The Biggest Revelations From The Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check Special


The Love And Hip Hop “reunion” was not a reunion, as you can tell. The special was more of a behind-the-scenes look at the most intense moments of the season, and to be honest, I loved getting a look at the deleted scenes and various commentaries from the full cast. As producer and host Mona Scott Young pointed out, a reunion wasn’t possible because there were certain castmembers who refused to film with one another, but this format was obviously less volatile and infinitely more informative. Let’s discuss some of the biggest reveals and moments of the show.

Juelz Santana Should Have Been A Cast Member

Kimbella and Yandy weren’t the only two people who were supposed to be new castmembers. Kimbella’s man, Juelz Santana, was supposed to have a much larger role on the show, but filming with Kimbella was “awkward” and he got cold feet about appearing. “He appeared with Jim, he appeared with Yandy, but we just couldn’t get him to appear on the show with you,” Mona tells Kim. Kim confirms that she and Juelz are committed to raising their kids together but as of right now, they are no longer together because he can’t “keep his d— in his pants.”

Chrissy’s Got A New ‘Do

What do you think?

Kimbella And Emily Disagree On Whether Or Not Kimbella Knew Emily Existed

Everyone’s first impression of Kimbella was pretty much the same, Emily included. It was basically “How dare you tell Emily you ‘dated’ Fab, in front of the whole world?” Kimbella tried to reassure us all though, that she didn’t even know Emily existed (let alone that Emily was pregnant), but Emily brings to light some new information, telling us “I met her years ago at a party in Atlanta.” The following is their back and forth, from that statement on.

Kimbella “I never met her at a party in Atlanta.”
Emily: “You say you don’t know, even though I know you know, and I know you knew.”
Kimbella: “She’s LYING. She never met me. She knows that.”
Emily: “She knew who I was. When she told me she didn’t know who I was, that part was a little shocking.”

Chrissy Actually Quit The Show At One Point, And She May Not Return For Another Season

Right off the bat, it was clear that Chrissy was not happy with producer Mona Scott Young, and she went so far as to refuse to sit with Young for an interview. “I know that her goal was to get a good show, and she got that, but she had reckless abandon,” Chrissy says, speaking to Young’s partner Stefan Springman.

“When the cameras rolled it was great, when the cameras stopped, that was still my life, and I don’t think she took that into consideration.” Chrissy elaborates, saying that she wasn’t able to enjoy her engagement because the very next day, she was forced to film with Yandy and things escalated from there, and at that point during filming, Chrissy walked off. “I didn’t quit the show, I just had to quit that situation,” she says.

Discussing the fight with Yandy, Stefan says “That’s what you sign up for on a reality TV show,” to which Chrissy responds: “And that’s why I may not be doing a season three.”

Chrissy’s Green Screen Rant

While it’s evident from the footage we’ve watched that there’s no love lost between Chrissy and Yandy, we got to see a shocking moment from one of Chrissy’s green-screened confessionals where she claims that Yandy should basically thank her for letting her be on “her” show. “First of all..I mean, b*tch, if I wasn’t the personality I was, there would be no avenue for you to be on, b*tch you on my show,” she says. “So if we want to talk about paychecks and who’s doing what, b*tch, you are on my show. I am so good at what I’ve done, I’ve made an avenue for you, b*tch, bow down.” Later, Chrissy explains her annoyance, saying “She traded her managerial hat in for reality TV so there you have it. Now stop asking me about Yandy.”

Mama Jones Is Cool With Chrissy, But Olivia Better Watch Herself

“If she ever put my name in her mouth again, bad day for her,” Mama Jones said when Olivia came up in conversation. Among the things that Mama Jones is upset about, Olivia called her “Nancy” which is a no-no unless you’re her close friend or closer to her age, Mama Jones had an issue with Olivia’s raspy-voiced impression of her, and then there was their Twitter beef. “I just don’t like her, I’m sorry,” Mama Jones told Mona. “I would never want to speak to anybody’s mother like that, but at that point, she way crossed the line,” Olivia defends.

Olivia Felt Like She Looked “Pathetic” On The Show

Olivia expressed disappointment when she was asked how she was portrayed on the show in several ways. She felt “pathetic” when it came to how people saw her career, and she felt her issues with her mother were exaggerated, even though they led to better communication between the two. We also saw a deleted scene between Olivia and her then-boyfriend Maino, who also struggled to get Liv to communicate openly with him. (It didn’t work out because “We were moving in two different directions.”)

Olivia Finally Picks A Side

When pressed to finally take a stand and express her opinion in the Yandy-Chrissy drama, Olivia reveals that she thought it was “obvious that Chrissy was wrong. Yandy didn’t want any issues, Yandy always liked you, she didn’t even know what the problem was. Chrissy took the book and the dance to another level because Yandy didn’t mean it in that way at all.” I wonder whether Chrissy will be upset to hear that.

