Baseball Wives – Episode 7 – Suffer The Consequences


“Why is she acting like this?”

The tension between Brooke and Cherie is still building in the Grace Point vacation villas, and after the possum purse charade, Cherie walks out on the group at dinner. Apparently Cherie is also still upset at Brooke because of some nasty things Brooke has posted on social media sites. Brooke defends herself, saying “It is my right, as it is anyone’s right to post WHATEVER, WHENEVER you want on the internet! It’s FREEDOM.” Ah, yes, the number one rule of people who abuse the internet, writing garbage about other people is always fair game. (Actually, sorry, that’s the second rule of people who abuse the internet. The first rule is “Anonymous commenting, especially when you only have nasty things to say, is awesome!”) I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone so vehemently defend their trash-talking with the excuse that “it’s on the internet, so it’s my right,” by this logic, the internet now seems to me like the setting for The Road where homicidal maniacs and baby eaters will threaten your safety and even your parents can’t protect you. Does the anti-SOPA crowd need a spokesmodel? Because Brooke could be it.

“Why is she acting like this?” Cherie asks. If we only knew, Cherie! If we only knew.

Chantel clarifies that “this whole situation “started with ‘You looked at me wrong’,” but if that’s not crazy enough, Anna accuses Brooke of stealing the possum purse joke which, um, didn’t Anna give Brooke the possum purse to use? Is everyone on this show just continuously wiping their memories clean every week?

Jordana starts out on Team Brooke but that dissolves when she learns that Brooke has been denying their friendship. Later, it comes out that Brooke has texted all the girls that she hates everyone, and she’s been spreading gossip about them all, including a tidbit that Anna has cheated on her husband. That pisses Anna off quite a bit. “I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a cheater…It’s on,” Anna says, red with anger.

Later, on a deep-sea fishing adventure, everyone throws up over the side of he boat.

“Everyone is barfing off the side and getting sick and crying and bellyaching and I was just laughing because you know what? Karma’s a bitch,” Brooke says. Sorry if I’m still confused, but Brooke has really been the only visibly mean one, right? I mean, Anna has her moments, but in this particular instance, Brooke is the only one that we know has called people names and stuff, right? So…? I’m still confused!

When the women bring up some of the things Brooke has been saying to her face-to-face, things go to s—. Brooke denies everything, even though the women all have text messages from her with everything she’s purportedly saying.

After so many denials and staring into nothing and avoiding what the women are saying, Anna gets sick of it, but she also stops badgering Brooke for an apology. She realizes there has to be a deeper issue here, so she asks Brooke “What is happening in here, in your heart? Why are you so tortured? Tell me how to help you.” She embraces Brooke, who never reciprocates and cries silently. For an entire season. Anna Benson has been loud, abrasive and never took anything seriously, but in one moment, she seemed like the most human of everyone in the cast. And still, she got nothing out of Brooke, who might have been crying, sure, but her setting was clearly turned to sad robot.

After that moment of tenderness, Brooke dries her eyes and screams at the skipper “Get me the F— OFF THIS BOAT NOW!” So much for a breakthrough.

The non-breakthrough continues at dinner where Brooke is absent, but she keeps sending everyone in the group farewell texts and defriends them all on Facebook. That hits Jordana hard, she can’t understand why Brooke would turn on her and confronts her the next morning. Jordana’s pain seems pretty real, as real as the expressionless face that Brooke continues to maintain.

Brooke will never, ever see another side to the story and sticks to the fact that because she was attacked by everyone on the boat, she basically don’t give a f—. Anna definitely takes offense to that, considering she offered an olive branch on the boat.
“I am so excited, I’m leaving these crazy f—ing women on this crazy f—ing island and I hope they drowned and I hope I never have to see them again. Good riddance,” Brooke says.


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