Theophilus London Has A Thing For Royce Reed, But Calls Tami Roman A Gremlin


Musician Theophilus London has some serious love for VH1. When our very own Janell Snowden spoke to him at Sundance last week, they talked about his favorite cast members from Love And Hip Hop and Basketball Wives, and it’s clear the man definitely plays favorites. While discussing Love And Hip Hop, he told Janell “Emily is cute, but my other favorite might be Maurice,” although he says “I would not hire you, Maurice.” And as for Basketball Wives, he declared his love for Royce but isn’t a fan of Tami, saying he doesn’t like that she’s “this one that be beatin’ up everybody.” And yes, he actually called her a Gremlin. Tami, we love you, don’t listen to him!

Check out the full clip above.

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  1. NINA says:

    i agree I don’t like Tami either….She is not as pretty as she thinks and those wigs and weaves child, try to stop wanting white hair so much….Who of us grow straight like a pin hair?? If black women are going to use wigs and weaves they should try to get hair closest to their own so they won’t look so fake and it would look so much natural but no they want straight pin white hair to their waist and blond even, then they want to talk about loving themselves, I DON’T THINK SO. For ignorant fools who don’t get it, this is not a racist remark, I am not white. It comes from statistics that show us how much money black women spend on straight/relax perms, wigs and weaves, anything to hide their own hair it sounds like doesn’t it?? Niomi Camball, fake hair, fake eye color…what is beautiful about her natural self? Among other black models, always with straight weaves wigs….What a shame,,,Tami should know that class isn’t something we call on ourselves, it’s something others see in us and you can’t buy it, it has to be natural and you do not have it no matter what shoes weave or wig you wear. You have a very nasty role to play in that show hopefully it’s a role