Tami Roman Implies That There Will Be Some Truth Bombs Dropped On Basketball Wives 4, Jennifer Williams Discusses Evelyn…Again


There’s a lot going on today in the Basketball Wives world, consider this post a little roundup of gossip blowing in from the warm Miami shoreline. First up is this intriguing Tweet that Tami Roman just posted a few minutes ago. In it, she writes “Season 4 BBW so many twists and turns! You guys aren’t going to believe what “TRUTHS” come to light. EPIC!”

Slightly cryptic, not detailed at all, but kudos to her for causing my imagination to RUN WILD right now. Did something happen on the set today? Are things just generally crazy as always? What’s going onnnn?

Next up, Jennifer Williams gave another interview recently where she explained what she thinks is the root of her drama with Evelyn. It’s no secret that their friendship has been on the rocks recently and you’ll definitely see where it goes as soon as the new season begins (February 20!). But in this interview, Jennifer says that it wasn’t her criticism of Chad Ochocinco that led to the rift. She says:

“Let me tell you what she’s mad over ‘cause this always comes up. She hates the fact that I’m really good friends with NeNe [Leakes], and she hates the fact that me and Mashonda are good friends. I feel like it’s all coming from a place of hurt, and she’s turning it into anger. Why do you care who I’m friends with? Like, that’s ridiculous. I live in New York. You live in Miami. I don’t care who you hang out with. I’m kinda over it because I just feel like I’m at a point at my life where I’m trying to get rid of negative energy,” she said. “To me, I feel like it’s something so minuscule. It’s not like I slept with Chad. It’s not something irreparable. It’s something stupid that you’re mad over. If you really are mad because I have other friends, I think that’s completely ridiculous.”

We’re curious whether or not Evelyn will rebut that argument. But speaking of Evelyn, she’s in the news today as well because she is appearing in Maxim magazine. The Insider and Maxim have posted photos from her shoot (we have one, above) and quotes Ev as saying “I was so thrilled and honored to shoot with Maxim magazine. This was one of the most professional and best shoots I’ve ever had and it was truly exhilarating!” Lots going on with these women, it’s hard to keep up!

[Photo: Maxim]

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  1. Katrina t says:

    Yes I would like to know do Evelyn family still live in the housing authority apartment or did she buy them a house to live in

  2. Nubian Queen says:

    I love you Evelyn, but you can be sexy without being trashy. Please take grown and sexy pics, you look like you about to do porn.

  3. KK says:

    Wow I thought she was classy until I seen this picture!

  4. Lupe G. says:

    I love Evelyn, I love that her and Chad are together, and I hate that people be hating on them. So you go girl, you have a great body and shoot your young and gorgegous, so again I say, you go girl. You go with your bad self!

  5. Lupe G. says:

    You know all I have to say is, I really use to like NeNe Leakes, but she always shows such a judgemental and mean side to her, and that just doesn’t look good on her. I really stopped liking her for the way she treated her so called friend Kim on the show. She was very mean to Kim, and Kim didn’t take her stuff, NeNe just got meaner and meaner towards her. And to me that is not a real friend. So what if Kim changed her mind about not having NeNe do that tardy for the party song with her, shoot it was Kim’s song to begin with, and it was her right to change her mind. NeNe, instead of being happy for her friend she just got very jealous and mean. God don’t like ugly NeNe, don’t forget that ok?