Renee Graziano Rushed To Hospital After Reportedly Suffering A Panic Attack [UPDATED]


Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, whose father Anthony is in federal custody and was charged yesterday with racketeering and extortion, was admitted to the emergency room late yesterday for what appears to be a panic attack. Renee reportedly had trouble breathing and collapsed yesterday and received treatment at a New York City hospital. Our thoughts are with Renee, her son AJ, and the rest of the Graziano family and we wish her a safe and speedy recovery. We’ll keep you informed on this entire situation as much as possible.

: We were in touch with show creator Jennifer Graziano today, and she gave us this update on Renee’s current state: “Renee is suffering from complete mental exhaustion, emotional strain and physical pain due to the recent publicity regarding our father, Anthony Graziano. She is being stabilized at Staten Island University Hospital.”
[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Nat says:

    Get better Renee!!! You are strong <3

  2. victoria says:

    get better Renee my prayer are with u.

  3. Kim Scarano says:

    Take care of yourself, Renee. I know life gets overwhelming, but stay strong. You have your family and friends who love you. Take deep breathes and try and relax. Love you lots!

  4. JoAnna Palmieri says:

    I love you and If I can help you I will.

  5. brittany says:

    hope u feel better renee

  6. Angie says:

    Feel better Renee!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  7. Wendy says:

    Oh Renee I’m sorry that this happend. I hope that you feel better soon!

  8. Linds says:

    Renee Renee….people get panick attacks all the time, I know they seem scary especially when your heart is going a million beats per second, however, you can control them. Just realize when u start freaking out and take a deep breathe, go outside, or start thinking of something else. Try not to be so anxious, and just realize you CAN control panic attacks. I control them all of the time.

  9. Juanita says:

    Get better remember your a gangster!

  10. nancy says:

    Stay Strong Renee!!!!

  11. Emmy says:

    I know there is nothing I can do, or say to make things better…It’s hard to keep everything together when it seems everything around you is falling apart! You always have to be the one with the poker face, and try to keep everything together, sometimes you reach a point, where alone you break. You feel, nude, naked and alone…and you don’t know which way to turn… Find faith in God, to give you strength to get you, and your family through this. {HUGS} and prayers to ya, Renee

  12. Carmen Rivera says:

    I wish her the very best and her family,renee haas to take it easy,bcause she worries to much about everyone else’s promblems when she just have too think and worry about her familia,get well soon GOD BLESS~

  13. Courtney says:

    Renee you are one of the strongest women I’ve ever seen (and I don’t just mean on tv). You are a beautiful person and you will get thru this. Keep your head up :)

  14. Shannon says:

    My thoughts are with you Rene!

  15. Renee my prayers are with you and may the good lord watch over you and your family.

  16. christina cristy says:

    hope everything is well hope you recover quickly godbless

  17. susan says:

    Tomorrow is a new day things will get better. <3

  18. adrain says:

    Hope you are doing better hun hang in there you look like a strong woman prayers are going strong for you

  19. Kristen says:

    Get well soon Renee, Don’t let NO ONE get you down. Keep your head up and keep moving forward!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  20. Pearl says:

    Feel better soon Renee. You are an awesome, strong, beautiful lady. Love and prayers for you and your family

  21. Robyn says:

    My mother and I are major fans of the show, so sorry to here what happened to Renee’s father and worst of all who help in doing it. What happened to LOYALTY??? Get better Renee!!

  22. Mickela says:

    Sia Renee sano, prendagli la cura, sia quella da essere forte per il vostro padre. Penso vostro una persona stupefacente e che desidero che abbia avuto un amico come voi qui nel Texas. bella di ciao

  23. luz gonzalez says:

    Our thoughts are with Renee, her son AJ, and the rest of the Graziano family and we wish her a safe and speedy recovery!!! LOVE U GIRL!!

  24. Deborah says:

    Hey Renee, Im so sorry to hear about your health. You hang in there lady. You are a very strong person and I know God is looking after you.

  25. Sara says:

    Get better lady!!! We adore you!!! Be strong and dont lose that spirit, no matter what!!!


    Love you and Drita!!! You two seem to be the only ladies (Carla too) that can hold them selves with grace and class in such the lifestyle.

    Prayers to all you!!!

    XOXO, S

    …”Alis Volat Propiis”…

  26. Vanessa says:

    Get better Renee,stay strong girl you have a lot people who care about you and the family.

  27. Jojo says:

    Are you people kidding me with these comments! First of all Renee is a Drama Queen!
    What prayers & thoughts are with you? They have broken all of the cammandants in the bible!
    Get real people! These people are no fkin good period!! They never did a right thing in their lives!
    Pity my ass! They getting everything that they got coming to them! They are a disgrace to all American Italian Women!!!!!

