Check Out Some Pics Of Emily Bustamante From KONTROL Magazine


Back in December, we posted a video of a photo shoot that Love And Hip Hop star Emily Bustamante was involved with for KONTROL Magazine. In that video, we got a glimpse of Emily primping and posing for the camera in a couple different outfits, and now we have a few more of the pictures from that day. The red dress, by Michael Kors, looks amazing, but it’s impossible to pick which look is our fave.

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[Photos: KONTROL via Necole Bitchie]

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  1. Brie says:

    She is beautiful. Thats all the more reason why she shouldnt let Fab treat her as second best. Yes she has kids with him, but let him be a daddy. And you go for your happiness. Its not worth letting all that beauty be held up for someone that doesnt see it that way.

  2. sheleta says:

    I think that Crissy and Fabs assistant had no right to come and tell you to stay with fab, these days all guys can pay some child support, if he anit fullfilling your woman needs let his ass kick rocks, I know its hard to let him go cause you love him , but just think about your descion, are you 100% happy??? Only you can do that and only you posse the key to your happiness.

  3. juan says:

    She is beautiful and classy. 2 thumbs up. Fab is an idiot.

  4. Jen says:

    Emily looks slimmer and she is sooo preeety…I hope her man is treating her better because she could easily find her somebody go girl!!

  5. Lola flightNurse says:

    Emily you are a beautiful woman. I know Chrissy is your girl, but her advice is one of a insecure, unemployed woman living off her man with nothing else going for her. It was TERRIBLE advise to give to any woman. She left out all the risks your taking with your man “showing that level of RESPECT” This is a dirty world and from someone who works in a level 3 trauma center STDs are becoming younger and prettier. Your beautiful and have alot going for you. DON”T TAKE THAT RISK for a comfortable lifstyle. I’m not famouse but I live fabously All my chanel, Louis vittuon, Christian Louboutin, etc…I got on my own. God bless me with a good loving successful man later and I don’t have any regrets. Think about it.

  6. Lavonne says:

    Emily looks good!

    BTW, Chrissy didn’t tell Emily to stay with Fab. She gave her a reality check!

  7. diva says:

    Chrissy is so ghetto and has an ugly attitude what i hood rat