Mob Wives Bonus Clip: “Going To A Big Ang Party, You Have No Idea What’s Going To Go Down”


This week’s episode of Mob Wives ran dreadfully low on Big Ang content, so we’re posting this bonus clip of Drita attending a “Big Ang Party” to make up for it. Can we point out that the puppy Big Ang’s boyfriend promised to buy her has arrived??

In this deleted scene, Big Ang talks about how her plastic surgeon, who looked like an old decrepit troll (her words), left her in pretty rough shape after a particularly bloody liposuction. But it’s cool, we think he died or something.

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  1. Medford Girl says:

    Big Ang should have her own cooking show. There was a scene at her house after the big fight. She was telling a girlfriend about it and she was cooking. I’m also Italian, and I was drooling. She made sausages, home made pasta, vegetables, this beautifully arranged cheese platter, cold cuts, bread, for two people!!

    She’s a hoot and I would watch her in a heartbeat. Show us all those great recipes and share the stories behind them as only Big Ang could!! Love her.

  2. D. Fitz says:

    I love All the Mob Wives ladies. However I have to get this off my chest. Now I love Big Ang but I keep seeing a resemblance between Big and Milton Berle.

  3. Sue says:

    MORE Big Ang please…she is the ONLY reason why I watch Mob Wives as I don’t find the other as interesting or unique. Please make her a permanent cast of this show – WE LOVE HER.

    Go Ang!

  4. Yvonne says:

    We want more of big Ang, we love her

  5. ashleyLo says:

    does anyone know what kind of puppy it is that big ang is holding??

  6. SHAVON says:

    I Just wanna say I love Big Ang. she is the best. I’m so glad yall put her on the show. Can u please tell her I love her puppy. I would love one, but cant afford one. but anyway. TAKE RAMONA OFF THE SHOW. she just have a beef cuz karyn has one. thats high school. Now all of a sudden drita was talking about ramona for 2 yrs. That’s what she said at renee’s party. anyway I love the show and all except RAMONA.