  28. alice says:

    hello RENEE, just want to say take care of your self and i’m sending healing prayers your way. i will keep you and your son in my thoughts and prayers.. GET WELL SOON .

  29. Roseann Casey says:

    My prayers and support are with you and AJ during this horrendous time. You know you’ll get through this and everyone who knows you knows you will get through it, it’s just right now that is sucks! Hang tough!

  30. Kristen Oneal says:

    I’m so sorry Renee about your father. Hope you feel better soon love!

  31. diane says:

    hope you get to feeling better real soon

  32. Renee I have so much respect for U. U refuse to allow Ur man to live the old school life.Thats awesome,sister. I hope a speedy recovery,and hang in there.

  33. LIN says:

    Feel better soon Renee. We all love you.

  34. Andrea Montanez says:

    Get well soon Rene.

  35. Denise says:

    Hang in there Renee you will make it through this, you and AJ together. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  36. Shannon says:

    I hope you feel better your in my prayers. Love you Renee sending flowers and puppy dogs.

  37. Denise says:

    @JOJO, Renee isn’t the one that did anything wrong, just because she has family in the business doesn’t mean she is responsible for what they do. Unless that is the way you live life. So basically if your child or family does something then I guess we should hold you accountable because you are a part of the family even though you did nothing wrong. People in glass houses should not throw stones. Everyone deserves support and if you can’t offer yours then don’t reply, you are just a mean, cold hearted person. May God bless you.

  38. Sue says:

    Hope Carla calls her…lol

  39. Jeannine Robertson says:

    Prayers & thoughts are with you and your family…feel better soon!

  40. Ali says:

    Get Well Soon Renee! My thoughts go to you and yours, We all hope you will be feel soon. we are sympathizing for You, Renee, A.J., Junior and your father

  41. Elizabeth says:

    Renee hope you feel better soon. My prayers are sent for AJ and Junior and you and your family!

  42. b williams says:

    I hope u are doing better Renee. Renee has always been my favorite mob wife so i wish her the best .

  43. Stephany says:

    Stay strong will get through all of this! You a tough one…just keep showing it!

  44. Tory says:

    get better Renee i know your a strong women get some rest.

  45. Renee I hope you feel better your in my prayers my family and I hope for the best for you we love you. You are a very strong woman and we know you’ll pull through you always have and you’ve done it alot even for your son AJ. Just remeber that all your family, your friends, and all your fans we are all with you no matter what. Just ignore some stupid and ridiculous comments some people make they don’t know what you’re going through. We love and support you Renee.

  46. Mary says:

    Get better Renee. My prayers are with you and your family. Take care of yourself. :)

  47. lovely778 says:

    I get why Karen feels that Drita was her girl while in her world, Karen is just like Renee when it comes to her men, if that man was mine that’s it – stay away. But Drita’s different she doesn’t think like that. If you kick your man to the curb by dating other guys at the same time, plus put distance between you, that man is available, especially if that man is chasing you! Did you see the ring he gave Drita, wow he loved Drita. Drita may not be born into the ife style, but she can kick ass, take care of her man (if she wants to) and be a loyal friend. What more do these ladies want – give Drita a break! She’s good for it.

  48. lisha mercier says:

    I like to watch this show it makes you feel like they’re a extended family

  49. lea b. says:

    Get well soon my prayer are with you.

  50. Nancy B says:

    Take care…you are in my thoughts and prayers…

  51. Angela says:

    Dearest Renee:

    Sometimes you just have to walk away and let grown people be grown up’s and take care of themselves. I had to do this myself within my family. Is it easy, no. However, in the end it will clear your mind, your heart and heal your body. I pray you find peace and comfort in the days ahead.

    Atlanta, GA fan,

  52. Roset says:

    This is another hurdle for you to overcome and become stronger than ever. I will go to battle in prayer for you so that you can find peace and happiness within yourself. We all fall but we have to find a way to get up and stay up. I know you can overcome this like you have overcome everything else in your life. Don’t lose faith in yourself. Not now…not ever.
    Love you,

  53. Girlious says:

    Come on Renee! You are a Mob Wife. You can handle it, you have to, the world is watching. Women admire the strength that you have shown this season and the transformation unfolding before our eyes. I am one of those women. I am sorry about your father and your husband but it appears these men care more for themselves then the likes of anyone, including their wives and daughters. They need to grow up and and realize that forever they will pay the price for their actions. For goodness sakes do they think they are invisable and not being watched. Stupid. So girl shake it off and show us what real success is. Thank you for all you are doing for women today!

