Baseball Wives – Episode 8 – Kicked Off The Island


For the first half of this recap of Baseball Wives, allow me to redirect you to my recap of Basketball Wives L.A. when the ladies go to Hawaii. It is the same exact situation, the same drama, and the same Survivor-“Kicked off the island” metaphor. Just do a mental search-and-replace, filling Brooke‘s name in wherever you see the name Jackie.

I’m not kidding, just read this and this instead.

Okay, so in case you chose not to read those recaps, long story short, Brooke kicks herself off the island because she and the rest of the cast can’t come to an agreement. (The topic in question being “Is Brooke crazy or mean or just misunderstood?”) Jordana is hurting the most because she is the one who felt closest to Brooke and is the most hurt by Brooke defriending her on Facebook. They do end up discussing that, Brooke agrees to re-friend her, and she asks Jordana to back her up when they have lunch with the ladies the next day.

Before that goes down, Jordana and the rest of the group has dinner, and not only does Anna reveal that Brooke’s modeling career is more like a nude modeling career, but Chantel plays a radio interview featuring Brooke where she calls them all names. Among the insults, she says that Tanya is a fame whore, Anna is nuts, Erika is a Stepford Wife, and Jordana, the woman she plans to re-friend, the woman who so desperately wants to reconcile, the woman she wants to back her up, well, she says Jordana should be kissing her ass. Hey, about that “defending her at lunch” thing…Yeah, not happening. It’s important to note that somewhere in the time period, Brooke got a brand new pair of lips.

At lunch, Anna and Cherie (who appear to be getting along swimmingly these days, it’s nice that they have a common hate-bond now) both tell Brooke she’s a liar and she needs to own up to everything she said. Anna’s issue is that Brooke has been slandering her, saying she’s cheated on her husband, and when she doesn’t get any reaction, she shoves a bunch of glasses at Brooke.

Anna ends up cut, Chantel is covered in broken glass, but the guy who works at the restaurant is amused, at least.

Brooke walks out, telling the camera that she wishes Cherie would “burn in hell” and later says she hopes she never sees these women again and she doesn’t wish them well.

But if I may point out once again, at least Anna and Cherie have formed a friendship as a result of this traumatic time. They even high five. “I never thought I’d see that,” Tanya says.

Oh, but it doesn’t last long. The ladies go out for one final night of fun, cough, “fun,” and after a couple drinks, Anna takes a jab at Cherie for getting around. Cherie, who is happily married, gets upset, obviously, even though Anna swears she was joking. Cherie fires back, attacking Anna for wearing fur, so Anna retaliates by throwing Cherie’s Birkin bag (retail value: $15,000) on the fire.

Cherie storms out, declaring war on An—

And with that, this recap ends as abruptly as the season did.

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