The Biggest Revelations From The Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check Special


The Love And Hip Hop “reunion” was not a reunion, as you can tell. The special was more of a behind-the-scenes look at the most intense moments of the season, and to be honest, I loved getting a look at the deleted scenes and various commentaries from the full cast. As producer and host Mona Scott Young pointed out, a reunion wasn’t possible because there were certain castmembers who refused to film with one another, but this format was obviously less volatile and infinitely more informative. Let’s discuss some of the biggest reveals and moments of the show.

Juelz Santana Should Have Been A Cast Member

Kimbella and Yandy weren’t the only two people who were supposed to be new castmembers. Kimbella’s man, Juelz Santana, was supposed to have a much larger role on the show, but filming with Kimbella was “awkward” and he got cold feet about appearing. “He appeared with Jim, he appeared with Yandy, but we just couldn’t get him to appear on the show with you,” Mona tells Kim. Kim confirms that she and Juelz are committed to raising their kids together but as of right now, they are no longer together because he can’t “keep his d— in his pants.”

Chrissy’s Got A New ‘Do

What do you think?

Kimbella And Emily Disagree On Whether Or Not Kimbella Knew Emily Existed

Everyone’s first impression of Kimbella was pretty much the same, Emily included. It was basically “How dare you tell Emily you ‘dated’ Fab, in front of the whole world?” Kimbella tried to reassure us all though, that she didn’t even know Emily existed (let alone that Emily was pregnant), but Emily brings to light some new information, telling us “I met her years ago at a party in Atlanta.” The following is their back and forth, from that statement on.

Kimbella “I never met her at a party in Atlanta.”
Emily: “You say you don’t know, even though I know you know, and I know you knew.”
Kimbella: “She’s LYING. She never met me. She knows that.”
Emily: “She knew who I was. When she told me she didn’t know who I was, that part was a little shocking.”

Chrissy Actually Quit The Show At One Point, And She May Not Return For Another Season

Right off the bat, it was clear that Chrissy was not happy with producer Mona Scott Young, and she went so far as to refuse to sit with Young for an interview. “I know that her goal was to get a good show, and she got that, but she had reckless abandon,” Chrissy says, speaking to Young’s partner Stefan Springman.

“When the cameras rolled it was great, when the cameras stopped, that was still my life, and I don’t think she took that into consideration.” Chrissy elaborates, saying that she wasn’t able to enjoy her engagement because the very next day, she was forced to film with Yandy and things escalated from there, and at that point during filming, Chrissy walked off. “I didn’t quit the show, I just had to quit that situation,” she says.

Discussing the fight with Yandy, Stefan says “That’s what you sign up for on a reality TV show,” to which Chrissy responds: “And that’s why I may not be doing a season three.”

Chrissy’s Green Screen Rant

While it’s evident from the footage we’ve watched that there’s no love lost between Chrissy and Yandy, we got to see a shocking moment from one of Chrissy’s green-screened confessionals where she claims that Yandy should basically thank her for letting her be on “her” show. “First of all..I mean, b*tch, if I wasn’t the personality I was, there would be no avenue for you to be on, b*tch you on my show,” she says. “So if we want to talk about paychecks and who’s doing what, b*tch, you are on my show. I am so good at what I’ve done, I’ve made an avenue for you, b*tch, bow down.” Later, Chrissy explains her annoyance, saying “She traded her managerial hat in for reality TV so there you have it. Now stop asking me about Yandy.”

Mama Jones Is Cool With Chrissy, But Olivia Better Watch Herself

“If she ever put my name in her mouth again, bad day for her,” Mama Jones said when Olivia came up in conversation. Among the things that Mama Jones is upset about, Olivia called her “Nancy” which is a no-no unless you’re her close friend or closer to her age, Mama Jones had an issue with Olivia’s raspy-voiced impression of her, and then there was their Twitter beef. “I just don’t like her, I’m sorry,” Mama Jones told Mona. “I would never want to speak to anybody’s mother like that, but at that point, she way crossed the line,” Olivia defends.

Olivia Felt Like She Looked “Pathetic” On The Show

Olivia expressed disappointment when she was asked how she was portrayed on the show in several ways. She felt “pathetic” when it came to how people saw her career, and she felt her issues with her mother were exaggerated, even though they led to better communication between the two. We also saw a deleted scene between Olivia and her then-boyfriend Maino, who also struggled to get Liv to communicate openly with him. (It didn’t work out because “We were moving in two different directions.”)

Olivia Finally Picks A Side

When pressed to finally take a stand and express her opinion in the Yandy-Chrissy drama, Olivia reveals that she thought it was “obvious that Chrissy was wrong. Yandy didn’t want any issues, Yandy always liked you, she didn’t even know what the problem was. Chrissy took the book and the dance to another level because Yandy didn’t mean it in that way at all.” I wonder whether Chrissy will be upset to hear that.

“The Reality Of This Show Is That A Lot Of It Isn’t Real”

Somaya Reece was on the defensive during her segment because Mona accused her of not giving her anything real to work with during filming, and as a result, Somaya’s role was greaty reduced this season. Mona accused Somaya of only talking about her tequila and her shoes, saying “You didn’t give me anything real to work with.” Somaya shot back, saying that “The reality of this show is that a lot of it isn’t real.” When Mona defended the fact that there were other, more compelling stories going on with other castmembers, Somaya told her “I’m not mad, b*tch, you acting like I’m mad! I don’t give a f—!” Mona wasn’t thrilled to be called a b*tch, but Somaya kept going in, telling her “You are a b*tch to us, yes you are, don’t even act like you’re not a diva, girl.” “We’re going to agree to disagree on that, ” Mona said, but despite the tension, in the end it’s all good. Hugs!

Best Line Of The Night?

Somaya on her ex-manager Maurice: “He needs to go back to Santa’s workshop, because they’re missin’ an elf up there.”

Erica Mena: Full Of Hot Air?

I loved the fact that Erica Mena was shown the entire, unedited clip from her fight with Kimbella (in which she is still on the attack, and even calls Kimbella a “f—ing whore-bag” to Mona) and then asked to comment about how she claims the show was edited to look bad. While Erica takes full responsibility for those actions now, she also says she was misquoted on the blogs that she supposedly complained to. So…basically she’s got to find a better PR person, because girlfriend is being misrepresented all over the place, according to herself. Ultimately, she does admit though “I f—ed up.”

Olivia Signed A Deal!

When Mona brought up the EMI contract that Olivia was offered this season, Olivia mentioned that she did sign a deal, though not with EMI. “So you got that $500,000 deal?” Mona asked, but surprisingly, Olivia told her “Actually, I got more.” Get it, girl.

“I Don’t Give A F— About VH1!”

Jim Jones has been working on a reality show about his life for nearly seven years. In some old footage from an early incarnation of the show, we got to see him yelling on camera about his fate as a reality star, saying “I don’t give a f— about VH1. If it happens, it happens. If it don’t, it don’t. My profession is music, that’s what pays my bills.” He admits that “the only reason I jumped into any of this was because of Chrissy,” and saying “I respect the drama, it’s cause for good TV…I like good TV but it’s a little bit different when you’re a part of it.”

Erica Leaves “The Girls” At Home…Oh Wait, There They Are

Erica dressed conservatively for her interview and even prompted Mona to comment that this was the most covered up her breasts have ever been on the show. (Of course, her t*t-shake did get its own montage, but that’s another story.) So here we were thinking we’d go an entire segment without calling attention to Erica’s breasts when, wait for it…there they are.

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