The New York Post On Love And Hip Hop: “This Is What The Hip-Hop Scene In New York Is”


It’s no secret that Love And Hip Hop has had a phenomenal second season, and it’s so good that The New York Post has taken notice. The Post ran an article yesterday featuring interviews with Yandy Smith, Olivia Longott, and executive producer (and occasional guest star) Mona Scott-Young, which was an interesting look at how the show has evolved from being a show about Jim Jones, who lost interest in being the star of the show after the pilot was shot (VH1 Senior VP Jim Ackerman explained “He didn’t really care what our producers wanted to do.”) to its current format which focuses on the women in his life.

Some of our favorite quotes from the article are below, including some veiled (and not to veiled) comparisons to Basketball Wives.

Yandy, on what she wants the series to show: “We don’t all live in big houses, we don’t have fancy cars, we don’t all just sit back and sip Champagne all day. Some of us are struggling, some of us live in attics, we work 9 to 5, we hurt, some of us want to get married . . . I think we’ve touched on so many different themes that women go through.”

Olivia on the on-screen fighting: “In Basketball Wives, I thought they were always bickering about nothing. They didn’t really have anything else to talk about, everyone was just sitting around having drinks. In our show, there’s so much for everybody to gravitate to.” (Olivia tweeted earlier today to clarify that quote, lest you think she was knocking Basketball Wives. She wrote to Tami Roman saying “@TamiRoman nope!I said our story lines are diff because we are a hiphop based show and that u guys do dinner n drink scenes n we break glasses on our drink scenes why we have plastic cups now. would never call yall wack I been a fan of the show.“)

Olivia on how she’s edited: “They make it seem like it’s such a struggle and like I need sympathy or something, and it bothers me to my core.”

Executive producer Mona Scott-Young on the feel and title of the show: “We really wanted to showcase the neighborhoods where they live, where they work, where they play. There are other shows that have a certain world in their title, but you never see that world on the show . . . We really want it to feel like this is what the hip-hop scene in New York is.”

Could that final quote be a dig at the oft-criticized fact that there aren’t many wives in the Wives franchises? Regardless, it’s exciting to see the mainstream latch on to and recognize the significance of this show — it’s about time.

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  1. rdavis says:

    Chrissy is too mean and controlling in these season, I have grown to dislike her, she gets entirely too dramatic about people;s opinions, if she will allow anyone to have one!!!! She really needs to take a chill pill and stop wearing her feelings on on her shoulder, i don’t totally agree with Yandy but Chrissy’s reaction is not necessary, again I really don’t like her this season, she has become a bully!!!

  2. katsays says:

    First of all, I am wondering where episodes 207 and 208 are, and why can’t I watch them?
    Next, this is truly a show that is full of drama, and this is the show for people who thrive on gossip, strife, and backstabbing friends. The person the producers made the main character, who definitely has the strongest personality, is Chrissy. I believe that she is the main character because she is currently with a hip hop artist who agreed to be a regular on the show, which is sure to pull in a lot of viewers. The fact that Chrissy cannot get along with many people and that she seems to enjoy the drama, it exposes the true all-holds barred real Chrissy, the person she is deep-down inside. She has moments where she can be the personality she is trying to portray to her viewers, which is “real” (a big one with the focus audience), polite but wont take any crap, classy, and supportive to her man. While Chrissy can certainly perform this personality, there are times when she cannot make her true personality shine through the fake one. This Chrissy, the one that people who were unfortunate enough to grow up with her know, cannot be hidden when certain castmates push her buttons unintentionally, such as Yandy. Yandy seems to be one person all the time, likely the one person on the show who is truly “real.” She is doing all things to make money, and she makes no bones about it. She wants to have a family-type relationship with her client, Jim Jones (Chrissy’s boyfriend), but then she has to deal with Chrissy’s jealous attitude because Chrissy thinks she can do Yandy’s job much better than Yandy, and as a result Chrissy would make all the money that the qualified and experienced Yandy makes from Jim. In reality, Chrissy needs to back off of all the castmates because she picks fights with anyone she can to remain in the spotlight, and also because she believes she is the boss. Chrissy even believes that anyone who is her friend has to have the same opinion about everything as her. What I have to ask, because I simply cannot figure it out and believe it, is WHY in the world would Jim want to live with that narcissism?

  3. cp says:

    Yandy, you were wrong. You had no right to send an email to Jim about what he is doing with his soon to be wife. You and Jim has a business relationship; you need to get in tune with your feelings for Jim, because it is coming across like you are in love with him. That’s what coming across to Chrissy.

  4. Nette says:

    Yandy took her and Jims work relationship to heart. She shouldv’e just said “I quit” but Chrissy needs to sit down some where and really get some business. She begged for her engagement, she got it, go some where. I get it that she wants a family but she needs to grow up. I agree, she puts up a big front, I’m starting to see she fake too. For her to tell Olivia that bull was something a true BULLY would do. SOOO not cool Chris! You’re losing more and more points every episode wit me ma, get your self some business go back to school get a job (your own, not Yandy’s). You BOGUS!!

  5. Harmony says:

    I hope the allows the ladies to see they are on front street representing us. Can we see some of the issues be resolved and Peace be introduced to your Social circles???

  6. moor2it says:

    Chrissy is a joke, and what type of clown is Jim to ask her to marry him.She plays him like he is a fool.She must know that he is not gonna watch the show and take her word for every situation. I use to like Jim , now i see the type of trash he not only lays with but invited to his life. Chrissy is truly taking him for everything he has. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  7. Khandi says:

    Chrissy be very careful on how you CLAIM your man is loyal. Jim is no different from no one else. Watch watch you say. You need to get a life of your own.

  8. melinda says:

    First of all, much respect to Crissy and Jim, Congrats on your engagement! Now to the heart of the matter, in reference to Yandy, if she truly had the respect and love for Jim that she claims to have, and if she were truly trying to make amends with Crissy, she would have been consistant with her claims of love and respect. Going up against Jim’s girl is the equivalent of being in Vegas and going up against the House! Furthermore, it’s obvious to me by Yandy’s Actions that she has more than feelings of friendship and family feelings for Jim! Hello! She’s been holdin him down! She could hardly contain herself when Jim gave Crissy her ring. Yandy can’t sleep, can’t think, or conduct business…..does that not sound like a woman scourned! Not to say Jim would ever be interested! God Forbid! Sometimes Growth requires Separation! Jim is going to higher places in his career, and everybody can’t go! that means You, Yandy! Stop running your mouth, and listen to the words of your mentor, she gave you sound advice. In conclusion, Yandy should leave mama Jones, and everybody in Jim and Crissy’s world alone out of respect for them and herself…..that my sister is Love

  9. Alicia says:

    First of all, New York City especially harlem is so proud to have a show representing individuals of hip hop from the root city. Now, their going to ATL after it become a Hit this is so crazy. The ATL housewives are number one because they come hard. Now, NYC is doing the same and the show is moving to ATL. I have been following this show since it started and I hope Chrissy come out with her own show. Congrats, to JIM and Chrissy we love you guys !!!!!!!!