Yandy And Chrissy Discuss Their Beef In This Clip From The Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check


By the end of this season of Love And Hip Hop, it was pretty clear that Yandy and Chrissy‘s relationship had gone sour and was all but non-existent. After their contentious fight in Miami, we were left worrying about Yandy on the off-chance that Chrissy might be coming for her. In this sneak from the Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check special, the two women sit down with producer Mona Scott Young to discuss how they feel now, and what was going through their minds when tensions were at their highest, including an impressive rant from Chrissy about how Yandy’s on her show. The special airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Eric Johnson says:

    I understand to a certain degree that Chrissy is upset and that your feelings should not be negated but at the same time Chrissy you have to understand that you can’t go around bullying individuals either. Yandy was wrong on all aspects because she should have known her place but I also fault Jim in this situation as well because he could have stopped it all together. I believe that Chrissy and Yandy need to have a serious sit down with a non bias individual because everyone on that show has a bias opinion of the issue. As for Mona if you were a real mentor, you should have advised Yandy not to come on the show because a manager should be in the background and not in the front with her client!

  2. mysteris says:

    omg!!!! sorry it took from the last episode to get into this one!!!! but i love chrissy and everything u represent i have a best friend (ieasha) who is just like (i am in the mind of emily love u to girl…) this show has help me in my relationship becausec if my man didnt step up even though i love him so much i was going to have to leave him as well.. Thanks chrissy and emily for playing your part it do help to be real in reality shows like this because it helped women in my case know what to do now… love u girls and hope to see u on the 12 in orlando florida…….. Balling

  3. H20s says:

    Re; The bow down comment. Chrissy You are acting so ugly. You seem so classy in the beginning now you are a joke. How dare you say bow down to anyone according to the word of God that is Blaspheme. Take off the cross you are mocking God :(

  4. H20s says:

    Yandy,you provide a major balance to the show you’re the only one that got guts to stand up to that bully except Mom Jones. You show leadership, backbone, and true womanhood by not backing down but standing for whats right.. Get paid! It was to much butt kissing and butt kicking on the show from that bully and everyone punked out except you. Your my hero for taking a stand! The true flavor of individuality and leadership what true friendship is about not flunky hood..

  5. lashinda says:

    Chhrissy is just a jealous and a horrible human being! She couldn’t stand that other girls would be more popular on the show she was on first, so she had to make up some rivalry with sweet Yandy. And all Chrissy knows how to do is fight, like an animal. She makes the show horrible and trashy, and If she’s on it next season I’m boycotting it.

  6. rhonda says:

    i think Yandy made the show so much better when she came on as part of the family! So I don’t know why more successful would make Chrissy hate her. IF anything, “Yandy made the show more popular. So she should’ve been an adult and shared the populkarity and not be so immature thinking only one person can gain from this experience. Now we see why Chrissy will never be better than a reality tv personality, because all she’s really good at is makign drama and trying to physically intimidate people that are skinner than her.

  7. TG says:

    First off, I started watching the show out of my Love for hip hop. It’s amazing to me how the show has taken such an ugly twist. Chrissy, what is with you? You come off like an insecure jealous individual. You seem to have beef with everyone woman attempting to build a career for themselves. Initially it was Somaya, then Kimbella and now Yandy. You say you wouldn’t sit down and have lunch with these ladies, come on. In your mind, you feel as if you’re better than them. Uh look who you’re dating… I see you as a HATER!! Don’t be that way chic, reserve some class and appreciate what god has blessed you with. Being envious of others will be your demise if this terrible attitude continues. Just be grateful :) It’s enough “CHECKS” out there for everyone that’s if you know how to get it.

    BTW… You’re too dam old to be acting a fool and fighting!! Grow up already :)

  8. i'm real says:

    chrissy needs to quit with all that talkin bout she made the way for yandy and says she needs to bow down chrissy really think she’s first lady of hiphop chrissy you will never be that. yandy didnt do anything wrong she was being a friend. In the first ep yandy ask chrissy bout her and mama jones she didnt think she was gettin personal then. chrissy needs get some class and lots of it the hood is gettin to her head chrissy your not in the hood anymore stop makin us black female from the hood who is tryin to make it look bad

  9. Mona Bayoumy says:

    Well, I watched the entire S1 & S2. First off I would like to say Chrissy comes off as a person who can say whatever she wants to anyone and they should not say a word back. When he or she stands up for themselves it’s like how dare they talk to me or disrespect me. Chrissy and Yandy had several one on one’s and at the fashion show it appeared they were both able to move on, but Chrissy brought it up again, and went talkn’ to Mama Jones etc. If Chrissy did not forgive her and was not able to move on she should have given Yandy her props for putting a fabulous show together within a short timeframe and told her our relationship is no more. Yandy apologized several times, so there was nothing more she could do, but apologizing and kissing Chissy’s ass everytime she runs into her is not an option. You either accept one’s apology or not. As far as opening the door for Yandy on the show and that she is on Chrissy’s show…who paved the way for Chrissy. No one knew who Chrissy was until the show and
    Chrissy is introduced as Jim Jones girl, so without Jim, who is Chrissy? However, with that said I am not certain what went down when the cameras were off, so one does not know the story of the e-mail that was mentioned in the episode. I will say if Yandy made personal comments and did not keep it professional then I agree it is disrespectful and foul. With that said both Chirssy and Yandy made it personal when they allowed thier relationship to become personal and not keep it business, since Yandy is Jim’s manager. When off the cuff comments are made it affects all relationships and person’s involved regardless if he or she was involved or not. As much as Jim wanted to stay out of it he could not because his girl was involved and obviously he will stand by her side (as he should), which changes the dynamics between him and Yandy regardless if wanted it to or not. Jim needs to stand his ground and tell Chrissy when she is wrong and to let her fix her own mess instead of expecting Jim to jump ship because she is his girl. Sometimes a person needs to put his or her ego and pride to the side to keep it moving; otherwise, one has to accept the consequences.

