Want More Time With The Mob Wives? Tune In To Their New After Show, The Sit Down, Debuting Sunday


The second season of Mob Wives is only a few episodes in and we can already conclude a few things: ratings are through the roof, fans are obsessed with the cast (both old and new), and you all want more, more, more of these women. And who are we to deny you? VH1 is super-excited to announce the premiere of the Mob Wives after show, which will debut on Sunday night immediately following the show. Called Mob Wives: The Sit Down, the show will be hosted by Carrie Keagan and will feature 2-3 of the women each week. If you don’t already have VH1′s Co-Star app, now would be the time to download that too, since the ladies will be answering fan’s Twitter questions submitted through the app each week.

So set your DVRs, cancel your evening plans, do whatever you’ve got to do to make sure you see this show.

The Series Will Premiere On Sunday, January 29 At 9pm

Los Angeles (January 25, 2012) – With ratings as high as the on-set drama, VH1 today announced that its one-hour hit reality series “Mob Wives” will be immediately followed with a half-hour post-show titled “Mob Wives: The Sit Down,” beginning Sunday, January 29 at 9pm ET/PT. The series will also be produced by TWC, Electus, Left/Right and JustJenn Productions who also produce “Mob Wives” and the upcoming “Mob Wives: Chicago.”

Hosted by VH1′s own Carrie Keagan (Big Morning Buzz Live), the post show will feature 2-3 of the wives each week along with a special celebrity guest to discuss the episode immediately after it runs and to share some exclusive behind-the-scenes info. The series has an initial order for 7 post-show episodes.

Now in its second season on VH1, “Mob Wives” (Sundays, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT) gives viewers an unfiltered look into the private worlds of six struggling “allegedly” associated women – Renee, Karen, Carla and Drita, along with new season 2 cast members Ramona and “Big Ang” – all of whom must pick up the pieces while their husbands or fathers do time for Mob-related activities. United by a bond which few understand, the women are all struggling with their identities and their futures as they raise their kids as single parents in the New York City area.

Season two premiere episodes have averaged a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo, up +63% from season one’s average. The premiere episodes have also averaged 2.2 million total viewers, up +67% from season one. “Mob Wives” has also consistently won its time period, making VH1 the #1 non-sports cable network among adults 18-49 all three weeks of its current season in the time slot. This spring the network will debut a spin-off, “Mob Wives Chicago,” where the hometown of Al Capone will serve as the backdrop for a new group of syndicate sisters.

Carrie Keagan is the host of VH1′s entertainment show“Big Morning Buzz Live.”She boasts well over 7,000 interviews to her credit with “Big Morning Buzz Live” and her own No Good TV, including an impressive list of exclusive and uncensored sit-downs with some of the biggest celebrities and public figures of our time.Keagan produced and hosted 2 seasons of VH1 Classic’s “One Hit Wonders” and has co-hosted the live red carpet preshow for theCritics Choice Awards and co-hostedThe Daily 10(E!) along with live Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe red carpet coverage.

VH1′s Co-Star app will also be an element of the show. Carrie will read fan tweets from Co-Star and additional fan tweets will be featured in the lower third graphics. Users can ask questions all week long using https://twitter.com/ #TheSitDown for their chance to have their question read on the show. For additional information about “Mob Wives,” visit the official VH1 Mob Wives site at MobWives.vh1.com. Viewers can also find series updates on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mobwives and on Twitter @VH1 with the hashtag #MobWives. For additional information about VH1 please go to https://twitter.com/#!/vh1

Created and produced by Jennifer Graziano of JustJenn Productions, “Mob Wives”is produced by The Weinstein Company (Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein), Electus (Ben Silverman, Jimmy Fox)andLeft/Right (Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman and Nina L. Diaz), with Electus International owning distribution rights across all platforms including television, motion picture, and digital. Executive producers for VH1 include Shelly Tatro, Kari McFarland, Rick Hankey and Jeff Olde. Sean Gottlieb serves as supervising producer for VH1.

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  1. C'Nan says:

    Two Worlds Afar: A Story by C’Nan
    Learn more at – sites.google.com/site/OFowntin

    Spread the news. THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD has arrived.

  2. bri says:


  3. MR says:

    I think Karen Gravano is nothing more than a loser, she’s fat, ugly and acts like a man…GROSS!

  4. Profran says:


  5. Joe Gambino says:

    Attention Mob Wives – allow me to say that you guys got a great show. Its gotten to a point where I look forward to seeing you guys every Sunday for your new show.
    Karen and Big Angie are my favoriates. I was born in the heart of Bensenhurst, Brooklyn so we have ALOT in common….end of story. lol…
    Anyway, keep up the great work ladies. Hope to meet you Karen and Big Angie. By the way, good luck Karen with the new book. Im trying to get it now.
    Anyway, much love…. Italy #1 – Love ya, Joey G.

  6. dehope says:

    can somebody give karen her meds, she is getting sickening really, I just know somewhere in there she has to have more substance than the teenage attitude that she shows, she has to have something other than that crap about a man she doesn’t even have anymore, and watching grown women fight about a man is just stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. LisaM says:

    I think that chick Maryann Maisano from the Italian Chicks FB page (Boom Boom), should host the after show. She makes a video after every episode, she is Italian, funny as hell, she sings and she holds NOTHING back…She would be hysterical.

