Want To See Some Photos Of Big Ang Through The Years? We Thought You Might, And We’ve Got ‘Em


Yesterday’s photo of Big Ang, taken eleven years ago was just the tip of the Ang-berg, Mob Wives fans. As soon as we laid eyes on Big Ang in episode one this season, one of the only thoughts we’ve had is “What did she look like when she was younger?” She admits to having three breast enlargements, lip injections, and lipo, so how did she look before all of that? Simply, put, she was a hottie.

Ang herself sent us some pictures from back in the day, and the two things we love about these shots are 1) how dated they are – reminds us of our parents old albums and photo cubes! (Remember photo cubes??) And 2) How much fun she seems to be having in every single photo. BIG thanks to Bing Ang for sending these our way.

View Photo Gallery

[Photos: Big Ang's Personal Archive]

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  1. Krissy says:

    Love Big Ang!!!!!! She is a great addition to the show

  2. See More says:

    I like Big Ang but she really needs to STOP it with the plastic surgery. She was an attractive women, now she looks like a drag queen. Her personality is very sweet but she looks like a freak.

  3. msonnie says:


  4. msonnie says:

    She really needs to stop with the plastic surgery, I thought she was a drag queen. I would love to see Drita try to tangle with her.

  5. Shelley says:

    Please…..Big Ang needs her OWN SHOW! Forget everyone else, she’s the BOMB!

  6. T says:

    So, I am sooooo over karen and her annoying sidekick….get a life losers!!! drita and carla r so over u 2..move on

  7. Detroit says:

    Please take Karen and her terrible friend off of the show! When Karen first came on the show a liked her now she has become a monster!

  8. troy says:


  9. Mr. Jack Miholf says:

    I like Big Ang but is it just me or does she look like the love child of Herman and Lily Monsters!! She must have been good lookin before her botched plastic surgery.

  10. Niecey says:

    I love big Ang!!

  11. Sassy "C" says:

    I wish someone would allow Drita to get to Karen! She is so hard now because she and her weak cousin jumped Drita. She thinks she can beat everybody up now when she hasn’t done anything at all except make herself look like a coward. If she is soooo bad why didn’t she jump Drita alone! I wish they would kick her and her cousin off because they make my blood boil!

  12. Patty lambert says:

    Look I think all of you need to slow down on the fighting!! thats not Cool! I think ur all friends, And you need to show Love instead of Hate!! Ur not that tough! Get over yourselves!! Starting to annoy me!

  13. Annie says:

    Please, Karen is so annoying. Always acting like a fool Less time with her the better. But more. of Big Ang and her friends would be the ticket

  14. Liz Gordon says:

    I love Big Ang. She makes a create new cast member. She has a wonderful sense of humor and outlook on life. I would love one day to travel to Staten Island to her bar to meet her.

  15. Eddie says:

    Love Big Ang! Love Drita, Love Carla! I love Renee also but she “innocently” instigates too much and its getting annoying. Karen needs to stop acting all tough for the cameras, cuz we all know Drita will beat her ass! & Doesn’t Ramona have 4 kids?! She needs to go back to her little family and stay out other people’s business.

  16. Snuffy says:

    Big Ang was way better looking before she got her lips done.

  17. Cat says:

    I agree, love big Ang, what a beautiful woman but stop with the plastic surgery. In fact get the lips reduced some.

  18. LEA BROWN says:


  19. LEA says:


  20. rob says:

    The 1st. time I saw Big Ang I thought it was a dragQueen! but now i like her alot move after seeing her “normal” years ago!

  21. Barbara says:

    Big Ang is the best…Next time I visit my folks in S.I. I am stopping by her bar!

  22. bodine says:

    Big Ang looked sooooo much better before all the “surgeries”!

  23. Karla says:

    She should slow down on the collagen injections.But other than the plastic surgery Big Ang is awesome!!! It would be cool to have her as an auntie!

  24. Taunya Curry says:

    I hope that she is finished with the plastic surgery. She had a really pretty face beefore she started messing with it.

  25. MissBags says:

    Wow…I seriously wondered what she looked like – she was pretty, she should stop with all that plastic surgery!

  26. lily says:

    Love Big Ang!!!!! She needs her own show.. who cares about the plastic surgery, its her body..anyone can do what they please with their body… if she feels good then more power to her..