  54. Rita Brinkley says:

    Sorry to hear that you are having painc attacs,they don’t feel very good.I had some after my 3 bypass last February.hope that you get better soon.

  55. Cara Illig says:

    Girl, It’s ok to have panic attacks, and please dont let anyone ever tell you different… Your a VERY STRONG WOMAN and you will pull through this…. Even though you don’t know me, Im there for you…. I have panic attacks all the time…… You’ll be fine, just keep your head held high, and never mind the haters that are out there because they will never amount to anything or understand anything!!!!!!

  56. kristin buccini says:

    hope everything is ok and im glad to hear that your better from your surgury! love the show and love all you guys! i hope i win the swear jar contest cause i would love to meet you guys! ive never been to new york and will probably never have the money to get there, so wish me luck! Love ya!

  57. dana says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Renee and son. Keep you chin up!

  58. Della Cummings says:

    Karen should really watch the episodes…. Especially the one where she had dinner with Carla… Karen twisted everything that Carla said…



  60. Annette says:

    Renee: My heart goes out to you and your son. My son went to HS with ur son and say’s he a good kid. This is what you need to wrap yourself up with. Growing up in an Italian heritage, we are brought up to be strong no matter what passes us by. Everything will be ok. Life is hard, but we have to remain strong. We have to do lunch one day. I don’t live far from you. Just take care of yourself and your son.

  61. mary says:

    We love you Renee, its time for your own show with Drita! We’re huge fans of the mob wives series, but you and Drita steal the show time after time. The two of you could be like Bethany from the NY housewives who had her own successful spin off series! Your current co-stars could make cameo appearances, hope your producer is listening!
    Wishing you health and happiness. Your friends upstate

  62. Carol Ann says:

    Dear Renee, I hope you are doing better. I understand what you went through as I suffer from anxiety attacks. I can not even imagine what you are going through right now..just know that you are in my prayers as are your family. Get keep the show so real and I love it!

  63. Andrea says:

    Renee, Sometimes you need to step back and say im done,You know where you came from and not much can change that. You can say thats my family not me, yoseeu are a great mom and a beautiful lady, We can choose the people we suround ourselves with. It seems to me that you are ready to move past the disfunctional behavior, and be the woman that is really ready to come out. i see a great woman even i can look up to. i really wish that you got these messages. i would like to have coffee with you once to tell you what i see. thank you for your time. be blessed

  64. Bonnie says:

    You are strong, much stronger that you think. Speaking from personal experience, I went through the exact same thing with my dad. AJ is not a child anymore, Junior can worry about himself, Drita tried with Karen. Worry about you now. You have been through much more and came out on top. You have too much to let anything bother you this much. If I could talk to junior and AJ, I would tell them that you have done so much ####### things for them, they should get off both their ##### and be there for you now. Im in upstate Penna. (where the mob used to retire) worried about you with the rest of this town. You pull throught this girlfriend. Take some down time and come back strong. Your real friends Drita and Carla will always be fathful to you so lean on them.
    My prayers are with you.

  65. Cheri says:

    Renee, May God be with you, I know just how you are feeling I’ve been there too like another person posted, you are going to have to find a way to distance yourself from all the DRAMA and just take care, we are praying for your recovery and keep your chin up girlie do not let others break you and bring you down you are worth more than that you know….true friends will not lean on you when you can not bare there stuff, they will be silent and help you out….so beware of who your friends are and ask yourself if they are truly friends and if they are doing you harm or good….if the answer is harm then kick them to the curb, and if good then keep them close…

  66. Cheri says:

    One more thing, when you get home shut off your phone and take a ME TIME!! Not to worry you can screen your calls if there is something important they can leave a message, but I would avoid the cell etc for down time….Seriously, get a hot bath going, take out some movies and just chill…..this is what I do…..send a message to your true friends that you are fine but you need time out and time to yourself and take it….do not get back to anyone until you are feeling better, and follow what I mentioned on my first note…trust me you will feel better….we will all be praying for you okay…

  67. STEFANIE says:


  68. jen jen says:

    i hope u get better girl and u alright!! Renee and Karon is amazing!!!