“The Reality Of This Show Is That A Lot Of It Isn’t Real”

Somaya Reece was on the defensive during her segment because Mona accused her of not giving her anything real to work with during filming, and as a result, Somaya’s role was greaty reduced this season. Mona accused Somaya of only talking about her tequila and her shoes, saying “You didn’t give me anything real to work with.” Somaya shot back, saying that “The reality of this show is that a lot of it isn’t real.” When Mona defended the fact that there were other, more compelling stories going on with other castmembers, Somaya told her “I’m not mad, b*tch, you acting like I’m mad! I don’t give a f—!” Mona wasn’t thrilled to be called a b*tch, but Somaya kept going in, telling her “You are a b*tch to us, yes you are, don’t even act like you’re not a diva, girl.” “We’re going to agree to disagree on that, ” Mona said, but despite the tension, in the end it’s all good. Hugs!

Best Line Of The Night?

Somaya on her ex-manager Maurice: “He needs to go back to Santa’s workshop, because they’re missin’ an elf up there.”

Erica Mena: Full Of Hot Air?

I loved the fact that Erica Mena was shown the entire, unedited clip from her fight with Kimbella (in which she is still on the attack, and even calls Kimbella a “f—ing whore-bag” to Mona) and then asked to comment about how she claims the show was edited to look bad. While Erica takes full responsibility for those actions now, she also says she was misquoted on the blogs that she supposedly complained to. So…basically she’s got to find a better PR person, because girlfriend is being misrepresented all over the place, according to herself. Ultimately, she does admit though “I f—ed up.”

Olivia Signed A Deal!

When Mona brought up the EMI contract that Olivia was offered this season, Olivia mentioned that she did sign a deal, though not with EMI. “So you got that $500,000 deal?” Mona asked, but surprisingly, Olivia told her “Actually, I got more.” Get it, girl.

“I Don’t Give A F— About VH1!”

Jim Jones has been working on a reality show about his life for nearly seven years. In some old footage from an early incarnation of the show, we got to see him yelling on camera about his fate as a reality star, saying “I don’t give a f— about VH1. If it happens, it happens. If it don’t, it don’t. My profession is music, that’s what pays my bills.” He admits that “the only reason I jumped into any of this was because of Chrissy,” and saying “I respect the drama, it’s cause for good TV…I like good TV but it’s a little bit different when you’re a part of it.”

Erica Leaves “The Girls” At Home…Oh Wait, There They Are

Erica dressed conservatively for her interview and even prompted Mona to comment that this was the most covered up her breasts have ever been on the show. (Of course, her t*t-shake did get its own montage, but that’s another story.) So here we were thinking we’d go an entire segment without calling attention to Erica’s breasts when, wait for it…there they are.

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  1. T says:

    those girls need to grow

  2. Thandie says:

    I think that Chrissy has Shaunie O’Neal-itis, or something, and thinks that people have to acknowledge her as “important.” She seems very insecure about who she is, and threatened when these ladies (or producers) don’t recognize who she is. But really, who is she besides Jim Jones’ long-term, live-in, unmarried girlfriend? I think that Chrissy needs to find a career, get married, have a baby or something significant of her OWN other than running around on camera acting like a thug-bully. She seems jealous that the other ladies actually have their own careers and/or hustles, i.e., Yandy (managing), Olivia (singing), Somaya (rapping), Kimbella (modeling), and Emilie (fashion). What is on Chrissy’s resume? Thugging out . . . Maybe she should become an extreme couponing queen or something–anything besides acting like an idiot every episode.

  3. SHARON HULSE says:

    the realist-Jim Jones with his fine ass! I dig Chrissy- life ain’t no bed of roses. I am dissappointed the show was scripted- Mona Scott Young is a pimp- and she doesn’t care how she helps in projecting the negativity and chaos of relationships and sisterhood. I can tell she’s Yandy’s Mentor- anything for a dollar. I remeber her on a earlier show- She had just had a baby but I can’t remember exactly who else was involved. I hope if she has a daughter – nobody’ will pimp her like she’s pimping someone’s daughter- and of course whose in the mix of the downgrade-”The White Male Partner” !! And don’t keep calling it a reality show-when it’s got a story board and set-ups!!!!!!!!!! PBS HAS SOME REAL REALITY SHOWS THIS MONTH FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN VIEWERS -. READ ABOUT THE ORIGINAL PIMPS-THE WHITE MASSA- (MONA THEY WOULD BE PROUD OF YOU-ANYTHING FOR THE DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL!)

  4. kim says:

    Really why are Chrissy and Jim behaving like this is not what they signed up for! Come on now!! Really, what the hell did they expect!

  5. SHARON HULSE says:

    I just read proceeding comments- I didn’t realize that it was a concensus of Mona’s pimping abilities- isn’t that something!!! I am a 58 year old Black mother and grandmother that takes pride of women. no matter what circumstance-maintain dignity and pride and progression. but not for any cost of dignity and representation.! You are wrong Mona Scott Young! For Those That KNOW Better-Do Better!!!!! i QUESS IT HURTS WORSE – TO COME THIS FAR ON THE SHOULDERS OF OTHERS BEFORE HER- THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN REPRESENT.!


  6. Shawn says:

    I’m very glad I watched Reality Check because I used to actually respect Chrissy and thought she was just a little rough around the edges. Now I see that she is really just a VERY INSECURE woman which explains her bullying behavior. Getting mad because Yandy is getting more film time than Chrissy thinks Yandy should get….talk about childish and inseure. Chrissy….grow up !

