T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 9 – Baby Fever



T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle is nine episodes in, and the show has already delved into the lives of each and every one of the Harris children, from Zonnique and Domani‘s music careers, to King‘s delusions about being the master of the house, so the only logical thing for their parents to do is make more children so they can make more episodes of this show. At least, that’s what Tiny would like to do.

Tiny has baby fever. After getting her mom’s blessing to have one more baby, and admitting that she really would like another baby girl, Tiny visits her doctor but gets some bad-ish news. Her doctor, Dr. Guns, we’ll call her,

tells her she needs to actually get herself in better shape before she tries to conceive.

“I don’t want to get too skinny,” Tiny says, because “I like being voluptuous. I’ve got to keep what he likes to look at, and that’s all of this.” I can 100% get behind this attitude.

But Tiny is annoyed that the doctor wants her to take her vitamins, cut out fast food, and start to work out. “Baby-making ain’t supposed to be this much work. Baby-making supposed to be fun,” she says.

But if Tiny has to work out, so does Tip, so she tells him she wants to go ride bikes together. Tip’s response?

Tiny goes through phases and bike-riding sounds like one of them, he says. He’s less-enthused still when she suggests that he wear a ski mask (for wind protection, of course) while they ride. “Are you serious? A ski mask? In a white neighborhood? ‘You fit the description.’ What description? ‘Anyone, let’s go,'” he says.

So no on the ski mask, then?

T.I. and Tiny head to the bike shop so Tiny can get a mountain bike, and she is endlessly mocked by her husband who wonders what off-road terrain, what mountains she plans to take this bike out on. The mocking continues when she asks for lights for the bike so she can ride at night because, as she says “Night riding is sexy.”

“Who’s ever seen somebody riding their bike and said ooh, that’s attractive? ‘I saw you in the club and I thought you was okay. Then I saw you riding that bike at night and wow, it did something for me,” T.I. jokes, but Tiny has already walked away from him and his mocking. She’s on a mission to get the cutest cycling clothes, preferably ones that match the bike itself.

“I think she is very serious about appearing to ride bikes,” T.I. says as he drops $14k on the Tour de Tiny. He thinks she’s going to spend about 30 minutes riding and then scrap the whole idea. But hey, at least they’re keeping the Atlanta economy afloat!

The pair goes on a ride through the neighborhood and Tiny is wiped out pretty much from the moment they leave the driveway. Tip has more energy in him and decides to try and climb a nearby hill, later declaring that riding a bike “doesn’t look as hard as it is” as he appears to huff and puff his way up in the lowest gear possible until his chain breaks and he has to pull over and fix it. This whole thing is a comedy of errors and hilariously, Tiny is nowhere to be found.

While Tip fixes his bike, a fan pulls over to ask him to listen to his CD and be his manager (while not once asking if he can help with the busted bike, way to go fan).

Undeterred, he gets back on the bike that he impressively fixed with his own bare hands.

Later, Tiny goes to visit Shekinah and tell her some news.

Wait, already??

Not really, she says, and admits that she’s just thinking about it. So she enlists Shekinah and Shamra to go with her to a dance class to get herself in shape,

and also to psych herself up to tell Tip she wants another kid. She she finally does tell him she’s pregnant, he sees right through her and she comes out and tells him that no, not yet, but she asks “What if I told you I want to be pregnant? I’m ready for you to get me knocked up. Put it in there. Put my love on top.”

“Damn, that’s a starting five and two subs,” Tip says. But he’s not going to go fertilizing eggs all willy nilly. ” I was a little shocked he didn’t say yeah, let;s leave and make this baby tonight,” Tiny says. She’s disappointed that he’s calling timeout on the baby-making, however, she declares that she isn’t ready to sideline this situation. “I think she heard me say no, but I did not say no. I’m actually open to it,” Tip says and proposes that the best idea is just to wait for a little while. Which means that in the meantime, they can at least keep practicing.

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