The Best Quotes From The Debut Episode Of Mob Wives: The Sitdown


Tonight was the first ever episode of Mob Wives: The Sitdown, and Renee, Drita, and Big Ang joined host Carrie Keagan to rehash tonight’s Mob Wives episode. The ladies got into all their drama and we have our favorite quotable moments from the show below. More important than that though, let’s discuss the awesome on-camera shout out to the Big Ang Rap! Now let’s get to those quotes:

Drita, discussing Ramona: “What a clown. I feel so sorry for that girl. She’s so unintelligent. When she does speak, I need Karen to translate because I don’t even understand her half the time.”

Drita: “I became a somebody because I married into this lifestyle? So Ramona’s basically saying her mother is a nobody. Anybody that married into this lifestyle is a crumb snatcher? I don’t get it.”

Renee: “I am literally on the fence. I won’t take sides. I choose not to pick and I pick not to choose.”

Drita: “Ramona does not want Karen and I to get along. Why would she want Karen and I to get along when we have problems ourselves?”

Renee: “Could you imagine if crumbs were my only problem? I would be the happiest bitch on the face of the earth.”

Renee on her crumb rant: “I didn’t know how much of an ass I sounded like until I saw that.”

Drita: “I’m looking out for Carla the way she does for me. I’m hoping Karen’s intentions are good and I hope they can make it happen and become friends.”

Big Ang on her FF cup size: “You think it’s easy carrying these things around?”

Renee: “As long as I’m loyal to myself, I’m loyal to everyone else.”

Drita: “I curse a lot when I’m angry. Do you see how pissed I am on this show?”

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  2. Beverly Engels says:

    Hey Drita anytime you would like to hang out with me and my Philly girls give us a shout. We’d love to party with you. We really enjoy the show and you are our favorite Mob Wife !!!!! As for Ramona the Lucifer she needs to go !!!!!!!!!!!! She’s ruining the show. I’m sure the producers will want to keep her because she stirs up trouble which to them translates into ratings. She’s annoying, boring and not even a “Mob Wife”. You and Carla watch your backs I do not trust her or Karen. Can’t wait til next weeks episode !!!!!! bye for now….

  3. Herman Munster says:

    The best is “Big Ang” and her resemblance to Hermin Munster laughing…LOL
    to funny

  4. Bo fisher says:

    Drita is sexy as hell…my god,looking real good babe.tastey,tastey.

  5. Yvonne says:

    I love Renee and Big Ang. Im glade they added Ang to the show

  6. smokee says:

    I love big Ang !!! What a character & Renee reminds me of a tuff aunt that will kick your ass if you need it.Big love to all.Great show…

  7. Debbie says:

    Love me some Big Ang and Drita. They are some real women. Would ove to hang with them one time.Big Ang looked better without sugery. Ramna needs to sit her butt down before she gets hurt!

  8. sonja says:

    Just want to say, I love the show and look forward to many more. Big Ang is hilarious! Love her!

  9. Tracy says:

    VH1: Please, take note. This host…Carrie…omg, so awful. Her voice is so grating, nasal, too loud, and she simply never shuts up. NEVER shuts up. We don’t tune in to her her yammer…we want to hear from the wives. Amateur hour in the extreme. Please, she’s unwatchable.