  7. Angela says:

    Now women are acting dumb. They didn’t think reality tv is exaggerated – and these are the women that are suppose to be in the business. Unfortunately will be held liable for your actions! Your upset that you fought in front of cameras but when it’s shown on tv you get upset. Excuse me, you choose to act that way in front of the camera. Of course, they are going to choose the juicy stuff to show – that’s how you keep viewers. I’m not even in the business and I know this stuff.

    I agree with Thandie!
    >> I think that Chrissy has Shaunie O’Neal-itis, or something, and thinks that people have to acknowledge her as “important.” She seems very insecure about who she is, and threatened when these ladies (or producers) don’t recognize who she is. But really, who is she besides Jim Jones’ long-term, live-in, unmarried girlfriend? I think that Chrissy needs to find a career, get married, have a baby or something significant of her OWN other than running around on camera acting like a thug-bully. She seems jealous that the other ladies actually have their own careers and/or hustles, i.e., Yandy (managing), Olivia (singing), Somaya (rapping), Kimbella (modeling), and Emilie (fashion). What is on Chrissy’s resume? Thugging out . . . Maybe she should become an extreme couponing queen or something–anything besides acting like an idiot every episode.

  8. The Real Chrissy from Md says:

    I think Chrissy, Jim Jones and his Moma is soooooooo dumb ghetto dirty dusty and ignorant black people I have ever seen in my life’…..SEE ME PLEASE@/!!!!!!!!

  9. Janae says:

    I find these show to be made up to some extent and watching the reunion proved that for me it’s all about the drama so they hype that for viewers to keep watching not really caring what it does to the way the stars are viewed smh

  10. DAWNY says:

    I am still with TEAM CHRISSY.
    I think that Mona showed a one-sided view of the story. Chrissy did not get that mad for nothing and what was in Yandy email that took it there. She ask Yandy did she sleep with Jim, but she should have asked her, did she want to sleep with him. I think that Yandy over-stepped her bounderies as business manger and wanted to manged all areas of Jim’s life.

    And as for Olivia, Yandy said she didnt have a problem but her actions spoke louder and said she did.

  11. Ki says:

    I like Chrissy, now me personally, I don’t dig the drama and her temper. I love her passion!! What people are failing to miss is Chrissy is a passionate person. The reason she responded that way on the green screen is because how Yandy was acting about Jim, “that’s my money, that’s my money!!” as she so eloquently put it. Whether she thought that, or felt that, she should’ve NEVER said it. And again what people are forgetting is that Jim also was mad with Yandy, about getting mixed up in his personal business….there’s a fine line in this business. Jim appears to be a decent guy…don’t y’all think that if he felt Chrissy was wrong (woman or not) he would have stood his ground, “when have we known Jim to back down?” (from what we see in the media anyway)

    Re: Olivia siding with Yandy…Yes, Chrissy took it too far, but…and a big BUT…Chrissy kept trying to tell Yandy how she felt, but it went right OVER her head each and every time.

    Yes Chrissy can tone it down a notch…but I sure would want her in my corner. RIDE OR DIE1?! #love the passion

  12. my9cents says:

    CHRISSY – U are a kind hearted and loving person. When many people say the same thing about you from their presepective it’s usually true. Insecurity is something that we all deal with in some area of our life but don’t want to admit it to ourself. You have to be careful of the stones you cast for others. U have a great personality, loyal and friendly…these factors alone will go along way, there is really is no reason to feel insecure because there is only one Chrissy.
    YANDY – NEVER mix business with personal again (Lesson Learned). You are a go getter, sweet, kind and I like the fact that you are apologetic. Real women do apologize.
    EMILY – Be your own person. You’re very loving, but sometimes those positive things such as loving an also be a negative and cause hurt when people mistake your kindness for weakness. I like the softer side of you, but stand up. Men are like kids, they know who they can and cannot run over.
    ERICA – Glad you were apologetic, the first stage in growing up is accepting your mistake and apologizing. You seem like a really nice young lady, glad you are growing toward the right direction.
    OLIVIA – You are kind and I like the fact that you want to be cool with everyone…however, in women worlds that is not possible. Glad that you stood up and saw that Yandy was apologizing for things that may have came off wrong (although intionally from a good place), or things that she know she had done wrong. Glad you went with your heart about your talent…sometimes you have to prove the naysayers wrong.
    SOMAYA- Just be true to yourself. You don’t have to sell yourself short for ratings. You got more air time last time due to confrontations. Just remember that real adults see the growth each season. Stay blessed.
    KIMBELLA- You really are a kind hearted person. It shows through the television. People perceive you wrong and that is not your fault. Keep loving and if Juelz doesn’t want it believe me you will get what you give off….love.
    NANCY – Glad you decided to put aside your dislike for Chrissy because of your son. It shows he means more to you than your pride. You don’t know how many mom and son don’t speak because of their significant others. The thing with Olivia….not worth it, let it go. You are wise person, you have younger people watching…make a positive impression.
    JIM- Love your laid back mantality. It’s hard for ANY man to deal with women let along his mom, lady and manager. Keep all of them in their respected…..lady shouldn’t be given her opinion about your managers job and manager shouldn’t have anything to say about your lady, but mom will always be mom but respect both parties.