  27. the realest says:

    Karen girl u did NOT beat Drita. she beat both of u two look over it on T.V

  28. doug says:

    Big Ang ROCKS!!! She wants plastic surgery.. i say go for it….. I dont think shed be her fun self if she didnt have it all.. SHES AMAZING!!!!

  29. Vonee says:

    Wow! She WAS a very attractive lady back then. Why did you go and mess yourself up like that?!!

  30. MF says:

    Wow she was stunning! Picture 7 I think is the last one before the lip injections. Go Big Ang, what a moll.
    Karen and Ramona, these two really are a waste of space. Karen going on and all about the same BS. You hate Drita – we know. You say you were never in the hospital – Got it.
    Ramona is an instigator, she just wants 15 minutes of fame, and she went 14 minutes over to me. Grow up. These women are not gangsters so should stop acting like it.

  31. rose says:

    Big Ang is on the same print I have for a sofa. LOL

  32. Fritz's Mom says:

    I wasn’t sure about Big Ange at first either, but as you get to know her aure is one of the most level headed of them all. Love Drita and Carla, Rene is getting better but Karen and her lap dog Ramona should take a flying leap. Tell Karen to go back to Arizona to take care of her kid and Ramona should take care of hers. They are both big mouth losers!

  33. Shona says:

    Since the show began it seems like Karen had a life out of the loop of from the rest of the women and because of it she has spent all of her time trying to remain relevant in the many conversations rolling around the neighborhood. She claims she returned to find the closure she longed for , but the only thing she has doon is keep up confusion and drama. She made a b-line straight for her once good friend Drita and ever since she can’t seem to move past it. She talks constantly in a revovling fog of contradictory statements and idle threats. When the opportunity was there for her to get with her rival she chose to use her tough words and intimidation. She just seems tome to have a precise intent to keep as much focus on herself as possible; desperate much!!! She then tried the same thing with Carla, and of course as the conversation got out of hand Karen tries to intimidate and it backfired because Carla isn’t that type of person and chose to walk away and again she changed her tone and backpeddled her words to ” I always liked you” ! yeah right girly! You need to grow up and act your age not your bra size, you have a life and a lot of things in it to be proud of why do you feel the need to bring soo much negative attention to yourself for a little fame and spotlight. You have a child that has to look up to you and learn from you to grow as a young lady and you choose to act like a highschool loud mouth with a low self esteem problem. Don’t get me wrong everyone has faults and flaws but there are those that use their time to work out the personal issues and life and life in general without being overly dramatic. Karen and her new buddy Ramona must have too much time on their hands to constantly talk about the other women and what the were supposed to have said. If you truly don’t like a person and they are insignificant to you then you really wouldn’t care what they did or said because they are beneath you and not important enough to waste your valuable timetrying to keep up with

  34. OG says:

    After looking at the pictures I say WHY Angie would you do what you did to your mug. You were so cute. You must be addicted to the surgery

  35. Cali Girl says:

    Karen is completely classless! She fancies herself an author…? She cannot speak properly so confidence is low she can write an intelligent thought. Paahleeze!

    Big Ang is great…where’s her book deal???

  36. I love, love, love Drita and Carla. both of them are great. As for Karen…if you have nothing nice to say DON’T…so I won’t but I really could care less who her father is and as for her friend Ramona…NEVERMIND!! Renee I’m hapy you and Jr. hoping everything works out!!!

  37. amiwright says:

    I didn’t see anything wrong with her looks for her to change them. She reminds me of the Muppet…LOL

  38. Ondria says:

    Big Ang spin-off!!! That’s all I’m saying.

  39. Linda Brown says:

    Good God do we even know this broad was born a woman? God I find her to be hideous with those HUGE FAKE BOOBS and those butt ugly LIPS!! I suppose she thinks she looks hot? Guess those WISE GUYS are not choosy as to who they bang? And her voice is downright manly!!! Who would want her voice for a ring tone? But this is a mob based show so I guess we are gonna meet more of these mob broads at some point?

  40. Dawn says:

    I love Big Ang,!!!!!! We want just a “Big Ang Show”

  41. daneen2fabulous says:

    sooooo…which picture closely resembles the Big Ang that was arrested for cocaine distribution?

