Love And Hip Hop – Episode 10 – Everything Happens For A Reason


And they all lived hapily ever after. Okay, some of them lived mostly okay ever after.

Kimbella is having a terrible week. Yandy comes over so she can unload all her problems, and Kimbella fills her in on how she ambushed Erica at her birthday party the night before but since she left before they could have a physical fight, Kimbella’s still stressed and anxious because basically she won’t rest until someone beats the crap out of Erica.

“At this point she just so disrespectful, I just wanna like, choke her to sleep,” Kim says. Yoinks. Kim might also be feeling stress though because Juelz is currently in jail. She just found out that he was arrested after having an altercation in their parking lot and he’s being held on $46,000 bail, and for reasons that we’ll find out later, she’s probably hormonal right now. This woman needs a massage and a good cry.

Nancy and I are in a good place right now,” Chrissy says while she chills with her future mother-in-law. She tells Nancy how much it meant to her that she was there at the engagement and seriously, after last season, did anyone see this coming? So while the ladies discuss how the engagement has affected their own relationship, Chrissy tells Mama J. that Jimmy just thinks the engagement means “we’re supposed to have more sex.” Mama Jones loves that and high fives Chrissy. Hilarious and also ew at the same time

Nancy also assumes that this indicates grandchildren in her future. Soon, Chrissy promises her. “How soon, like tomorrow?” Mama Jones wants to know.

Chrissy promises to love Mama Jones the way she loves Jimmy, and she’s overcome by the positive feelings of their relationship and the engagement. For all the bad times that last season brought, this season is only love. They’re working hard to keep it that way, but still.

Over in Rich’s SUV, Olivia drops the bomb on him that she’s not taking the EMI record deal she’s being offered. This would be her third major deal, but it would also mean signing away some of her creative rights over the course of three albums and she’s not down with that, even though it means money in her pocket. “I’m not going to sign my life away for three albums. They said they want creative control and that’s not gonna work for me,” she says. You know who wants money in his pocket though? Rich. “I’m gonna ride with you, but at the end of the day, this is your life,” he tells her. And Olivia is ready to go broke to make her dreams happen.

Before she can make those dreams come true though, she needs to clear up a beef first. Olivia and radio DJ Funk Master Flex have an issue because of comments he made implying that her career was over.

Olivia thinks the whole thing is very third grade, but he tells her she’s taking the whole thing too personally. He tells her his words should motivate her. “You should say, no, I’m gonna make this happen, I’m gonna make a hot record, f— Flex, f— Fifty, I’m gonna make it happen!” “Nobody goes on somebody that hard and that long for that stupid-ass reason,” Olivia says.

Liv’s next stop on her career train is to meet with producer Jerry Wonda. Jerry gives Olivia’s words a melody and as she starts to sing along, the track goes from poem on a page to instant hit. “That sounds hot!” she says. It really does. For once this season, Olivia has channeled her emotions the right way and her song sounds amazing.

Emily and Chrissy meet to discuss the possibility of Emily going back to Fab. Last week, Emily’s conversation with Winter, Fab’s assistant, struck a nerve because Winter wanted Emily to move back in with Fab and turn a blind eye to his cheating ways. Emily needs Chrissy’s advice because hey, who better to analyze the situation and say what she feels than Chrissy?

“This is a very touchy, very ugly, very gray area. Being ‘accepting’ or being ‘blind to’…I’m not accepting or blind, I’m just realistic. I know that things happen but you better not ever let me find out.” That’s Chrissy’s take on dating a rapper and she tells Emily that the main thing to remember is not to lose her self-respect and that loyalty is key to the relationship.

Meanwhile, Kimbella is still struggling with the dysfunction of her own relationship with Juelz. “Every woman has a gut feeling and every woman has that insight at the back of their mind, and that’s when it’s questionable,” she says, explaining that she took an oath of loyalty to Juelz when they got together, but since this is his first long-term relationship, he might not know how to handle it. “I came with all these guidelines: I’m going to be loyal to you, I’m going to be true to you, but you’ve got to do the same. But when you’re dealing with a man in the industry and all his shenanigans…it becomes a lot,” she says.