  13. TONIA BLACK says:

    They got played. Chrissy news flash (its not your show)…lol!

  14. delana bluford says:

    i really dont like ericka she is too ghetto!!!!!!!!

  15. Marcia says:

    what happened to Mona showing us what was in the text fro Yandy

  16. Marcia says:

    Being cool with everyone means keeping it 100 with everyone and a lot of times you can’t be friends with everybody

  17. SUGARBROWN says:

    Will this particular location of L&HH be renewed for a Season 3? Because judging by the way the Reality Check closed, Mona seems to have washed her hands of this crew. Pimping aint easy, because that’s exactly what happened, this cast were the guinea pigs for Mona’s “L&HH” brand, and “NONE” of them should be angry for what “THEY” signed on to do, and that was to berate “THEMSELVES” on TV, Producers only care about ratings to keep the “SPONSORSHIPS” rolling in… It’s called giving the “STAKEHOLDERS” what they want. Marketing/PR 101.

  18. rebecca says:

    i love u chrissy keep ur head up u a strong black woman i would love to talk to u about anything…love u gurl…ur my rolemodel…

  19. Ti.Rae says:

    I still want to know what was in the email Yandy sent. Olivia feeling Chrissy was wrong and it was one sided… I want to know why after 8 years, if Yandy and Chrissy was never cool like that, but respected each other place in Jim’s life, why now because of this show, you want to over step that boundary and be Chrissy friend? I do not promote whooping on a chick, and Chrissy was wrong for that with Kimbella that was Emily’s fight, however when Yandy had the audacity say in Miami “who holds your man down, I am” she deserved to step outside and say that up close and personal to get slapped. That’s disrespectful to your client and his personal space. Don’t do in front of cameras and surrounded by people to protect you that which you can’t do face to face. They brought Yandy to that place in Miami, knowing Chrissy didn’t want to film with her and to start issues. No matter how you look at Love and Hiphop it was the “Jim Jones show and friends”. I didn’t mind seeing his sexy self and introducing Mama Jones to the world.
    Kimbella: Karma only thing I have to say on that note.
    Somaya: Such a fan and hate they didn’t invest time in her life I would have rather seen that over Olivia. I guess Samaya didn’t have enough drama going on in her life. That whole time she was still doing music and making Somaya a Latina Brand.
    Emily: A lot of people hate on Emily because of the Fab situation, but you know what more props to her that she got her own space and doing her. Whether together or not, she can at least say I know how to not to just let him keep coming home dirty draws, if he comes home at all. This space right here you don’t control. I respect that.

  20. Deepdimples75 says:

    (SHARON HULSE February 6, 2012 at 11:31 pm — the realist-Jim Jones with his fine ass! I dig Chrissy…Mona Scott Young is a pimp…I can tell she’s Yandy’s Mentor- anything for a dollar…she’s pimping someone’s daughter- and of course.., in the mix of the downgrade-”The White Male Partner” !! And don’t keep calling it a reality show-when it’s got a story board and set-ups!!!!!!!!!!).

    This is the realist blog yet. Sharon hit that thing on the head! My sentiments exactly!

  21. Deepdimples75 says:

    One last thing! I am in agreement with everything Chrissy does. I have a man at home that holds me down for ALL things, which is what your man should do, as long as you’re on your job. And sometimes, women who can’t relate to that seem to lash out at woman who have a man like that in her life. Chrissy, I love you girl! Take it as a compliment if they call you a fake ass Shaunie. Shaunie looks good, so apparently you look good to them too. To the haters (women hating on one woman), STFU (as one other blogger said). Stop hating on this woman because her man said on national tv that nothing and no one will come in between him and Chrissy! Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  22. Paula says:

    Has anyone been able to watch this on VH1′s website? I missed it last night and have been getting an error message all day to watch it on Firefox.

  23. Destiny says:

    I am VERY disappointed at a reality show that is scripted. Especially when the girls sat down to meet each other and Mona was in the back telling them what to do and what to say…smmfh! I loved the show before this because I thought it was at least 85% real, but seeing that all of the girls felt duped/conned by the show makes me think twice about watching it. Hmmm Love and Hip Hop Hotlanta – a hot mess!!

  24. chaosngt says:

    I think there is something very inflammatory in Yandy’s email that was not shared with the viewing audience. As a result it made it look as if Chrissy was going in on Yandy for no real reason. Yandy crossed the professional line. While she may not have slept with Jim I think she really wanted too but he chose Chrissy and she was mad.

  25. SARAH HARRIS says:


  26. BorgQueen says:

    I was surprised to see Chrissy’s green screen interview. She was definitely jealous of Yandy’s increased screen time or maybe she felt that with Yandy filming meant less attention to Jim’s career.

    Yandy let things get too personal, trying to fix everything in Jim’s life.

    Mama Jones used to be cool with Olivia but I feel things soured when Olivia didnt give Mama Jones heads-up to Chrissy asking Jim to marry her. Every since then, Mama Jones couldnt stand Olivia. Now things have just escalated beyond point of no return..

    Kimbella – dont use sex to lure men in. Fab said him and Kimbella had a type of sex but didnt actually sleep together meaning Kimbella blew Fab. Thats all they want from you and look at Juelz is doing now.