    Enough said.
    Mona Bayoumy – Always keepn’ it real…

  10. Allie says:

    I just do not get Chrissy PERIOD! She has no tact what so ever! Always medelling and chatting air about business that ultimately lost her husband $25k. How much more money will her mouth cost Jim. She wants to be Jims everything and thats a good thing as long as you do not start making enemies. That in my opinion is how you keep standing by your man firm! How dare she slap Kimbella, where was the respect for Jim? Jules? SMH see if that was me I dont think I could take that lying down but as it was it happened to Kimbella and she was not aware that was coming (Americans call is sucker punch right?) Cut a long story short – Jim needs to put her in her own self important section where she can be Queen Bee and have her lil posse buzz around her. Lord someone tell Yandy Mother Teresa died a while back – dont think her slot has been advertised. She cant mix her business with her friendships, clearly not healthy. She expected the loyalty that is built through genuine friendships to be there for her and the boys – but she is disposable as a manager and if anything she could of bowed out of the situation as Chrissy plans to be interferring in all of Jims business and Chrissy saw that flaw in Yandys armour and exposed it for all its worth and she got what she wanted – Yandy is out of Jims life. Sigh! Jim is a classic proof of love is blind as his ride or die chick is killing a lot of his support with her antics – hope he checks her soon……P.L.H.

  11. Andrea says:

    Okay, so watching these blogs I now see that they wanted Yandy on the show. They wanted Yandy on the show to make Chrissy and Jimmy look better? Eitherway you put it, Yandy should have kelp her professional life seperate from her personal life. But its kinda hard when your professional life is extremely close to your personal! I really loved Chrissy, not I dont care for her antics to much. If Jimmy kicked her to the curb she would be back at square one, while Yandy had a career to fall back on. I”m not saying Chrissy isnt intelligent, but personally I wouldnt hire her, based off her personality. Yandy has apoloigze in every langauge possible, yet Chrissy refuse to accept it. I’m looking forward to tonight reunion…I bet VH1 will drag the reunion out..Honestly my favorite on the show is Ms. Mona, she is what everyone women should become. Classy, intelligent and a role model. Plus she is beautiful inside and out…Well from what I see on the show!!! :) (spelling errors, I’m at work sneaking:) lol

  12. Dee says:

    At this point I dont even know what the issue between these two are. The story will change everytime as to why Chrissy was upset with Yandy. Whether it was her dancing to Mama Jones’ song or her giving her a book, whatever…the whole situation sounded petty and real childish for grown women to behave this way. Now with the Reality Check you can see more into the beef and I just see Chrissy as not being jealous per say but there is definitely some jeaolusy sprinkled in there somewhere on her part of Yandy. Yes Yandy may have over stepped some boundaries here and there but I do believe that her heart was in a good place and it was just taken wrong. But that just didnt seem like enough to get all worked up over that could have been something that was handled with a sit down one on one as two grown women, but of course that wouldnt be good for reality tv. Bottom line Chrissy seemed like she was upset over the fact that Yandy and/or Kimbella was new to show and could possibly come in as new characters and totally shut her whole role in the show down. She thought that Yandy would come in and expand Jim’s brand and career (aka putting more money in her pocket) but instead Yandy showed that she was a business woman and can hold her own and she wasnt all about Jim she had her own business ventures too. Of course a kept woman who depends on her man’s income to keep Louboutins on her feet would be a little jealous of another woman who doesnt need that, makes her own money, and has her own business.

  13. iluvblanca says:

    I refuse to watch Love and Hip Hop if Jim/Chrissy leaves.. They are the show.. Mona you are disgraceful.

  14. lola says:

    I find it somewhat frustrating to see someone like Chrissy a wolf in sheeps clothing wear a cross on her neck while proceeding to use such profanity and act like a thug beating people up and saying things like bow down. I understand that this is supposed to be entertaining but jeez. I like Yandy and what she represents a young, classy,beautiful, ambitious, successful business woman trying to make her way in this dog eat dog world. I wish Yandy all the success this life has to offer. Chrissy I liked her on the first season at first then I started to see this ugly sadistic like person she had started to become. In the end though Chrissy only makes herself look bad when she acts like a mean girl.

  15. joe says:

    chrissy is crazy