She meets with Yandy to talk things out and breaks down explaining that Juelz is pretty much hands off when it comes to running the household or helping with the kids. It’s clear that Kim is in an emotional place, whether things have been unraveling on their own or with the help of Erica’s implications, Kim is just getting a little weary. Yandy assures her that she can always count on their friendship to stay intact though. What do you expect, though? They’re so close they get their menstruals at the same time, remember?

Yandy’s friendship with Mama Jones is still solid too, and they go bikini shopping because Mama J has been invited on Jim and Chrissy’s trip to Jamaica.

“Don’t let Chrissy drown you,” Yandy warns her, and Mama Jones laughs, but assures her that things with Chrissy are actually good now. Mama Jones wants Yandy and Jim though to repair their relationship. Yandy isn’t sure that Jamaica is the time or place to bring up that topic, so instead they just focus on the important things, like finding Mama a decent hat.

Kim’s parents swing by New Jersey to see their grandkids and, even though it’s not ideal because Juelz is still in jail at the moment and, well, nothing at that home is ideal at the moment, Kim has an interesting development to share: she’s pregnant.

Her mother could sense that the news was coming and isn’t congratulatory so much as she’s foreboding. She warns Kim that the stress of three kids could be a lot, and not to mention (salt, meet wound), Kim still doesn’t have a ring on her finger. “It was all there for me and it just slipped away,” Kim says in her confessional.

Though she promises her parents that with or without Juelz, she is going to make it work, she looks defeated.

Over at the club, Mama Jones is on stage performing “Psychotic” for a roomful of fans including Yandy, and she’s owning the stage.

“She went from grandma in Jersey to here I am, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, whatchu want from me now?” Yandy says of the performance. Chrissy either doesn’t know about the performance or doesn’t care anymore because on their trip to Jamaica, they get along perfectly. “We all know Nancy’s going to be crazy, that’s what we love about her,” Chrissy says. They share a family hug

and true to her crazy fashion, Nancy tells Chrissy and Jimmy “So, I guess I’ll go back and find the naked beach.” Oh, please god, no. Oh, yes. She found it.

Since the theme at the end of this episode is closure, over in Emily’s world, she explains that she’s not ready to go back to Fab if he’s not ready to be monogamous. (Even though she does put a picture of them together on her bedside table.) “I want respect, that’s what I’ve been fighting for. Respect.”

“I know Juelz can give me more, but I’m not sure if he’s ready to give me more,” Kimbella says, echoing Emily’s sentiments. Kimbella’s not about to get closure, since she’s got this new baby to think about, but she explains “I’m going to fight to be the best mother and role model I can be.” Emily and Kim might have had their differences all season, but in the span of five minutes, it’s clear that they’re going through the same thing and their words could be interchangeable.

Oh, and in the final moments of the episode, who do we hear from? One Miss Somaya Boss Reece. She may have been absent from the rest of the episode, but that’s not to say she hasn’t been busy. “It was tough when I first got here but I’ve been working really hard and grinding. I got an investor, got rid of some old baggage, hooked up with some new producers, and got a new look,” she says, basically telling us about the life she was living off-camera while we watch the lives of her co-stars unfold.

“I’m going to L.A. with my head held high. Somaya The Boss Reece is just getting started.”

Olivia explains “My options are I have no options.” She’s not going to settle, she’s not going to be anything less than herself, “I’m a singer and that’s it.”

“Everything happens for a reason,” Yandy says of her split from Jimmy.

She’s been disturbed and upset by the course of events, but if this means she can give 150% to everything else in her life, that’s her path.

“Jimmy means the world to me and he’s shown me that I mean the world to him,” Chrissy says. “I’m solid in my family life, I’m solid in my relationship, I’m solid in some of my friendships. And I can live with that.” I guess we can too.