  27. Lizbeth Santos says:

    I seems to me Chrissy taught too much of herself!! Sorry I didn’t see executive producer next to her name! That’s why yandy had more to do on the show than she wanted!!! Lol how she made herself look insecure and just plain stupid!! I would have rather traded in my manger job than be working with a disrespectful has been!! These so called gangsters (Chrissy) need to get off that high horse your day came and left and now your karma is around the corner!!

  28. Honeey Dip says:

    I Like Chrissy and Jim Jones they have each others back GANDY Ass YANDY needs to learn less is definitely more. Yandy as long as you got your percentage you should have never cared. About what Jim did with his money Yandy stop lying to you’re self about why you were in Jim and Chrissy Jones business. The green eyed monster showed in you. Olivia Two-Face i think you’re jealous of Emily B and Chrissy’s Sisterhood. Just like you did not like Emily going to your Ex about you and him GANDY ASS YANDY should not be worrying about what Jim provides for his woman and if you were a true friend to Yandy you would have told her she out of pocket to be worried about who are what her client spends is chedder on.

  29. brittany says:

    what does erica do besides show off those implants

  30. Tmart says:

    overall I liked the bits of honesty presented in this show…but Mona Scott should stop trying to justify the hair pulling, cussing and fighting as being “part of reality TV”……TI and Tiny has had enormous ratings and don’t reinforce negative stereotypes about black and latina women.
    plus—Mona didn’t “create” this show….VH-1 was pitched the idea of a group of Hip Hop wives and GFs for several years by several different companies. They hired NFGTV to “showrun”—Mona was brought in to help cast…and to act as the “Good Cop”. When cast members don’t want to do certain things—-they use Mona to convince the cast members to do it.
    That’s why Chrissy and Jim won’t deal with her or Yandy anymore…they realize they’ve both sold out for a TV Show.
    What is so disturbing to me is that a group of dopey white men are in charge of portraying women of color…we don’t have strong presences or any real power in TV….and they only care about seeing us fight. Then when a black woman (Mona) is in a great position to actually influence our portrayal in a positive way—she sells us out to make “her partners” happy instead.

  31. LA Latina says:

    Jim & Chrissy were pitching “keeping up wtih the Jonses” years ago to VH 1. VH 1 passed on it-Yandy who worked for Mona Scott was helping with the pitching…. Meantime— VH 1 heard a bunch of pitches from a bunch of companies including Russell Simmons’ (Married 2 Hip Hop).
    They decided to get Jim & Chrissy as cast members so they had to go back to Mona and make a deal. But Jim and Chrissy did get played in the deal because they should have insisted on EP credits and some role in production. They thought Mona and Yandy would protect them…but those two fell in love with being on TV…so they sold them out.
    Sadly—the average dummy who watches the show is too caught up in the petty fights and drama to understand the producers (Mona the Pimp and the werid whtie man with the crazy sideburns) can shape the “storylines” and direct each shoot to make cast members look good or bad.

  32. Rema P says:

    Reality tv is a ‘produced show”. There are existing storylines that are exploited (for the lack of a better word). The scene with Kimbella and the others in the hotel room wasn’t “scripted.” It was a real-life situation between Kim and Emily that was played out on tv. Chrissy’s bullying antics weren’t “scripted”, that’s who she is in “reality”. Chrissy’s actions weren’t “edited” to make her look bad. She did that all on her own. Mona and the other producers weren’t going around making up stories to create drama. These women bought their drama fueled lives with them. ALL OF THESE WOMEN knew what they were signing up for. Each person made a conscious decision to handle a situation poorly or with class. Case in point, Chrissy blames her classless tyrade at the club in Miami on Mona. She claims she begged Mona not to put her in a scene with Yandy, yet she (Chrissy) starts in on Yandy, who was enjoying herself with the others and ignoring Chrissy. This is classic narcissistic, sociopathic behavior, to create havoc and blame it on someone else.

    People cannot escape who they really are. In the beginning, everyone is on their best behavior. After a while, EVERYONE’s true colors show. Reality tv is real, definitely exploitive, but very real.

  33. mariem rahman says:

    You go Chrissy. She is real. I don’t care what people say about her, she can’t be wrong for me. Live her alone with her jeny. She is living a big love with her honey. Chrissy I like very much and you are very loyal. I pray the lord to give a baby with your fiance and may later a wedding. Please send me an email to show me you read mine
    Best regards.

  34. mya says:

    Emily is so weak and a punk. She came on the show so that Fab could claim her? She wanted to feel relevant to the world by saying “hi, everyone, I’m dating Fabolous”, she has a low self-esteem.

  35. erika says:

    without chrissy or jim there is no show i think they need to take yandy out she annoying as hell chrissy needs to stay shes the reason this show is even popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. See ya Chrissy says:

    Chrissy seriously! Where you going girl?? Back to that house in Jersey? She’ll be back because she ain’t got no job – this show is her job. It’s not “her” show but it is her job. Even Vh1 poked fun of her green screen rant. Did Mrs. Mona make her an Executive Producer? I don’t think so. Chrissy’s job is to act the complete fool that she consistently does with utmost expertise while the camera is rolling because that’s what she and the ever-so-confused Jim Jones are paid to do. Poor Jim and Chrissy just didn’t understand the whole concept of reality TV. It is quite perplexing you know to simple, little minds. Well now that you know what are you going to do about it? Yeah, nothing- see you next season you cartoonish, dynamic duo a.k.a Pappy and Slappy. You can figure out which one is Slappy.

