nice, but will it create a problem for Jim and Chrissy? I mean, who really knows, but probably yes.

This episode marks the LONG-AWAITED RETURN of Somaya Reece, finally! Somaya meets up with Kimbella at the fancy, expensive chocolate shop (is this the only kind of establishment this cast is allowed to film in now? One that’s too classy for them to throw hands/glasses in?) and Somaya wonders why Kimbella and Erica are blowing up her Google Alerts. What do we think Somaya’s Google Alerts are set for? “Love And Hip Hop” or “Insane Video Girl Fights”? Kim tells Somaya that Erica has continued to talk smack about her and that means the next time they see one another, it’s on. Again.

Emily is hanging out with Fab’s former assistant, Winter, and Winter is a straight-shooter who asks why Emily moved out and moved on from Fab.

Emily acts coy when Winter tells her she’s playing games with him and Winter says outright “You did all of this to get a reaction.” That’s not untrue. “I do know that I need a change. And I got it,” Emily tells her. “I needed him to realize what he’s done over the years and how it affected me…I want to be number one and the only one.”

Winter is pushing her hard though to go back to Fab, who is apparently begging Emily to come back to him. Winter thinks that to move on from a nine-year relationship would be a waste and tells Emily “I say ride it out.” Emily wants to so much, but you can tell she’s learned from past mistakes and isn’t quite sure what to do.

And finally, it all comes back to Erica and Kimbella. It’s Erica’s birthday and she and her girls, ahem, just want to have fun. So we get several shots of Erica doing her one move:

This girl has been in like three episodes and we’ve seen her pull this boob move in like, every single one. Keep it up and I can probably turn it into a calendar. Unless she already has one?

So Erica is having a grand ole time at her party, dancing, drinking straight Grey Goose, showing off her goods, when Kimbella shows up. As much as I know this is going to turn into a disaster, I have to appreciate that Kimbella has the balls to ruin Erica’s birthday just to address this issue.

Kimbella asks why Erica apologized to her and then went around and did a scathing interview full of lies, and Erica creates a beautiful semantic black hole, telling Kimbella she was only ever sorry “for the fact that you thought I judged you.” Not for saying all those judgey things.

“You’re a crack bitch and I’m not,” Kim tells her, and Erica takes a swing. A bunch of guests (including Somaya) intervene to keep them apart, but Kimbella didn’t come to fight, she clearly just wanted to ruffle feathers.

Erica continues to not make friends when she remarks about Somaya remarking that “It’s so funny because she brought a Sumo wrestler to back her up and yet the Sumo wrestler was the first one walking out the door.” Ew. Look, I know not everyone who watches this show is on Team Somaya, but that was just an unwarranted, ridiculous dig for no reason. Just because she didn’t want to pummel you, you have to insult her? Erica has stripped me of all objectivity, I can’t handle her anymore! (So since I’m not being objective, I’ll admit that I’m totally on Team Somaya and I’m glad she’s back this week!)

“It’s not over, you know that, right?” Kim asks Somaya. Yeah, we know.

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  1. Rona says:

    Yandy needs to stop mixing business with her clients personal life… Business is Business at the end of the day and if your really about your money, you do not mess up your money because your working with feelings. I really think by Yandy’s action she wants jim for herself because she is to involved with his personal Life ensteed of business. Styop working with feelings and be more Professional.

  2. Tricia says:

    Yandy might have overstepped her boundaries but Jim should have never invited her in. Chrissy needs to grow up and stop trying to solve issues with her fists. It’s sad because she is beautiful, smart and I would like to see a different side of her. This is my first season watching this and either she is getting in Jim’s ass about something or yelling at her so called girls.

  3. ManiBhoo says:

    Bro Kimbela Da bADDEST bLEARLY

  4. Kat says:

    OMG Yandy you are as wrong as two left feet! As soon as you understand that you cant mix business with personal the better off you will be. You should have stayed in your lane when it comes to Chrissy and her relationship with Jim or anyone else. Friendships are almost always ruined by people crossing those lines.

  5. shell says:

    whr do i start? YANDY…i can undastand u let yo emotions cloud ur judgement but u CANNOT do dat. dis shuld b all bizness fa u. make yo money && keep it movin. idk wat waz n yo text ta jim jones but if it had anythng ta do wit his relationship wit chrissy u crossed da line. ur mentor waz rite. but i cee u yandy…i dnt thnk ur ta blame fa evrythng goin on, but u gotta take responsibility fa da part u did play. culd it b dat ur jealous of jim & chrissy’s relationship? CHRISSY…u a bully. srry huney, but das reality. i can undastand u dnt lyk bein or feeln disrespected but u cnt go around pickn fights jus cuz of yo emotions. nobody on dis show no how ta control dey emotions! OLIVIA…u jus stop bein stubborn and tryta get yo record deal. stop playn middle man cuz dem girls gon drive u crazy && u got enuff goin on wit yo music stuff. FOCUS! SOMAYA…whr u been? EMILY…u hush. u always gotta opinion but wen u bein dogged by fab u sit back && cry. u shuldnt hav nuthn ta say cuz u wanna jump n & defend chrissy wen she obviously can fight her own battles but whr were u wen kimbella waz sleepn wit yo man? chrissy & yandy’s situation didnt hav nuthn ta do wit u so sit back & chill. yaw all always n sumbody else bizness wen nuna yaw got room to place judgement. wrry about wus goin on n yo own life……..hope mah truth didnt offend any1 :)

