Kimbella Speaks Up About Her Relationships With The Love And Hip Hop Cast And People Who Mistake Her Kindness For Weakness


Season two of Love And Hip Hop has come to a close, and there are still so many questions, so many things left hanging in the balance. One person whose story is definitely still unfolding is Kimbella. After numerous fights, a boyfriend who was in jail when last we saw her, and a new baby on the way, Kim has definitely had more than her share of drama and she spoke to Necole Bitchie about it. Here are some of the highlights from this great conversation. (Note, this interview was conducted before she announced her pregnancy so that topic doesn’t come up).

Kimbella on her thoughts about the show and how she came off
: Of course it wasn’t what I expected. I don’t think there was any way I really could’ve been prepared for it but I’m really happy. But I do wish I wasn’t as nice as I was. I wish I would’ve shown my more aggressive side. People take my kindness for weakness. I don’t judge anybody. Basically people pre-judge me. And watching it, I realize I should’ve had my guard up with each individual. I’m not as nice as they made me seem. Anything that comes my way, I do not back down. I hold my own. I don’t care who you are, I’m gonna fight for who I am, take it or leave it. Some of the girls wanted to judge me and they didn’t know me and it’s pitiful.

On telling Emily about her tryst with Fab in the first episode: I came in there wanting to tell her, this was my second time seeing Emily. I knew she knew, I’d heard that she knew. So I wanted to tell her and just get it out in the open before someone else brought it up. I wanted her to hear it from me. And the thing is, what they don’t show you is Emily came to me later and said, ‘Thank you for telling me because I saw your name in his phone and I was gonna ask you about it.’

On her relationship with Chrissy after their fight: Chrissy wasn’t around. She stopped production for 3 weeks because she didn’t want to tape with me. So there was absolutely no relationship.

On her life and plans beyond the show: I’m gonna launch my pop career, I sing. Not like Erica Mena. I can really sing. I’m also developing a line of watches. As well as a clothing line. And of course I’m doing my ‘Feel Pretty’ shirts which will be available on my website. My goal is to grow the brand. And eventually I’ll probably start an agency for upcoming models. I want to teach them the right way to handle their careers. You don’t just model for the rest of your life. I just want to educate women. We need unity, not jealously and to help one another. It’s such a struggle out here.

Would she ever let her kids watch the show? No, they wouldn’t see it. My oldest son doesn’t care about it. And when my youngest son is older, I don’t think it’ll even be talked about. But I will eventually sit him down and explain to him that it’s just a show, none of this is real. Emily let’s her son watch the show and he’s like 3. He knows who I am and everything. I think that’s crazy but he’ll say things like ‘look, it’s feel pretty’.

On whether she’s friends with anyone in the cast in real life other than Yandy: Somaya’s cool but I don’t trust anybody. I thought during taping that Emily and I were cool. She used to call my phone whatever, like we were cool and then I see the show and see how she really was and how she was running back to Chrissy. But it’s cool. I get it. This was a front for Chrissy. So now I just worry about me. I’m cordial with Olivia. We don’t have any beef. I’m pretty chill. I don’t have hate, no jealousy, I don’t bring problems to the table. When I come into the room it’s always somebody else who has the problem.

And of course, her thoughts on Erica Mena: I do not know Erica. I had never met her in my life before what you guys saw and that’s what’s so crazy about this whole thing. She seems to have met me, maybe in her dreams. But nothing was edited out or changed. I don’t know her…She’s straight lying. It’s jealousy, envy, maybe she wants to be my a friend. But I know one thing, a real woman – which obviously she’s not – wouldn’t approach the situation like that. We’ve never been friends. I don’t know this girl.

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  1. Vetty says:

    I would love to see women stop eating at each others throats.

  2. Keisha says:

    Okay this is so random, but why did Kimbella tell Emily that her son’s hair was just like Emily’s son’s hair? Did you guys see the little baby’s hair? Little dude got bald spots!! Emily & Fab’s baby’s hair is BANGING – quit playing. & i’m so not a hater – Kimbella has a NICE body, her voice irks the hell out of me & she comes across hella fake…but i’m not hating, she’s not ugly…lol IJS :)

  3. jA says:

    Kimbella is literally so pretty inside and out that she doesn’t come off but vulnerable. Probably the way that most girls in her situation feel. The only sad thing is that we don’t really get to see a lot of her own “blossoming” because she is weighed down very heavy. Kimbella, you keep pushing sweetie… naturally don’t let your guard down, but don’t be defensive too much either, NYC will get real old that way… Or even like your Mother mentioned, that she needs for you to still continue to grow as a person and not be weighed too heavy. Take care!!! And “Pretty” as can be.

  4. crystal says:

    Kimbella is a really cool chick and they need to stop hating on her

  5. Terry says:

    Does she get it? You told Emily you slept with her man while she was pregnant and in a relationship with Fab. You told her this at her party. You said you came to her party to tell her this. Are you crazy? Where you having a blond moment? Are you five short of a six pack? Does the elevator reach the last floor? You can not be that stupid. It was so insensitive but I guess karma has a way of biting you in the behind. You made yourself look bad. You didn’t need any help from Chrissy or Erica. You have a lot to learn about being a role model for your children.