  37. MOET105 says:


  38. Frieda says:

    I just had to write and give my opinion of the last two seasons of Love and HipHop ,plus the Reality Check episode.In Season 1,I really,really liked Chrissy,but in Season 2,she totally lost all of my respect.It’s like she thinks that she is the “Queen Bee”. If the girls didn’t agree with her opinion and go along with what she had to say,then they weren’t her friend anymore. How stupid is that? They weren’t entitled to their own opinons,plus it was like she was looking for a fight everywhere she went.NOBODY LIKES A BULLY.So,it would be fine with me if she doesn’t come back for Season 3.Concentrate on the other girls and how their lives are progressing. I love Jim Jones,and like him having his woman’s back,but come on,don’t let Chrissy dictate who he can or can’t work with or be friends with.When he gave her that ring,did he give her his balls also?

  39. lisseth says:

    i think that chrissy is insecure and she has nothing going for her self .she is jealous of every women that is around jim. she really needs to get life.she likes getting attention at any cause. she acts like a bully promoting fighting everytime. she is no lady. both her and jim act like the stars of the show.

  40. MONA SHOW says:

    I think Messy Chrissy has it wrong its Mona show, but hopefully Mona will not have Chrissy fake behind back on the show we have had enough of her. Chrissy if you think its entertaining to see a chic your age fighting its not and I hope Jim looks deep before he leaps with you cuz its a reason mama Jones didnt like you and now we all see why in season 2 please I hope you quit for real and not come back,do what you do best just lay down and get your money leave reality tv alone.

  41. TLADY says:


  42. friday1313 says:

    For all of you haters …… Crissy is the REALEST chick on the show. Her and Jim make the show because of the realness they exposed. I agree that Crissy was put in situations that she did not want to be in just so the producers could get a good show. Crissy is not insecure, for what??? She is content with who she is and Yandy is a NOBODY who did sell herself short for a show because she was only about the money like she been saying the whole time she was on the show. She did not care about the relationship she had with Jim because she wouldn’t have left him so easily. She is the one who is jealous of Chrissy and I believe it is because she probably did want Jim for herself, but sorry Yandy, Jim only wants a real woman. Emily I love your spirit and I hope things work out for you and Fab. Olivia, I hope you got the balls to tell Chrissy you think she was at fault to her face, and to be real with yourself when it comes to your music because realistically you got talent, but you are no Beyonce, and you come off as fake. Somaya, keep up the hustle girl, I’m with you. Mona, I am disappointed in you as a producer and you should be ashamed of yourself. The fact that most of the cast members admitted that you ran the show in an unprofessional way or put them in a bad light, makes you look like a good producer for the show’s sake, but a bad person in real life. I do love the show, but if Crissy does not come back on for season 3, I won’t be watching that show, but I will be watching whatever show or movie she is in, because I’m sure she will be getting offers. Good luck to you Crissy, I’m with you all the way!!!

  43. Sauri Samone says:

    The Reality Check was nice. It was also very much needed since every individual on the show needed one. Everyone seemed to have so many regrets, as they should. The show was real and I think it showed something that lurks in each of these women. I watched and saw all the nice clothes, shoes, hair and bags, but all that glam was only to cover all the ugliness they carry inside. No matter how beautiful you appear to be on the outside, if you’re ugly on the inside, you’re uglier on the outside and no amount of makeup can cover that. They all needed a reality check, and a glimpse from the outside inside to see who they all really are. I hope each and everyone of them will pray to become better people, because no reality show, fame, or money can save you from the hell you are headed to. Get it right ladies!! It’s not worth your souls..

  44. ceecee says:

    Crissy you are my favorite. You keep it real all the time. You remind me of my friend of more than 20 years. You and Jim keep your head up. You and mama Jones keep that communication open.

  45. shavon says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My favorite person on the show is Chrissy. That woman has real love for her man and that should be enough for respect. I truly believe Yandy was jealous of Chrissy and Jims relationship. For future reference business and personal should never be mixed.Chrissy if you ever read these just know that I mean every word of what I have said, and I think you are simply BEAUTIFUL…………. Stay Blessed………

  46. See Moore says:

    Somaya’s Make way too over is HORRIBLE. She looked old and her hair looked Drrrryyyyyyy. Was she wearing a spray on tan? She needs to STOP IT. They really didn’t disclose any eye opening situations. I thought they would have disclosed what was in the email Yandy sent but I think it would have made Yandy look bad or worse. Yandy is not innocent in the situation with her and Chrissy. Chrissy needs to control herself too, especially around Yandy when she KNOWS what the producers were doing. She can’t put all the blame on the producers of the show when she is acting a fool. Self control goes a long way, she can’t show Chrissy acting a fool is she STOPS escalating things to the physical. She gave Yandy too much control, that which angers you controls you. I like Chrissy because I believe she is the most genuine and really gives all of herself. She is a beautiful woman, she has a classic beauty. Though she is not “educated,” she is very intelligent. I hope she finds her niche and peace. I don’t know why they brought Erica back, she is so irrelevant. And that man who interviewed Chrissy looks like a giant leprechaun. I don’t know how she gave that interview looking at his face and not crack up. He is a peculiar looking dude.