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  1. Cory0326 says:


  2. b jay says:

    what song is playing at the end of the season finale

  3. Rokki says:

    I Love how the show ended… I really wished that Yandy adn Chrissy could’ve mended thing, However, Yandy baby you can’t mix business with pleasure… And that also make Yandy look suspect… Like Yandy say’s maybe her and Jim splitting was a good thing, now she can focus on her own thing…. Chrissy Is My GIRL all day…I respect her place in life and I understand fighting for what you believe is right…

  4. Shannon says:

    Missy, you are so right. These women think that the latest fashion, and opening their legs will get them to the promise land of love. Chrissy is really blind if she thinks Jimmy is so loyal to her. These women portray this false imagine on t.v. that in the industry, you live this big life. The girls should take from the show of what you DON’T do. No matter who you are with, always be a strong person who DOES NOT depend solely on one person. A man buying you shoes, bags, and other material items is not what it’s about.Get an education, and find your OWN path and life.

  5. Raykel says:

    I love (Love & Hip Hop) Season 3!

  6. N'jelle says:

    I must say last nights episode was interesting. They each had a storyline. I’m glad Yandy learned from this situation. I don’t think her and Jim had anything more than just business and she grew a bond with him since she helped him start his career. She’ll be fine. Kimbella…I like her. Yes she’s in a situation, but she persevere. Emily, she can too but Fab got her wrapped around his finger. Why would you put a picture of him on your nightstand. Whatever he’s doing, I give him points. Olivia, you shouldn’t judge Somaya because you guys are on the same level. And I like you. Now Chrissy, I’m happy that you think you’re happy but you need to change your attitude. Whether you don’t want to believe it, you are very insecure about yourself and other women. We have the first and second season as proof. Hopefully, if there is a third season, we’ll see where this all ends.

  7. See More says:

    True respect is behaving the same in one’s absence as you would in their presence. As for loyalty, one must be loyal to themselves FIRST. Now, realistically we all know people cheat and we cannot control what grown people do. I like this show but I don’t like the rationality of being in a relationship with a “rapper.” However, I do understand that for the women who think all men cheat (I don’t believe ALL men cheat) they pursue a guy who has money so that they can at least say that they “got something for all the drama/problems.” However, that “got some thing” can be both good and bad. If you feel cars, labels and jewelry is a good trade off for loving yourself and your health, you have a severe case of materialism and it could be deadly. I hope this “don’t let me find out” and “don’t bring it to our house” has Chrissy being responsible in getting herself tested regularly. Jim Jones is NOT responsible for her health, she is as ALL women are. They all need to check out Mona and see how she depending on herself. Alot of confidence, wholeness and peace comes with that. I wish all the ladies well and I am so glad Erica was excluded from this episode. She needs to be in rehab and to get some hip implants, looking like Sponge BoB square pants with fake boobs.

  8. Tai-Lynn says:

    Hopefully next season Chrissy will find a job other than chasing Jim Jones around and using her made up title as his stylist as an excuse to linger around him n be clingy and watchin every move he makes..that ring was notin but throwin a bone to a dog that won’t stop whining..she basically begged him to marry her Yandi is right he looked like he only did it to make her stop whining. I’m proud of most of thegirls becaus ethey ave there own thing going on business wise and are independent. And Chrissy , STOP WEARIN THOSE OLD ANCIENT, PREACHER’S WFE hairstyles please..maybe u need to style yourself u look like Oprah’s daughter most times..ur hair is LATE!! LOL

  9. ohsotrue says:

