Love And Hip Hop Season 2: The Outtakes


Every single episode of Love And Hip Hop this season was jam-packed full of drama, but we know that those women aren’t always serious. That’s why we love this reel of outtakes from this season, which features Mama Jones busting a move, a crazy bird freaking Emily out, and Jimmy trying to shoot his Nerf gun at Chrissy‘s, uh, bullseye. Enjoy!

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  1. ms.Tee says:

    its real wack that everyone is saying Chrissy is at fault for what happened between her and Yandy>>> Yandy dat broad crossed too many lines #1 she gave chrissy a book on how to be a good daughter in law??? #2 she danced to a song that was hurtful to chrissy in front of her face??? #3 which was the lowest blow ever she dissed chrissy in a email and sent it ti jim??? and what has chriisy done to her that was so wrong? nothing but cut the hooker off……. Yandy was dead wrong all around the board.