  6. TEAM YANDY, KIM, LIVIA, AND SOMAYA !!!!!!!!!! says:


  7. NO NAME says:


  8. lovelylady says:

    I love this show a lot. I have a word for everybody on the show. 1 Chrissy- you come off as a real and strong woman. At times i feel like you over react to things because of the fact that you don’t trust alot of the girls. It was hard for you when you had to let Jim know whats the deal between ya’ll two. Overall im glad ya’ll are engaged and you’re finally happy besides the beef with you and yandy. 2 Emily- I really like you. You are free spirited and you keeps it real also. The whole kimbella sleeping with Fab made you a little mad and you questioned ya’lls relationship. I think you handled the whole situation well but kimbella told you at the wrong time and place. Im glad that you”re sticking up for Chrissy and her fight with Yandy. Atleast that shows that you care for Chrissy and you told Yandy how you felt and that yandy herself was wrong. Just keep your head up. 3 Teirra Mari- Idk know to much about you all i know is is that you are cool with Emily. Throughout the show, I felt like you were like rying to understand all of the girls but your main focus was on Emily and Fab. You stated your opinions at times but you also kept it real. 4 Yandy- where do i start. With you its like a pattern. First you brought Kimbella into the group and thats when the drama just popped off. Second you brought Erica Mena into the group drama popped off. I relized that you told Erica you wasn’t her friend like you brought her in the circle like who does that. I feel that the whole you and chrissy thing just went way tooooooo far, The club scene was the one that topped it off. You were wrong for saying something to chrissy about her ring and whatever jim buys her its none of your business at all your his manager WELL NOT ANYMORE!!! I think you should’ve just kept your mouth closed and left them two alone. 5 Kimbella- when you first came into the group i didn’t like you. I’ll admitt that you hit below the belt by telling emily you slept with fab at the wrong time and then you felt that emily should get over like she said you’re on of many idk you but its the way you acted on the show, I know your a model and so is erica mena. Like she was out of line from even trying to get on your level. You didn’t do nothing to her like where did she come from oh i forgot YANDY brought her in the circle IDK WHY. At the end of the day you have a son and a man and erica may be jealous because of that which is obvious. Then she gone call the police after ya’ll fought like she needs to get a life. 6 Erica- Well, idk why you are on the show, All you talk about is Kimbella im trying to figure out if your jealous of her or if you jealous that’s she’s a model and she’s making the same kind of money you are. It’s a fact that your jealous come on like you came on the show talking about her. Maybe you wanted tv timme!!!

  9. Sharley girl says:

    Chrissy, keep ur hands 2 urself. U do not have the right 2 put ur hands on people because u do not like what they say or do. Someone will send u 2 the pen or file papers 2 make u pay. And u will pay! What makes u so smart and qualified 2 handle another womans business. Em is a big girl and she can take care of herself. I am happy u are engaged so u can concentrate on ur own business. Em u love that Fab with all ur heart and no matter what his homegirl says do not let him or anyone else make a doormat out of u while youre waitin for him 2 treat u with the love and respect u deserve. You are beautiful and smart. Ther is a man that will appreciate you for who u are. Stay Strong! Yandy do not try to help ur clients out in their personal lives. No one appreciates a person gettin n theirs without being asked for an opinion. Stay PRO. Somaya, find a day job, or get some help and professional opinions. Olivia , stop being so mean! U are not only pretty and talented, u have a wonderful story 2 tell young women. Kimbella, u are a winner, that girl Erica is a mean, nasty hateful, jealous woman that is totally obsessed with you. Let her talk and stop letting her obsession with you become your problem. I feel sorry for her. Pray for her and continue to be the better woman.

  10. Dawn says:

    Yandy was wrong. you don’t mix business with pleasure. crissy shouldn’t like yandy. Yandy would talk about crissy with mama j then talk to crissy like she was her friend. she didn’t try to tell mama j to lightin up on crissy but she give crissy a self help book. that was some back stabbing mess. Yandy was acting more like the other woman than jims manager. when things got ugly she ran to his mom. Yandy needs to wake up and find her own man instead of chasing behind somebody’s elses man. (business partners, associates, or whateva) All i kept hearing was check this, check that. If you are so good then go get a check from some where else. at first i didn’t know how i felt about yandy but the more i watched her, the phonier she got. there was always drama with or around her but she never knew what was goin on. yeah right. back stabber to the fullest. Kim and olivia need to wake up on her. Kim got into 2 fights b/c of her. Olivia always end up leaving yandy’s company with a crazy look on her face. i’m not hating on the girl cause i hope the best for her but got to point out what i saw. i would question oliva’s friendship as well. she seems like the friend that would watch up get jumped and say girl i don’t know what happen.

  11. i lopve chrissy she just reall no im not gay——————-olivia has a beautiful voice how do i get that song leaving what im going through aint easy –on the mark [lay it more i know im not by myself its toooooo short–for the record yandy about her money too shey dount know how to use this so good luck ladies it aint easy…….i told you i wrote a song take a chance on me no no no i caint sing dance im a single mother grandmother x wife p;ostal military retired black woman wrote it when i was ypung kids doint have fairth in me there in college and high scholl now 3 mnore years and i but necked on the beach singing my song drinking margaritas and fishing love god hold you always