    I really enjoyed this season and look forward to the reunion. I am so glad Chrissy and Momma J are in a better place this season and I loved their bonding moments with Jim on their “family” vacation. I really hope Olivia’s song about her mother is a big hit for her, she deserves it, I liked where the song was headed. Ericia hopefully will not return, she is way too immature and young for this group. She is still a kinder and turns the show into the ‘Mob Wifes” (and MW’s is such a ghetto mess, all they do is yell and fight). Emily, don’t have much to say, hopefully one day she will see the big picture. Emily has grown since season 1 but she is still some what stuck. Emily seem afraid to see the actual truth but she is growing and I luv seeing that in her. Go Emily!!!! Yandy, hopefully learned when it is best not to bring 2 people together and when to keep her mouth shut. She is not a bad person, just makes bad decisions. I don’t like a girl who thinks she is all bad, if you’re going to talk about it be about it, bc if it was just she and Chrissy on the street Yandy would have sung a different song, her ‘installment plan’ would have never came out of her mouth. Kimbella is trying really too hard to give herself a story. She wasn’t abandoned by her mother, her mother just made some bad decisions. Why doesn’t she speak like she is just learning how to speak? All of the hand gestures when speaking (everyone seems to do it) it’s annoying. What really got me about her, is that she thought it was best to get pregnant again by a man who she is “off and on ‘ with, who is another one chasing happiness with someone who still wants to run the street and thinks he is still a thug. I thought she was using this show as a means to further her career. Bad choice, just showing why there are so many single mothers out there, Women are our own worst enemy and thus give the man the power not to do the right thing.

  10. ohsotrue says:

    It’s like the men who are in the back ground are giving their woman, person of interest the opportunity to get some shine with a small dose of themselves. Jim Jones, makes his cameo appearances, giving a glimpse of his relationship with Chrissy. Showing he can be vulnerable to love just like the next person and isn’t afraid to show it. I luv that he has done so, whether he ever marries Chrissy one thing is that America does know he loves her. I think Jim use to cheat (just assuming here of course) and if he still does, he has mastered his game. No one (that I know) has come out (since this show aired) to say anything about their relationship; please stop me if I’m wrong…. Fab has made it very clear, he is still working on his brand and will not participate for the stake of wanting to make his woman/baby momma/side peace happy. What really is his brand???? His imagine wouldn’t be tarnished with or without Emily. I think it’s amazing he’d rather have a “baby momma” than be known to be with the woman he laid down and had a baby with. Because Emily is “baby momma” status not “baby mother” “my woman” status. What is he really afraid of??? Big difference. If anything this show has cast him in rather bad lighting and his brand is now very tarnished. Lolololol(pat on back). Kimbella’s dude, (name excapes me) still seems young and wild, still out there making mistakes, messing around and clearly not ready for family life as Kimbella seems to think she can mode him into. This show still reiterates the power of a man: can’t force a man to marry you, can’t force a man to acknowledge you, can’t force a man to do right by you and make sure you put out the kind of music to make you a star, can’t force a man to help you accomplish your dreams if you only know what they are but not how to make them a reality. Hopefully, next season these women will stand more on their own and stop being so against one another, Chrissy, Emily, Olivia and Kimbella and their happiness is not based on what a man is doing. Yes, men still run Hip Hop!!!! Until next season , this is “OhSoTrue” signing off.

  11. lizzy says:

    Wow, the show ended on a good note. Crazy Love and Hip Hop. Jim is crazy and marrying Chrissy will be the biggest mistake of his life. Jim is fine and has a lot going for him at the moment. Chrissy is a negative character and brings trouble to everyone she encounters on the show. I liked her at first, but after what she did to Somaya, my favorite Momma Jones (she so cute and funny), Yandy, and Kimbella (who seems really sweet, just misunderstood). The book did not seem like a big thing to me, Chrissy should have been happy Yandy tried to give her a tip. She needed a tip on how to engage someone. You are suppose to get the parents and children if any blessing before you pop the question. Chrissy is too hot headed and not open to learning decent behavior. I would never curse my mother or mother in law out, even if I got cursed first. Chrissy should not have argued with and cursed his mother. It’s best to walk away, Jim’s mother should already be like her mother after 8 years of dating. All of the other girls are trying to do their own thing and I can respect that. Chrissy should have not been hanging out with Yandy, because she was all in the girls grill and did not want Yandy just to be herself. Dollas made the same comment about Olivia being his money and no noe said anything last season. I think its just manager talk. Chrissy would not be so controlling overly, aggressive, angry, moody, and just plain mean if she had something positive to do with her time. Chrissy should think twice before getting pregnant at 40 something, because their baby may have down syndrome just due to her age. Having a baby when you over 40 is risky and baby with special needs requires patience and its stressful. I thought Chrissy would have been the mature one in the bunch and the peace maker being old enough to be a grandmother herself. Mama Jones has talent she should make more music, she got a fun energy, loved to see her doing her thing. Mama Jones needs to help Olivia loosen up.