  69. carol garnett says:

    Renee I wish you the best of luck in your recovery…I am full blooded Italian & know the lifestyle although I was never a part of it but knew lots of Hill gang…sometimes you take on too much & I’m going thru that in my life right now, my husband has been unemployed for 2 1/2 years & we are so far in debt we need a tow truck to winch us out…just keep your faith in Goid (he never gives us more than we can handle they say) & hopefully your Dad will come around…my prayers are with you & your family & take your time getting well…the world will be there still & so will your friends, family & fans…xx/oo Carol

  70. Chantel says:

    Sending out healing prayers for Renee, get well, be well. Maybe that botched plastic surgery has caused Renee, more health problems. God Bless You, Renee…

  71. darlene says:

    How terrible. Renee i s my favorite. Her ability to love even in the most extreme and diffucult situations will give her the strength to love herself and overcome all this. Prayers are with you.

  72. Renee, you are tooooooo tuff to let this keep you down……you are a winner!
    You, Drita and Carla are my girls!! Luv ya – get better real soon!!

  73. amiwright says:


  74. Rene says:

    Rene i am praying for you to get well soon. There is nothing to panic about your life if finally comming to where you would like it too. hang in there and don’t let someone else drama interfer with your happiness. If Ramona aka ” Racoon” is what is on your mind don’t let her win for she just trying to make a name for herself via stirring up drama with all of you by pressing your buttons. You are one of the classier women on Mob Wives so don’t loose it.

  75. Yvonne says:

    We love you Renee, wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon

  76. Stephanie C says:

    My dear Renee,
    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’ve been there myself. A bad husband and a wild divorce did it to me. Look girl. I survived because I was too stubborn to let it beat me. You can do this. I love you and I admire you and your strength and loyalty. hat is what makes a good person. Keep doing it. Stand by Drita. Keep your arms open for Carla. Get better for your fans and AJ. God bless you.

  77. Cherie Kuebler says:

    `I’m sorry that you are going through all this crap, You don’t need it. I can tell just by watching the show you are way stressed. I have panic attacks alot, They suck so bad. I had 2 while I was in the Hospital. Thank god I was there already. They were bad ones. Passed out and went through all the crap that goes with them , Not able to breathe. My heart goes out to you and your Family. I hope AJ can step it up and take care of you when you get home. I’m glad my 25 year old son is helping me with things that were related to being in the Hospital. Id rather not say what I was in there for. If this was private I would have no problem. I am Italian as well. LOL and live in Iowa. You’re in my prayers Renee and thoughts. try and keep your head up.

    Italian Iowa Fan,
    Cherie kuebler.

  78. Bless her. Having been a sufferer of panic attacks ever since I was a child, I know how it feels. It not just drains you but your family as well. My best wishes and prayers.

  79. Cassie says:

    Renee you should be ashamed of your childish behavior. You are a true embarrassment for all wives, mothers and all Italian women. You are disgusting and trashy and I hope they ask you to leave the show. I hope you wake up one day and realize what a disgrace you truly are. You are none of those women’s friends. You play devils’ advocate and pretend to be innocent, when you are the true reason for many arguments. TRULY THE MOST UGLY WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN ON TELEVISION.

  80. adrianne says:

    Renee: Just watched episode 7 i think.. Youre a beautiful woman, and to hear the stuff that Junior apparently said to you just broke my heart. Ive been talked to in some what the same manner and it just hurts like hell. You just dont feel good enough and noone should ever be made to feel that way. I dont really understand why Junior got upset about you bringing that up at the therapy session? If anybody should apologize he should have! and i hope he did. I hope you can get out of the funk it seems like your in, and be truly happy. Also i like the “new you” you seem more drama free with the ladies, and focusing more on yourself. Good luck with everything!- adrianne

  81. my prayers our with you Renee i

  82. judith cauldwell says:

    OMG could Renee be more dramatic? She is so dramatic it seems FAKE! Her screaming about her father going to jail, after saying over and over again that her and her father did not speak. He was mad at her for something but that was never explained. Why wasn’t her father talking to her? Could it be that he knew that Junior was a suppossed RAT? How could she live with Junior, go through his stuff like a snoop, and never found anything to know that he was doing that? Personally I don’t believe it… I think Renee is a bad deal. She is on too much medication, and maybe the show is making things worse for her.
    N Karen, the way that Renee’ treated you when you came back, you are a true friend. You are a good person. I hope you realize that in life there are some people that do not deserve your friendship and loyalty.
    Renee needs to focous on her son, and forget all about Junior. He had a kid with another woman when they were together. They got divorced for a reason. Did she forget what that reason was? Obviously she did. She is afraid of growing old by herself, all alone. Well get a grip, Renee, we are all afraid of that. That doesn’t make your problems any worse than anybody else’s. N who was it that said that Junior got with Renee so he could be close with her father? For sure they were right. I am just sick and tired of listening to Renee screaming and crying all the time. You know by now what happened… Move, on..