  42. Doreen says:

    Big Ang reminds me of my cousin Joann. Down to earth and all around person…. Easy to talk to and always has the right thing to say… You go Big Ang stealing the show…..more power to you

  43. demi gardner says:

    big ang was 2 cute she still is though i love har she is a hot mess ! and i still tripping off of ande we didnt even get a piece of the cake

  44. KUTIENCALI31 says:

    * Big Ang looks really good. She shouldnt have messed her face up. I dont like when ladies waste money on improving their appearance and they dont really need tha work. They are just wasting their time and money on recovering and risking their lives as well. Big Ang is a sweetheat and she be doin tha damn thang to handle biznass. Her spirit and personality is soo outstanding and real. Gotta love Big Ang

  45. Not a fan of Sucker Punch Drita's says:

    Karen & Drita should “square up” Karen has something to prove to herself and Drita is sooo “tough” and beats EVERYONE to a plup shouldn’t have anything to worry about and all you Karen haters should think how they would like it if someone was going around town lying about them. It was real different when Renee held Karen down and let SO TOUGH Drita beat on her. Whether Karens on the show or not she’s going after Drita and I’d rather see that beat down with popcorn in the front row. Karen doesn’t need help from her cousin. But I just loved when Drita was telling Carla how she got jumped and that Romona was holding her and Karen hit her and how she would NEVER hit ANYONE that was being held expect of course when Renee held Karen and Drita was hitting & pulling her hair. Drita was accusing Renee of setting her up when she’s the one that told Big Ang that she wanted to talk to Karen. When Romona came over she was saying were not going to do this now and AGAIN Drita sucker punched or tried to sucker punch Karen and now all you people riding Drita’s crotch are saying how Karen is a monster, her & Romona should get kicked off the show. Drita BRAGS about putting people in hospitals. She might’ve put a person in the hospital over night but then again I don’t know who she fought. She doesn’t have any balls so she had to get her boobs done so something would match her mouth/ ego. I LOVED IT when Karen shut her eye. I hope they get in the ring with no one jumping in no rounds just straight fight until one taps out. I think Drita knows Karen will whip her. She’s too scared for a one on one. Both her and Carla will keep running their mouth and telling lies about Karen and Romona trying to turn people against them. As far as Karen’s Gmother on 15th Ave has been around the life knows & understands how it works AND WHATS YOUR POINT?

  46. cinzia says:

    lmfao..this pic brings back sooooo many memories of when i was little..we had the same t.v same wine cart..but our curtains were that real thick heavy material they were blue with black swad paisley design in them and as for that shaggy rug..ours was blue..and my mom use to make my sister and i rake the rug with a plastic rake..to take out the foot prints..so it would be all nice and fluffy…i remember when she use to come home from work we would hear her car pull into the parking lot and we would scramble to rake the rug before she came into the house and had a kiniption on us..Ooo and the fist fights my sister cousin and i would get into over who was NOT going to rake it…we would have to rake ourselves out of the house so we didn’t leave foot prints in the rug…uhhgggggggg so glad its not in fashion anymore..

    big ang your adorable and love to see more of you on the show..minus your botox..your too pretty you don’t need all that garbage

  47. MARIA B... says:

    I love her.. <3

  48. im only 11 years old but yet i think u girls rock i like drita most and i hate how karen trys to act so tough its all fake

  49. Denise says:

    Wow I love Big Ang she is the peacemaker here. she’s so cool and direct. I love her voice she is a true Italian and they are so cool too. I love the way she looks and look good for her age KEEP ON DOING IT GIRL!!!

  50. Lee Lee says:

    I love Big Ang and her laugh it is hilarious! Yes, she needs her own show!

  51. donna says:

    love you BIG ANG …. you are so cool and so calm and so sweet, i’d love to visit your bar one day

  52. Rose Millovich says:

    Wow, Big Ang is still attractive today, but she was really pretty when she was younger. I think that she shouldn’t have had her lips done. I don’t know why people do that to themselves. It never looks natural and it always make people who do it, look like a fish out of water. Also, she must have had breast implants, but went way overboard. She probably had big breasts to begin with and made them even bigger, They look uncomfortable to me. Anyway, if Big Ang likes the way she looks, that’s fine with me. She is a sweetheart and a dollbaby and I love her. I think she is hellarious!