  47. Timothy Godbolt says:

    I enjoyed the 2nd season and I will miss the cast as season 3 goes to Atlanta. All the ladies should be grateful for what the show has done for them. The show gave them all national exposure and a vehicle to generate a brand for themselves. Olivia wouldn’t have gotten her deal without the show. Emily, Kimbella, Erica, Somaya would still be relative unknowns without the show. Chrissy was the star of the show, she is why we tuned into the show. It’s fair to say the show needed Chrissy as much as Chrissy needed the show. Love and Hip Hop have a tough act to follow as it hit’s the road to Atlanta. Thank you Chrissy and Jim for making the show a viable brand. Ms. Mona you’ve got a shot based on the first two seasons. I don’t know how you’re going to match what we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing, good luck. I will watch, but now I’ve got something to compare what you bring to the table this time to what you gave me the first two times.

  48. Danidan says:

    Chrissy is the Fan FAV and from watching this season i didnt care for Yandy from the first episode she was unprofessional and if Mona is her Mentor as she said several times- Mona shoudl ahve tought her how to act like a professional buisness women not a hood rat in everyones buisness. LOVE YOU CHRISSY

  49. msmeme says:

    I believe anyone who did not see Chrissy as a bully is delusional. The producers of these reality show do not make characters out of people they merely use the footage they are given, and if they do not like how they were portrayed then they need to check themselves. Both Jim and Yandy should learn to seperate business with personal. Chrissy is just a girlfriend not co-manager or any other thing that would make Yandy have to humble herself. Plus I dont see why people are mad at Yandyu for saying Jim is her m oney. If managing him is how she pays her bills he is. She has to take care of herself unlike Chrissy. Emily is soooo weak!!! People want to justify Chrissy fighting Kimbella when in fact it was none of her business and not her fight it was Emilys. I dont see how you can fight for someone who does not fight for themself.

  50. truthbetold says:

    What I find odd is how much energy is put into writing negative comments about the cast members. Why is everyone judging and name calling each of these women for simply being emotional? It is my OPINION that the production team manually stimulated a negative situation for each of these ladies. Producers took real situations and made them worse. Most of you will say well they could have ignored each other or walked away, and while that is true many of us know that when you are overly emotional and placed in a hostile environment things can turn ugly really quickly. Yes, these were real reactions but from stimulated situations. In my OPINION I don’t believe half of the fights would have occured if these ladies were allowed to actually interact as they normally would.

  51. ANNA says:

    Really Guys:
    I stand with Chrissy on this one: Yandy is a manager, a professional not a friend or family: She needs to find a her own man for loyalty: Congratulations Jim and Chrissy: Praying for you guys to have the best.

  52. Danielle Bell says:

    Sorry Chrissy this is not your show because if it was you would have the power to remove any cast member including yandy who did not follow your lead. I didn’t see your name in any of the credit. Chrissy preys on the weak. Try that ish in Harlem with any of the many chicks man you have slept with. Yeah I said it everyone wants to ignore the pink elephant in the room. Furthermore the show would be a success with or without Chrissy or her man. Yeah for once your man. Team yandy all day. Jealousy is vicious don’t hate on the chicks who have something going for themselves. Fyi begging and manipulating a man to marry you is pathetic.

  53. Tanya Gibbs says:

    olivia is a back stabber. Chrissy had every right to address Yandy its not her business what Jim buys his woman i would have checked her ass too. She acts like she have slept with Jim or want to

  54. Jennifer says:

    Anyone who doesn’t like Chrissy obviously is not from NYC, bc if they were they would definitely understand where she’s coming from and her personality in general. Team Chrissy all the way, love u girl, don’t worry about these people who judge you based on a show that everyone loves bc of you. You doing it right!!!

  55. aliaya says:

    First let me say that I really love the women on the show- minus olivia and yandy, and erica. Oh and Terria Marie, she was to thristy trying to be one of the cast. Okay that out of the way, I loved the first season because it was cool to see the female side of hip hop. You have light skin girls, dark, latina, someone for every female to look up to. Despite their personal drama these girls held it down. So when the second season came around I was more than excited! But then I was seriously dissapointed. I felt like Yandy brought too much unecessary drama to a good show. Originally I did not like Kimbella because of how she dressed- I didn’t think that was appropriate dress for a mother, and certainly how she addressed her past with Fab was not cool either. In the end I came to really like Kimbella and I felt that her story was very similar to that of Emily’s. And then poor Somaya, just when things started to pick up for her she kinda disappered:( and Chrissy she was my favorite, her and Em, but Chrissy was just fighting EVERYBODY!! And then I watch reality check to find that Mona really screwed these women over, and it INFURIATES ME!! I seriously hope the cast reads my post because I would like to thank them for sharing their lives with us, and I am so sorry that Mona took advantage of their position. Women like Mona truly disgust me, it is not a wonder as to why she had to take her show to Atlanta, and sorry Vh1, that is one show I will not be tuned into!!!!!