  8. afrothickechick says:

    It is so obvious that everyone hates Karen. She clearly needs medication and a real reality check. She has really taken this too far and is acting like she’s in some kind of mafia movie. It is so disgraceful. Isn’t she a mother? Why would any mother want her child to see her act in this way?? All the other ladies are trying to clean up their acts and get along and she and her puppet Ramona are still acting like fools and causing drama. She really needs to pray and ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to help her with her mental disorders..

  9. idalizcarrion says:

    Big Ang: I fell in love @ first cackle.

  10. stacey says:

    Please dont start to try to make this show fake,karen trying to act to tough it looks like its scripted and it looks like they tell her to act that way, is it for more viewers? just stopp and be real its no fun when its scripted,and fake.

  11. gerri says:

    Ramona is a trouble maker

  12. Jaycee says:

    Karen “Alligator Arms” Gravano and Ramona “DJ Flap-A-Lot” Rizzo………..LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!! How you like them balls now ladies?? Suits you two just fine! LOL!

  13. Joan says:

    The moderator Kerry had the single most annoying voice I have ever heard. And, she looks like Doris Day and tries to pull off a tough mob look. She’s out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hanzd1 says:

    I would use the TV time to promote a product or service, jewelry, a book something. With a big fan base i would sell draws the ones you wear.

  15. Bev Bame says:

    Dear Mob wifes, Hey here is a girl from your back yard and i swear worst then you guys. I watch you ladies every week. I sure which wish i was back in that state. I live in dam Kansas. I’m come back see you all. Love ya in Ks Bev Bame

  16. Angcen says:

    I absolutely love the show but I am very disappointed this season with Karen. She didn’t speak this trashy on season 1. I mean I swear too but come on, some of the things that she says are downright disgusting expecially for a woman to say about another woman! I also think that Ramona likes to stir the pot and is jealous of other friendships! I know there has to be some amount of drama but really??!! I look so forward to watching your show and get everyone I know to watch it too! Keep it coming ladies but please have Karen and Ramona get a little less “gangsta” and a lot more real! -Angie

  17. calvin says:

    Ang, how long did u own noctunrals, i thought it would be a fun place to hang out, and also what happened to ur sons father?

  18. andrew says:

    i love this show my favvvvvv

  19. lauren k says:

    If Ramona and Karen hate Drita so much then why is that all they can talk about? In tonights episode there wasn’t one clip that they weren’t speaking about Drita. Karen can’t let go of Drita. It seems like more of an obsession. Drita doesn’t let them faze her anymore she doesn’t make them the center of her world like they do. And with all the talk about Drita being a nobody sounds funny coming out of Ramonas mouth because she’s just someone’s shadow.She’s not important enough to be in the opening credits… None of them would go toe to toe with Drita alone.

  20. Pam Moore says:

    why are you ladies always listening to other people carry gossip just stop it and carla you talked about God do any of you believe in Jesus Christ? I know the producers want you all to fight to hype the show but don’t you all have kids and character? Your ladie right Ange is the only non fighter?

  21. zet says:

    I am not one to sit and watch waiting for the fights to start. I watch and listen to these women so I can follow each ones story. To this day I am behind Karen,Renee and recently Ramona.from the moment Drita found out about the book Karen was writing, she became paranoid and very evasive. Karen was trying to see where they stood as friends, after all, Drita did end up marrying her ex-boyfriend that she had spent so many years with. Instead of Drita answering the questions she became papranoid and ready to fight. Even when Karen gave her the first chapter of the book to read,she thought (in her mind) that none of it was good, that Karen was bashing Lee and probably saying a lot of things that was going to affect their marriage. None of which was true, but Drita never opened it to read it, she let her imagination run wild and was convinced karen was out to get her. just like she thought Renee set her up to be jumped. Then she was lying every time she opened her mouth. She has kept this battle going because she for some reason cannot discuss Lee without throwing a punch. I think she knew all the time that Lee had been cheating on her and her ending up with her old best friends man makes her look like those women Lee cheated with.But Karen wasn’t concerned about him just their friendship,It was Drita who kept making it about Lee. As for Carla, she does not think for herself, her fear of Drita keeps her loyal to Drita. You can see it in her face everytime she has to tell Drita something she knows she won’t like, but she knows she has to tell her before anyone else does.
    Karen is now on the war path and I don’t blame her, Drita had no right to be throwing punches, you ask to talk but you get paranoid every time and want to fight?
    As for Karens Father being a snitch, we could use a lot of snitchers today to get criminals off the streets, even if they are trying to save their own behind it is helping others as well.

  22. shirley woods says:

    those transvesdites look a like to be honest they are not hot at all.anybody can say that they was married into the mob.Drita you too much woman to be on t.v. fighting with you soon to ex-husband’s past.

  23. fatclemenza says:

    Big Ang rules. I’d do her first. At least she’s funny.

  24. belly boo says:

    I wish renee would give everyone a break with her overactive acting!!! it is very tiresome!! all that over drama is just not necessary. You know what you are getting into, so either deal with it or get the hell out of it, move on with life, it’s just too short. Karen please leave Drita alone. so what she married your ex, that is just what he was your ex and from the show he does not ever have any thing nice to say about you, unless we all have missed something. Drita should not have to keep answering to you about a stale fish that she is trying to throw back in the water herself. I agree with everyone else if you leave your big mouth cousin Romona at home maybe you and Drita can get back on a good status, instead of having your cousin keeping the fire going, in the end she may be the one to get burned.

  25. lindapolk says:

    RENEE! so what if Carla said that you probably new about your problem that occuried in your family you probably did so sit your ass down an worry about your own back yard everyone had thoughts bout Junior being a rat including BIG ANG! now what!