  53. Giselle says:

    I guess people want to see what she looked like before she became a big “Monster.” In these pictures, you can’t even tell if is the same person, Jezzzz

  54. T.Bone says:


    Why do women do this to themselves? It’s not a good look. I mean, it looks so unatural, and when (she?) talks, i can hardly understand what (she?) is saying! Not to mention that her voice is already deep like a man’s…!

  55. Genia2640 says:

    Big Ang Are The Bomb!!!! What A Wonderful Addition To The Show. I Love All Of The Women, But I Must Say Big Ang Is By- Far My Favorite. No Offense To The Other Beautiful Women.

  56. Anne Marie from Ozone Park says:

    Wow…us Italian girls all had our blonde period, didn’t we?! HAHAHA

  57. TINA says:


  58. Sharon says:

    I love Big Ang, she is beautiful both inside and out. She is a true friend to everyone on the show. I can not get enough of her. I would love to see a program with her as the “star”…love u Ang!

  59. Angela Smith says:

    Ang destroyed herself all the women who got there lips done look absoulutely gross. What are these women thinking she cant think she looks good. I cant even look at her without grossing out. Yuck. what was she thinking wasnt sure if man or beast.

  60. Terri Lo Sasso says:

    Ang ur a HOT blonde bombshell

  61. LOL says:

    I love “her” character on the show, but I still think that “She’d” be just as suited if not more for “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.


  63. Jeanne says:


  64. Honestly Confused says:

    I always thought BIG ANG was a dude? I am utterly confused. Help?

  65. Big Ang,

    You’re pictures from your past are beautiful…why you got plastic surg I don’t know….but that’s up to every women…You look great>>>>

  66. janet says:

    rock on Big Ang even though i live on Long Island now I am still a BRooklyn girl and always will be…Best time of my life 1980′s Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge…especially the most beautifully decorated nightclub ever…Pastels in Bay Ridge…. Yeah baby..Hope to visit your bar soon…

  67. ladymax says:

    Why are people no nasty writing some stupid crap comments. To the person who wrote about Big Ang voice….there a medical reason why her voice sounds the way it does…Go and do your research before writing crap.

  68. jennifer says:

    i think your the best ang ur right no snitching.

  69. brittany says:

    I dont get it!! she didnt need ANY work done. she was beautiful before, I think the same for Renea too!

  70. lisa says:

    she looks good here!!

  71. She use to be so pretty! Why do people do that stuff to themselves????

  72. Jazzy says:

    Big Ang ROCKS! Love her on the show, excited to see her own show.

  73. Special K says:

    I absolutely LOVE big Ang. She’s the mind (and voice) of reason throughout all of the mayhem and the coolest chick on the show !

  74. luv u big ang cant wait 4 yuor new show very excited . says:


  75. Millie Velazquez says:

    I luv big ang she’s a very sweet n honest person I don’t know her personally but in da show all I’ve seen is honesty n loyalty in her part I just hope she keeps it together I’m sure she will cuz she’s not as ignorant as da rest of da woman in mob wives specially Ramona la Mona ….

  76. S.DAVIS says:


  77. txcatwoman says:

    Wow, you are beautiful !

  78. I knew Big Ang was the real deal doll in her day. I knew because game recognize game. Not only is she a beauty, she is a mature class act. The youngsters are blessed to have her in their lives. They really do not realized that they are in the company of someone they should try to gain some real knowledge from about how to live this life and become better caliber of women.They all have children they claim to love,so why not let them see you all act like adults should. They are our future but you all behavior makes that a scary thought, when it should be something wonderful for us all to look forward to. Peace and Blessings. MS.VEE

  79. Paula says:

    Thank you for the share… : ))) Big Ang’s you look amazing both now and back in the day. Wow, I wish I could pull of being Blonde and look just as stunning as you do. I am so glad that they have you in the show because your amazing. I love your warm and loyal personality to yourself and to the people who are in your life.You have an amazing personality, I adore you… I wish the very best in life for you and the other woman in the show. Warm aloha

  80. ladyspencer58 says:

    I just LOVE Big Ang no matter what

  81. Bubbles Love says:


  82. Big Ang why did you have all that work done ??? you look better when you was younger !!!! damn girl stop while your ahead love you

  83. Tara Clarke says:

    I love Big Ang!!!! I think the way she is neutral with all the girls and her quirky statements add a positive as well as humorous lihjt to the show. I think the way ALL of the ladies respect her and who she is in the neighborhood offers definition to the loyalty and culture the show depicts. Big Ang looked great naturally before surgery and my personal opinion is that she should have done nothing, but to each his own, everyone should do what makes them happy, and thats what Big Ang does!!!

