Evelyn Lozada’s First Book In Her Wives Association Series Is Available For Pre-Order


Two months ago, it was announced that Evelyn Lozada signed a six-figure deal with Cash Money Content to develop a book series based on her life experiences. The first book, called Inner Circle: The Wives Association, won’t be out until June 5, 2012, but Lozada tweeted this weekend that the book is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

Evelyn spoke about the series recently, saying “I would never do a tell-all, I always say that. But I wanna tell something.” We can’t wait to hear whatever she’s got to tell.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Did she get her mother out of the hood?

  2. gina says:

    Hell to the no! I like you Evelyn on the show, but that is about it.

  3. CoCoLuv31 says:

    I like Evelyn but I just dont like how she turn her back on her best friend Jennifer.

  4. KK says:


  5. Nikki says:

    It is so sad that the only way you can featured on a show as a ethnic women you have to be loud, angry, aggressive, obnoxis and a bully.

  6. Evelyn says:

    Not interested in your book. In fact, I will no longer watch the show. You guys are crazy. The show offers no value.

  7. bre says:

    why didnt u fight tami like u want to fight jen.

  8. tjames says:

    I was ready to buy your book when I first heard you had written a book but after seeing your behavoir on the previews and, the last two shows I will not be purchasing it. Have you taken a look at yourself jumping on tables and fighting. Aren’t you tired of looking like a fool and what kind of example are you setting as a women of color and a mother you look ridiculous. I hope this is just for show and you are not ending a ten year old friendship with Jen. When the first season you and Shaunie Oneal was crying with Jennifer over the same reason she will not pretend with you that your marriage to Chad is going to work. If you are REAL you need to put it out there that you are just marrying him and willing to look the other way for his cheating because you want security, MONEY, and the fabolous life that comes with being Chad’s wife.

  9. vicki says:

    Evelyn u are a mother why are u so mad at JEN. Jen is a good friend. You was not that mad at Tammy last season when she came in shop. I will NOT BUY YOUR BOOK AND HOPE ALL WOMAN BOYCOTT YOUR BOOK. YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR.

  10. Kim F. says:

    I think Evelyn is a very pretty woman. But she has no idea how to act in private or public. I only can say one thing about that. You can buy just about anything but you can never buy class. Maybe she should takes some lessons from Jennifer. At least Jennifer can act like a lady in public. Evelyn you should stop hanging around the ghetto trash Tammi and start naming around Jennifer again. Sorry Evelyn choose your friends wiser.

  11. Boring says:

    Can you please get off the show. I have stop watching because of you. You say you act like a lady but you act like an animal. You always want to fight everyone and put your two sense in. Just worry about yourself. It also seems like you always care what everyone thinks about your relationship with Chad. Get over it! You used to be one of my favorites on the show but this season, you have changed. You have changed for the worse. It is annoying. I used to love you but now I can’t stand to watch you. I change the channel everytime I see you on. Sad thing is, I’m not the only that feels this way. Get off the show already!!!!!!!

  12. lyonsk says:

    The show and the cast has changed so much it’s very hard to watch. Grown women fighting all the time. Friendships torn apart for what a script? money? So I guess I choose not to watch anymore. Who do they think they are? Who accepts a man that will continue to have other women? Women who acts big and bad all the time. I really hope that majority of it is scripted.
    I guess whatever sells.

  13. Kathie says:

    This girl evelyn is a rat face twirt, she always think she can beat on these woman. The bottom line Chad is not your type but do you do woman as well as chad. You dont have nothing to give but violence. Get a grip on your life anger management would be perfect for you. Haters dont last long

  14. Phyllis says:

    You keep whinning about what Kenya said about you. I get the feeling that you are guilty of this behavior because you are so defensive. If your reputation is all over the place, it is your fault. I seem to recall you slept with Chad the first night you met in Las Vegas. Another thing, Jennifer is only stating the obvious, and you know Chad will never be faithful to you. Remember he has female friends that you’ve never met, and never will.

