Christina Ricci, Lana Del Rey, And Anthony Hopkins Count Themselves Among VH1’s Biggest Fans


We forget sometimes that celebrities are people too, and sometimes their guilty pleasures are the same as ours. Consider Pan Am star Christina Ricci, who appeared on The Talk the other day and described her passion for reality shows, including our very own Mob Wives and Baseball Wives. In the clip above, Ricci says “Every kind of ‘Housewife’ I can watch…If there’s no ‘Housewife’ on Bravo, I will find the Mob Wives on VH1, or we’ll switch over to the Baseball Wives that comes on after.” We knew we liked this girl for a reason! But it doesn’t stop there. In an interview with VH1’s very own music site, Tuner, the controversial SNL chanteuse Lana Del Rey also discussed her love of Mob Wives, saying “I f*cking love Mob Wives. I like Drita. BAD B*TCH. Wouldn’t mess with her, but she’s beautiful. I heard that one of those girls is Ghostface Killah‘s stylist, and that’s where he gets his minks and jewels from. Is that true?”

And finally, we just learned that Hannibal Lecter himself, Sir Anthony Hopkins, enjoys nothing more than a solitary evening at home with his Staten Island ladies. He recently told The Guardian that his idea of the perfect night would be “Staying in and watching Mob Wives on TV. I don’t have many friends; I’m very much a loner. As a child I was very isolated and I’ve never been really close to anyone. Ask nothing, expect nothing. That’s my creed. We’re all just a bunch of sinners crashing around in the darkness.” A little dark, perhaps, but if Mob Wives helps him through the night, what else can we ask?
[Photos: Getty Images]

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