  6. Bri says:

    I think Kimbella is a very pretty girl but I think that she suffers from that dumb blonde syndrome. The way she handled the situation with Em was very tacky. She could have easily pulled her to the side or arranged to meet her privately to tell her another time. That’s a private matter that she should have told her PRIVATELY and not in front of her friends and associates. Like the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Her intent was good but the delivery sucked.
    I do think that she is pretty and I hope that she wises up to the fact that Juelz probably won’t marry her. He seems very young minded and like he wants to continue playing the field. She should’ve went for marriage before the kids. Having a child with someone is life commitment anyway and I don’t understand why people don’t see it that way. Even though you are not married or may not even want to be with that person in the future, you will still have to deal with them because they are the mother or father of your child. Backwards people.
    Out of all the people on the show, I respect her and Chrissy the most because if they feel they are being disrespected, they are going to call you out on it. Honestly, I think Chrissy was right when she said that “we fought…we can’t be friends.” Maybe in the future they can forget about it but resolving conflice is not something that happens in five minutes (as seen when Yandy tried to patch things with Kim and Erica).
    I think Kim needs to watch out for Yandy because Yandy has a habit of bringing people that she knows dislike Kim around her. That’s not a good friend. The way Erica was talking about Kim to her before that situation popped off in the first place was a clear indicator that she had beef with her. The same with Chrissy. Both Kim and Yandy felt that tension beforehand. Not everyone meshes to be friends. That’s just the way the world works.

  7. India says:

    Um I can see that Kimbella may have the best intentions in mind but they don’t come off that way. i mean when the girls first met her she was wearing jean panties..they instantly judged her because of the way she was dressed..her booty was literally hanging out of the can you blame them for how they first treated her..then she topped it off with telling emily that bull at her party..that is something you tell someone in private..would you want everyone to hear about Juelz infidelities. I agree Kimbella is a sweet girl. but she doesn’t have all her marbles. this is definitely a severe case of the dumb blonde syndrome.

  8. Takela says:

    I feel Kimbella you can’t trust anyone because at the end of the day you have to make sure for yourself. I wish her and chrissy could’ve been friends because chrissy has knowledge and love kimbella needs from a friend and that big sister figure since she’s the only girl .My heart goes out to kim.

  9. Deb says:

    LIKED EVERYONE BUT THE ” BULLY ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. nicole davis says:

    I thiink kim is mixed up a bit…she brought the drama everywhere she went except for the lunch date wit Yandy and Erica. Erica started that one but your girl Yandy brought her to the table. At time kim can say something really worth hearing but most of the time she seem lost. I don’t get her but she’s the type men like so whatever. She shoulld have pulled Emily aside wit dat info.

  11. dawn says:

    i think kim need to watch Yandy. that girl is always setting someone up for drama. maybe she get a check for that too. who knows?! You should of pulled emily to the side to tell her about Fab. No your baby’s hair don’t look like emily son’s hair. To me Crissy don’t owe you nothing. you should of seen that whoopin coming. (I bet Yandy did.) the reason girls might not like you cause you come off a little sluttish and your vioce make it no better. The 1st time I saw you on the show, you gave emily the other woman news, then you throw her a sex party, and your clothes are always tight and you model with little to no clothes. with all of that said you are always going to have haters or people who don’t approve what you do. that life. keep pushing to become a better individual.

  12. Kim says:

    Hi Kimbella, You are my favorite on the show! You are so pretty and elegant. I admire you for opening up to your mother about how you felt growing up, feeling neglected as a child, I had very much the same situation, my mother’s attention was all to my father and she had nothing for us kids. Total neglect. in every aspect.

  13. CafeAuLait says:

    I think Kimbella did the right thing by telling Emily in front of everyone…because she basically told Emily something she already knew…as for the rest of those women it would have been a great reason to hate her and have some type of secret weapon against her… Instead she nipped in the bud by speaking the truth. Chrissy acted like the village idiot that she is…and please donot eqate violent behavior with being a strong black woman… she’s a 40 something year old woman who thinks and acts like she’s still in her teen years. People who are single and dating …discover that they’ve dated the same person all the time. It wasn’t like Fab was in a committed relationship with Emily…and that came out in Fab’s interview…in which he was very articulate and appear to be very honest and forthcoming. Emily came on the show playing the victim and now that its hurt Fab’s career, she’s backpeddling. The truth is we don’t know what type of relationship she had with Fab… only what she tell us on the show… which could be farthest from the truth.

  14. Kimberly (Kimbella 2) says:

    I love Kimbella, I think she is sweet and so intriguing to watch! I think she deserves HER OWN SHOW!!!! That would be awesome. She is comes off as super sweet and nice and she’s got the most unique voice and way of talking. I would love to see a KIMBELLA Reality show! Kimbella, don’t think your alone, my childhood sounds so much like yours. I think they VH1 should offer you your own show! Go for it Girl! Best wishes to you, Kimberly (Kimbella 2)