  12. nicole says:

    anyone know the name of the last song played ?

  13. Ms. Lena says:

    Best Wishes to Chrissy & Jim. You have my blessing on a solid life together. Peace & Love

  14. kay says:

    Emily need to stay far away from Fab’s ex assistant she is the DEVIL!

  15. Lacey says:

    Does anyone know what the song on the finale is called and by who “Lets make this last forever” trying to look it up but i cant find it. help would be great. Thanks!

  16. Ambii says:

    Hey I’ve been wanting to speak out for a while but I love this show and I think Chrissy and Jim’s relationship is beautiful..I don’t like Yandy at all because to me she came off really suspect I felt like she had a thing for Jim and wanted to really be Chrissy and to say that her banging ass engagement ring was just an installment I SMELL A HATER..But I think that it ended well and I am so glad that Mama Jones and Chrissy came together. Everyone had heir own issues and I hope that they all come to terms and get past their trials and tribulations. Kimbella do you babe and Erica sit yo ass down please..from my knowledge when someone is “irrelevant” you don’t talk about them HATER!

  17. Yvonne says:

    Go Jimmy, you did the right thing. After 7 or 8 yrs Chrissy should demand that you marry her as any real women would do. All this dont marry Chrissy stuff is coming from kids who don’t know any better. She doen’t want to live in sin for the rest of her life, we know you love her. I knew you’ve grown when you cut your hair and got rid of the braids. Im happy for the two of you and wish you the best. I believe the two of you are meant to be. Chrissy come down a little and take a moment to think before you act, you wouldnt want to mess up any future business deal. Don’t ever make people think they would rather work with someone else because of your temper. You are my favorite and I can’t wait for season 3. Jim don’t wait to long to marry her 7 yrs was your waiting period. May God bless you both. I love mama Jones to

  18. mari says:

    What’s the name of the song playing @ the end of the finale?!??!?!!?!

  19. darrius says:

    A real woman would never wait round 7-8 years for a man to ask her to marry him. A real woman would never demand a man to marry her. These are all signs of an unhealthy relationship. Chrissy is insecure, she lacks of self worth, lacks of self love, and has low self esteem. Therefore the marriage will be a total disaster. Chrissy should focus on Chrissy well being first, she should fix Chrissy first, she should love Chrissy first. Then everything else will fall into place. She should be self sufficient and never demand a man to marry her and she should not totally depend oin a man to take care of her. Men come and go, and when he leaves she will be too weak to stand on her own. Women can live a happy life without depending solely on a man.

  20. Elaine & Dana says:

    @darrius, we totally agree with you. A woman should love her self as much as she loves her man. Jim Jones is Chrissy world. She cannot eat without Jimmy; she cannot take in air without Jimmy. This is very not healthy for her. She is constantly fighting every female that she thinks has an interest in Jimmy. She is constantly fighting every female that she thinks Jimmy may be interested in. She lives her life in the protection mode all-day and everyday. This is a miserable way to live. Chrissy is not living a life of her own. Instead, she is living her life for Jimmy only.

  21. Renada says:

    I was a Chrissy& Emily FAN… after this season I can’t stand either one of them I agree with (darrius, Elaine & Dana) Chrissy is a mess and if they ever get married I will be shock and I also think Yandy was speaking the turth about Chrissy. Oh Lawd and Emily if she is not the weakest woman I have ever seen she satnds for nothing and falls for everything shes like a video game any body can play her. Over Chrissy, Over Emily!!!!!!!