About That Rumor That Vanessa Bryant May Join Basketball Wives


When it was first reported that Vanessa Bryant planned to divorce her husband, L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, anyone with a passing familiarity of the Basketball Wives franchise started speculating about whether or not she should join the cast. Trust us, we heard the rumors, the thought crossed our minds, and we weren’t immune to the gossip. But today it was brought up again when TMZ reported that Vanessa was “the Holy Grail” for Basketball Wives producers, and they reported that producers were pitching the show to her and “would instantly make her a LEAD on the LA edition of the show.”

Well of course that got us wondering, so we checked with our sources at the network for the official word, and that word is: “Production has not reached out to Vanessa at this time.” So for today, you can put this news to rest.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Shannon says:

    Don’t do it girl.

  2. baybeK8s says:

    PLEASE don’t do it Vanessa!!!! You are better than that and you definitely don’t need the money. You weren’t a “in your face” kinda girl before so why allow yourself to become ghetto and low class now.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love Basketball Wives. But Yes, I must agree. Don’t do it. I can’t see her letting someone scratch up her face or black her eye cause you know them ghetto chics would be at her big time! LOL!

  4. GEGE says:

    I can’t C her doin that. I don’t C her vibin wit tha other gurls like that. One wrong word out her mouth towards n-e one of them, IT IS ON!!! If she were 2 go on tha show, & says something as a joke or out of content, her life is OVER!! I vote NO!!!

  5. Haji Abdull says:

    I think Kobe got a great deal he got rid of four things that have depreciated in value since he bought them

  6. COLE BLACK says:

    Vanessa Bryant…. Run away fast girl you to not need the enemy drawing you out of the kingdom of God’s way of doing things.
    8:47 AM June 10, 2012