  15. Oneroxie says:

    Evelyn you are the most ghetto girl I have ever seen on tv, If i could fight everyone’s battle I would stomp you like a cockroach. You need to grow up and take class lessons because you obliviously dont have any. You give the show a bad name and are turning a lot of people away. Go sit your silly behind down somewhere an.d get a clue

  16. Victoria says:

    Evelyn does not have an ounce of self esteem that why she worries about what people think and say about her. She is insecure about Chad and she is going to run into some one that is going to kick her ass real bad I can’t wait!!

  17. Ann says:

    Why would I be interested in her book. She can’t even behave like a human being. What could she possibly have to say literally.

  18. tee says:

    SAD!!! Evelyn is sad.com. Grow up and get a purposeful life. who wants to read your book. Stop trying so hard to be like Tami ghetto ass….. You have been the worse person to look at on the show all season. And you think Chad wants a classless woman like you.
    What kind of example are you setting for your daughter. Poor girl!

  19. Shaneka says:

    Hi E I love that you a strong woman. You always keep it real you are true to your friendships. That’s what I call a real friend. Keep your head up E cause Jen thinks she’s doing something. NOT if it wasn’t for Eric guess what she wouldn’t have nothing..

  20. brown eyes says:

    this show is all about drama no positive behavior especially Evelyn bringing her stupid friend to fight Jen……next season Jen don’t go back on the show you better than….Evelyn tighten up

  21. p.reyes says:

    to that TRICK ANIMAL EVILyn. you do not take owernership for being an ANIMAL. You’re a straight up crazed animal. You belong in a ZOO. SO WHAT Jenn doens’t want to be your friend or has new friends. Grow up. and Move on. ONLY drugged-out crazed animals would think it’s such a bunch of junk to call the police. Calling the police on you animals is the only thing that’s going to stop your animalistic behavior.You don’t put your hands on anyone. And going around threatening people is worth a few nights in Rikers. Watch your mouth ’cause I’m sure Chad doesn’t want to stick his dong down that nasty filthy cholera infested throat of yours. You’re toxic!

  22. Meredith says:

    I am so disappointed in this show. I don’t how these women don’t see how wrong Evelyn and her assistant were for attacking Jennifer. They act like they’re in high school. I will not purchase this book.

  23. d s says:

    This show is out of control please take this show off the air it is so out of control. I feel sorry for the women on this show who approve of this behavior. I refuse to watch this show or let my daughter watch this show because you are not showing black young ladies what’s appropriate but what is disgraceful.

  24. Dorothy says:

    Well you have never been a wife, so i would’nt read the book. But, do you have any of the tee shirts lefted. I’d love to have one of them.

  25. Wanda Lemon says:

    I cant begin to express the sickness of this show and the women who bullie,abuse,and batter others…shamefull at best sick to the core…..this is what a high school bullie looks like all grown up…Ugly to the core!!!

  26. Hitachi says:

    I love Evenlyn. I love what she stand for and what she is accomplishing. She is a beautiful woman and as I can see loving and very opinionated. I take her opinionated attitude as being very strong. If it was every possible I would love to meet her one day. I completely understand her angry towards Jennifer. I do understand people my not agree but these are my thoughts. I can not wait to read the novel and also use her make up line that has more then four colors. Sorry, I had to. LOL…

  27. Hitachi says:

    Sorry did not proof read. Spelled her name wrong. Evelyn Lozada

  28. cap1 says:

    Want be buying your book, that to paid they paid you up front, this will be Cash Money’s lost. Because you Evelyn had the audaicty to say folks don’t like Jen, wow, and folks like you. Your crazy and your a bully who knows who to mess with, because Royce got with your ass, and you would not fight tami, and you want try Kenya again. I have no interest in none of your products. I love eyeshadows and love going to Mac store want be getting any of your stuff, But I would get some of Jen lipgloss.