Kimbella Confirms That She’s Pregnant On Love And Hip Hop


Rumors have been flying for the past couple of weeks with the news that someone in the Love And Hip Hop cast was pregnant. While Chrissy admitted in the season finale that she and Jim were going to try and start a family soon, and news outlets reported that Yandy was unequivocally with child (which she has denied), we learned the truth tonight, that the woman who is expecting is none other than Kimbella. Watch the clip above as Kim reveals the news to her parents and weigh in in our comments section with how you feel about her news. Are you happy for her or are you, like her mother, concerned for her because of her rocky relationship?

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  1. I’m happy for Kimbella, there are tens of thousands of women who raise children on their own, I’m sure that with Juelz money she will be just fine.

  2. Yaritza says:

    Congrats kimbella haters will hate do u girl<3

  3. d says:

    No she needs to get her stuf right she got lots of problems hoping from man to man thats not what it is her rep is buy money is not everthing thats way i mess with crissy …………..

  4. Destini says:

    Hang in there Kimbe lla,,,so many times I think that you have gotten the raw deal on this show. Stay Strong baby

  5. Denise says:

    Kimbella is cool but I just don’t understand how she can claim that she wants to break the circle and not be like her mother (who never married her father) when, as her mother points out, she is doing the exact same thing. Kimbella, girl, you have to be stronger than this. No amount of money and rapper-connection recognition in the world is worth destroying your self respect. As Emily learned.