Erica Gets Teary Trying To Explain Herself In This Sneak Peek From The Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check


Almost immediately after Erica Mena‘s first appearance on Love And Hip Hop, she took to the airwaves to say that she was edited to look like the bad guy and that her career was ruined by the way she was portrayed on the show. In the Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check special that airs tonight, Erica speaks to show producer Mona Scott Young, who asks her what exactly was so unfair. Erica tells her “I know I came on the way I came on, but I wish a lot of the dialogue was kept in there.” So of course Erica is shown the entire unedited clip which shows her, still belligerent, calling Kimbella a “whore-bag” off camera to Mona. Is that what she wishes was kept in?

“Looking back on it, I was like ‘Wow, I f—ed up,” she admits. Check out the sneak peek here, and tune in for more unedited, never before seen footage tonight on the special which airs at 8 p.m ET/PT.

And if you have questions for Mona Scott Young about this clip, or anything else in the recap special, be sure to tune in to our online aftershow tonight at 9 p.m. ET right here on the VH1 Blog or the Love And Hip Hop Facebook page.

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  1. LOLA says:

    I wonder what made Erica come to her senses about how poorly she portrayed herself maybe the tweets, blogs and message boards. Who knows? However, I still must say she owes Kimbella a huge apology. The way she treated Kimbella was horrible, why are Chrissy and Erica threatened by Kimbella? Erica’s personality on the show seemed full of arrogance, conceit, vindictive and jealousy towards Kimbella. Seems she got off easy by shedding a few tears, in her talk with Mona. I want to know what made her realize she was wrong and when? I want to know what has she done to correct this situation with Kimbella? Oh and what is this thing with her shaking her boobs and always craving attention it is sickning to watch another woman treat herself like an object or piece of meat. I hope Erica gets and keeps it together.

  2. Lena says:

    Wow Erica is a horrible person. She is completely delusional! Who acts like that? Didn’t her parents teach her any manners? She is a very ugly person inside and that ugliness is so strong, it overpowers her outside appearance. She is a monster. She should be ashamed of herself.