  56. Khandi says:

    I can’t believe Chrissy really thinks the show was hers. She is not that snart or interesting. She is on national t. v. being very immature and begging a man to marry her, the life of hip hop women has always been portrayed as gold diggers, man hopping hoes. It was refreshing to see Yandy because it showed the business side of hip hop. Chrissy news flash… boo boo. The show belongs to the business minds of Mona, and the rest of the excutive producers. They run the show , not you. Grow up and take Jim to rehab. He can’t stand still or give eye contact, besides he is a WHACK rapper.

  57. sissy says:

    @truthbetold, I agree that there was “manual stimulation” as you put it, but the problem I have with Crissy and many others is that, as a grown woman I know myself and I know full well that no matter the situation, manufactured or real – You can’t get me to act like a fool or fight anybody. Period. No matter what the producers did, these people are still responsible for their behavior and reactions. You either are the type of person who is willing to fight at the drop of a hat, or you’re not – but if you are OWN IT and don’t make excuses for how YOU behaved and blame producers. The producers are in it to create entertaining tv and make money, and if you give them gold, they’re going to mine it.
    And I completely understand how you might feel about the negative comments, but they put out negativity on screen and open up their lives for viewers to watch, then those viewers have a right to have and express an opinion. Most of the opinions seem negative because people take issue with how negatively they behaved, and the poor examples they are of black women, and just women in general. All the catiness, the bickering, physical altercations, bad attitudes, and open relationships for the sake of fame and money. It’s not cute, and it’s certainly not classy or ladylike. Mona and the other producers didn’t create that, that’s just who they are and how they live.

  58. Scottsdale girls says:

    I hope Chrissy don’t come back til she get her own gig. Now if what I hav read was true and Jim borrowed the money for Chrissys shoes from Yandy or it was community biz money than I understand her email and interference was about protecting her interest. But if that is not true than she interfed where she shouldn’t but I LOV Yandy She never out to start things
    Erica I can’t stand no matter what she says the Public saw her PROVED Lyinf saying it was editing regarding her IMMEDIATE Hate against Kimbella. Kimbella has never said anything ugly about any of those women before they started beating on her. I love Kimbella and Emily and Olivia and Yandy & I LOVE Somaya they have real stories not Chrissy not Erica or JIM.

  59. Kimberly says:

    Chrissy get a JOB that doesnt involve Jim and then petty stuff that yandy does will not matter to you. All other ladies check yourselves you are on the TV reality show road that ends off a cliff after which noone will remember you. Emily please show your daughter what a strong woman is, right now shes seeing a weak woman who stands for crap.

  60. donna watson says:

    What does Chrissy actually do- what is her occupation? Frankly all I see is her attitude and vulgar mouth towards other people. Is she the rapper wife or what what significance does she play in the whole format?

  61. getreal says:

    The real deal is the show wouldn’t have had a second seson without Chrissy and Jim. It was the dynamics of their relationship that made this show different than all the other shows on tv (Real Housewives, Basketball Wives). If you did a season 3 with the same cast minus, Chrissy and Jim you may have high ratings the first couple of episodes but the season ratings wouldn’t last. If Yandy was involved in the show prior to this season, she should have stayed in the same role she was in on season one. Putting her in front of the camera instead of keeping her behind it made the producers look as cazy as the cast. Bad choice! She may be good at her day job but she will never be a star. Stick to what you know and don’t try and force something because you want it, if it doesn’t fit. Wishing you the best of luck with your relationships Chrissy and Emily!!

  62. JustMe says:

    I agree with msmeme 100%. I must add though that I do find Chrissy a bit hypocritical and self-righteous, which means for all her bravado and claims of independence and self-esteem, it’s the very opposite. Of all the women on this show, Chrissy is the most insecure of all. Only she hides it behind Jim and all that anger she displays for others, such as Yandy. To run to Jim, call him, whatever is child-like, aka, immature. Instead of understanding and separating herself from the “personal” feelings she always seems to have, which is insecurity, she acts out in anger – uncool. Chrissy is also manipulative and has Emily wrapped around her little finger. Sad indeed as these could be strong black women leading the way and those they love into anything other than what they are doing. Instead, they bring who they really are – weak, insecure, unhappy, and worse, they portray themselves to be utterly dying, hoping, and living on a man’s acceptance of them and hopes of marriage. Women please! The men in their lives are as happy as can be while the women make crying and/or angry fools out of themselves in full view.

  63. peny says:

    The only comment I really have is: Great show! Lots of strong women with strong opinions. I applaud jim jones for standing beside, and up for, his lady! More men truly need to watch how to treat the woman they claim to be with. Also, I seriously doubt that I will watch this show anymore if Chrissy bows out. She’s the reason I watched it in the first place, even though there are other interesting ppl on, I just wouldnt have any interest in the show without her. She may be opinionated and stubborn, but she is also intelligent, beautiful, loyal, and definitely interesting, plus she has a connection with her man that I think most women want. No matter what happens with this show, I imagine that she will have a reality show, maybe not here, but she will have a show if she wants one.