  84. Jenn says:

    Big Ang is my favorite and i <3 her lil dog too cute. Shes a big sweetheart, I hope she stays on the show!!

  85. Suga says:

    I love Big Ang! She is the best but I do think she looked better prior to the surgeries. Still love her tho!

  86. Jessica says:

    No matter what, I think Big Ang has a great personality and I love her for that! She is beautiful, inside and out.

  87. Mags says:

    Please stop the violance in Karens life, why does she want to bring or persue a life of violance, and what kind of role model is she?? Big Ang, talk to her!

  88. cheryl says:

    where is big ang’s daughter? i love big ang, she is great, she is who she is and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. no drama!!!!!

  89. I love this show. There are so many reality shows now, but this one is real. I do feel for all of the women on this show because they have all been treated like you know what from men. Rene, I cannot believe what was done to you by Junior. I realize you still love him and he is AJ’s dad, but he is definitely a scum bag. I still can’t get over what this guy did to you. Pitiful. But remember that you run your life, not your husband. If you can keep that in mind along with AJ during this difficult period, I think you will make it. You’re a tough cookie even though you don’t think so. I love the show and Bless you in your future endeavors as well as all the other girls.

  90. kinggoldngyrl says:

    They look like men in drag and ugly men at that. I dont see where any beauti is in this picture kind of scary

  91. tara says:

    Big Ang!!! U are AWESOME. I love your style….!

  92. Vinniedm says:

    Ang, you were such a pretty lady; what are you doing to yourself. Do you even recognize yourself when u look in the mirror? Cut out the plastic surgery already.

  93. Kathy says:

    Big Ang, you are the BEST!!! My husband and I watch the show every week and you are definitely a hit and our favorite. Your beauty shines from inside out.

  94. Nannette says:

    This is a GREAT pic of Big Ang! She looks beautiful!! I love her smile!!!!

  95. sherry says:

    I really like big Ang, and i do think she is a pretty lady but when i see the pictures of her before she had the lip injections, i really think she looks so much prettier with out her lips so big her natural lips look much better. I hope she takes out the lip stuff it would make her look much younger and show off her natural look!!! We love yo big Ang…

  96. urshula says:

    love ya big ang love your personality..

  97. lucy says:

    i love both the before pictures and after pictures. she is my favorite person on the show! stop hatin on her. we all have things about ourselves we dont like, some people change it-others dont. so what? people just want to hate on people. big ang is THE best cast member on the show. i wish she was on there more. i love her voice, her personality shines! i would totally hang with a chick like her. absolutely a positive and awesome person.

  98. Carla says:

    Love love love u big ang u r beautiful inside and out.

  99. ahmauri613 says:

    I dont care what anyone says. THIS IS A MAN!!!!!!!!

  100. you can tell big ang is older than all the other girls she would rather be drama free but i do love all the other women to havent missed an episode and if big ang likes the way she looks who is anybody else to say anything about it

  101. Sweety says:

    Big Ange stop the lip injections. She looks better with smaller lips. If she cant stop, just go a little smaller than they are right now.

  102. Ebee says:

    I love Big Ang’s personality. You can tell she has some wisdom under her belt. Accept when it comes to her son.

    Big Ang – you’re a beautiful woman without the lip injections. Pleas stop it takes away from your natural look.

  103. Nefertitikmb says:

    I love big Ang!…She is one of my favorite Characters on Mob Wives!…but I don’t know why she wants to be so Plastic!…She was so Gorgeous before…I feel that she has gone to far with the Plastic Surgery…to me she acts almost like she is addicted to it!…however beyond the Plastic Surgery her Personality and Character shines through!…She seems like a keep it real person on the show!…Peace and Love to you Big Ang!…

  104. june says:

    Big Ang has such a beautiful ora, she’s not about drama,i wonder why she did that to her face,i’m so tired of Karen constantly repping the mob life, when it’s obvious her life is in a better place now and her beef with Drita, and keep her guard dog in check Remona,it’s getting old, i like Carla because she stays out of the drama, Renee she a drama queen she wines too much.

  105. Roanna says:

    Big Ang, you are so smart and kind. Please let more of your natural body show through. And stop smoking!!!!

  106. Celia says:

    Big Ang, I love your awesome personality! You are just adorable!! Yes, I saw you using those Pampered Chef products. I would love to be your PC Consultant. My hubby is from the East Coast and a full blooded Italian. Here I am this Texas girl loving every minute of Mob Wives and I am so glad they brought you on the show. You bring balance to a high drama show. Take care and may God continue to bless you!!!

  107. Kim says:

    I LOVE BIG ANG. She is a character that you enjoy watching. She is funny, fun loving and ads spice to MOB Wives. I here she is getting her own show. That will be great , but please keep her on Mob Wives. Without her, I wouldn’t watch it anymore. She is gangsta with flair.

  108. tina says:

    YES i love big ang big ang gets a hood pass anywhere she goes i would hold her down when ever she came to town

  109. Shamel says:

    I agree with the masses….LOVE BIG ANG!!!! She is like my aunt (in my head)! She is so sweet, funny, and lovable. Although I think she OVER indulged on the plastic surgery, I refuse to say anything bad about her. She is beautiful on the inside and that is all that matters :).

  110. titi says:

    I like big Ang, but she looks much better w/o the plastic.

  111. evelyn says:

    Why you have surgery you were pretty

  112. Lea says:

    She looked better then…. She looks like a freak now. Huge lips, Huge breast, geeessshhh! I know she cannot think she looks good. She looks like a tranny

  113. Lelia says:

    Big Ang looked much better back then..love her energy and style. But those lips have to go..

  114. regina jones says:

    i love love love big ang she keeps me laughing the whole season, but it truly something about her that tell you she real and dont push the wrong button with her because ur smile will turn into a frown. lol love her come back next season.

  115. Jessica says:

    #Big ang used to look so great back in the day,she basically told god,well the face you gave me is not enough you didnt know what you were doing and here how it should be done,ok *

  116. Justice says:

    BIG ANG in this Biiitch. She rocking that 1970′s Farrah Flip. She had a pretty face before all those procedures ruined it. STOP THE MADNESS!!

  117. Justice says:

    I cant believe she messed up such a nice face. Now she running around looking like Donald the Duck. I love to see and hear her say “Puppy”. LOL

  118. Jennifer says:

    Big Ang…why the lip injections? You look so beautiful without them!!!

  119. Me96 says:

    I will have to agree. Ang I think you look better without the lip injections.

  120. shaberry14 says:

    i love big ang!! she should have stopped at pic 6 of 8 and the lip injections. She is the best with not being bothered with drama. i love it

  121. BRENDA says:

    I love Big Ange but I think she should go easy on the lip injections. Her lips look false.

  122. MsCoco says:

    Gotta love Big Ang..shes like the mother of the show…

  123. Daphne F says:

    If u couldnt tell…Karen has been in love with Drita for yrs. Maybe shes not mad that Drita was with Lee, maybe shes mad Drita wasnt with her.
    Love the show, but the drama is getting old…and they seem to be getting farther away from the reason the show was created.
    MW of CHicago is a joke, not even interested\\
    No one really “connected will ever put themselves out there

  124. DinaLee says:

    Wow. She actually used to be attractive!

  125. Daysha says:

    I L O V E B I G A N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for her new show comin soon :)

  126. TEEJAY says:

    I love Big Ang…..please no more lip injections you are BEAUTIFUL without them. YOU DONT NEED THEM!!!!!!

  127. Brenda says:

    I love my Big Ang..she gets better looking as she gets older.

  128. b says:

    Is that Big Ang sister…..

  129. Rachel says:

    this is not big ang. does not even look like her..

  130. denise says:

    BIG ANG IS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Starr says:


  132. marline says:

    wow..she looks better without all that stuff…natural is better

  133. Tee says:

    I agree, Ang you were gorgeous with your natural features. Not so gorgeous now. Leave your face alone.

  134. Uh Oh says:

    I love Big Ang. She is one of a kind! Do you Big Ang! If you want big lips, get’em! It’s your money so spend it the way you want.

  135. Lisa Cooper says: