VH1.com And Mona Scott Young Will Be Hosting A Live Online Aftershow Immediately Following The Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check


VH1.com will be partnering with the creative force behind Love And Hip Hop, executive producer Mona Scott Young, for a post-show discussion immediately following Monday’s episode in order for Mona to directly address all the questions that remain now that the second season has come to a close. Mona, who has appeared on-camera several times this season as Yandy Smith‘s partner and mentor, will be hosting and moderating the Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check recap special and plans to reveal what went on in front of and behind the cameras.

This online-only aftershow will take place on Monday, February 6 at 9 p.m. on Facebook via Ustream and will be available to view right here on the VH1 Blog as well. Fans are encouraged to submit questions to Mona via the Love And Hip Hop Facebook Fan Page during and after the Love And Hip Hop: Reality Check recap special, and I, Liz Black, will be fielding all of those questions and having Mona answer them live for this half-hour show. Be sure to tune in to have all your biggest questions answered.

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  1. serena bushrod says:

    chrissy,why did you feel like you had to get into yandy and jims work relationship,when they had been doing great until you came around?also,it seems like yandy and jim were more than just maneger and artist,they had a close nit bond relationship that was really genuine until u came along and messed things up.

  2. serena says:

    chrissy,why are olivia and emily so afraid of you?seems like if they can’t voice their own opinion with out you having something bad to say.or when their out an your not their yet,they seem to be having a good time,than when when you walk in they stop.(example#1)when kimbella was having that party for em.they were having fun,and as soon as you walked in they both jumped at at.tention.(ex.#2)when youll were out at the club and momma jones song came on and yandy was getting it in.you started nick picking and your 2 puppies sat up straight looking forward and was scared to speake and move.watch the clip.seems like to us your very jelous of pretty girl kimmy and pretty girl yandy.

  3. LISA says:

    My question is to the entire cast of love and hip hop I wanna know do any of the ladies have any regrets about being on the show?

  4. Jessica says:

    Do you think that you and Yandy could ever be friends again?

  5. mike says:

    Do you think that you can trust Olivia as a friend? She seems to play the fences and I would kick her out of the circle. I think that Emily and even Kimbella could be loyal to you.

  6. EA says:

    If Chrissy leave there will be not LOVE & HIP HOP.

  7. details ny says:

    this should have been a 2 hour show. fabulous. i hate that it’s almost over. GREAT show.

  8. renee says:

    Will there be a Season 3?Rumor has it Chrissy slept with Fab too so that may have been the real reason she hit Kimbella.The other women should voice their opinions instead of Chrissy telling them what they should feel.Jim should have been a man and squashed all of this nonsense before it got to this point.I think they should have sat down like women and aired their feelings and moved passed this,Instead of doing seperate interviews.

  9. donna says:

    love chrissy it wouldn’t be a show without her.

  10. Johnae says:

    Why is chrissy always trying to be the star of the show? Reality is she is the only one not making any money besides taking Jims. I dont understand why she would have the nerve to come at Yandy or anyone else at that matter.

  11. Dana says:

    Watching Erica tonight I saw a beautiful young vulnerable lady who is sweet with a good heart. My hear just felt for her. To watch her being honest, raw and sincere, now THAT is a good look. I just wanted to give her a hug.

    Keep your head up Erica (and your boobies covered up a lil more) and you’re gonna be alright :)

  12. Jennie says:

    You did a wonderful job with the Cast , I love there hair and makeup. I wish you the best in your future cast upand coming.

  13. Jancee says:

    I am a 61 yr. old women I have 2 sons 35 and 23, my 23 yr. old started me watching Love & HIP HOP2 (my soaps were removed from the air). I was truly surprised how I enjoyed the show, and I want to personally thank all of the cast for sharing with us their personal lives a lot of lessons were learned for us all. I especially appreciated the lesson Jim gave to young men the grace and respect he gave to his mother and fiancĂ© in bring them together. I don’t know if Jim is up to it next year but many of us would like to continue seeing the ins and outs of the music business, the promotion, branding, recording, fashion, styling, modeling, side of the entertainment world. These young people are courageous, fearless, and hardworking God Bless you all. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  14. Dee says:

    I think it’s time for an all new cast. No famous producer would work with chrissy, who thinks she calls the shots. If there is a love hip hop 3, please leave out chrissy and erica. Some fans think there would not be a show without her but let’s think this: I loved loved loved the WIre and vowed not to watch the show without Stringer Bell / Idris Elba (a REAL actor). However, i continued to watch so chrissy is a not that heavy. I do not think she is a bad person she is just immature and a hot head. I was like that in my 20′s and that attitude gets you nowhere fast…..

  15. derinna says:

    Chrissy u make me LMAO and SMH like never before. Can u listen to yourself speak? Do u watch thesame show we watch? I mean your anger, mean spiritedness makes me cringe. You think you call the shot, are above everybody else. You know u owe Kimbella an apology but for some weird reason, u think it’s beneath you to own what u did to her, or maybe u are too much of a queen bee to do that. Yet you expect everyone to be loyal to chrissy, respect chrissy, bow down to chrissy, let chrissy have the final say on everything, let chrissy do the firing for her boyfriend coz he does not have a brain of his own. Apparently that Manager-client relationship worked for 8yrs until she joined the show and was not Emily who bows down to queen bee chrissy. Ohh PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!

  16. Misty says:

    Honestly after watching this reunion show I am left wondering if Mona Scott Young and Yandy didn’t intentionally orchestrate the drama. When you really remember that at every volatile incident Yandy was the person that showed up with either Kimbella or Erica. Yandy is supposed to be this professional woman. A manager of someone’s career no less and she was clearly the instigator in all of the situations who then sits back and plays naive (which I don’t believe she is –that is just her way of getting over). First after Kimbella tells Yandy about “dating” Fab when Emily was pregnant, Yandy proceeds to bring this woman into Emily’s home when she is having an “independence” celebration. A true professional would have advised Kim to think about the relevance of bringing it up at all after 3 years and if she does decide to tell her it should have been one on one. But no Ms. “Professional” Yandy brings her to Emily’s home so she can tell her in front of her friends. Did Yandy not understand that would be hurtful and embarassing to Emily….what about her “brother” Juelz….she didn’t think how it might be embarrassing to him?
    Then she brings Erica Mena to Kimbella’s get together and that whole situation looked set up. But yet again Ms. Professional is in the center of it and then playing the naive role like she didn’t know how that happened.
    Then she getting in the mix with Mama Jones and Chrissy’s dispute….should have just stayed out of it. Even if that book was with good intention, it was inappropriate because she and Chrissy are not on that level of friendship. It is funny that Chrissy and Mama Jones were able to mend their fences on their own and at the end of the season we have a lovely family vacation with Jim and the two women he loves. Families fight and families that love deeply fight hard. Married or not it is clear to me that Mama Jones, Jimmy, and Chrissy are a family.

    And even if Chrissy was a pain in the butt a true professional would never not inform a client of a scheduled obligation. A professional puts feelings aside and does the job period! Hell she sent an email to quit why didn’t she send an email telling him to go perform. That one action of non-professionalism proved everything Chrissy said about her not being professional to be true. I don’t see how anyone could take her seriously as a manager after her intentionally negligent action toward her client.
    If Yandy wanted to be on the show to promote herself and her business ventures she should have quit being Jim Jones manager first. Clearly she fulfilled her role as drama instigator.

  17. Keep It Real says:

    Mona you can’t call yourself a professional setting up sets to create drama. Your episodes are creating future probloems for these characters as if our race doesn’t have enough problems trying to acheieve their goals. You and your partners were selfish with your decsions and at the end of the day your bank accounts have grown these people still have the struggle in front of them to pay their bills. Yandy was trouble from the beginning, you let the cameras follow you and place yourself in their shoes. I didn’t know you and now when I hear your name I have no respect. If you can’t help our race don’t use them to help destroy them. IN OTHER WORDS KEEP IT REAL, BEACUSE FAKE IE WHAT YOU PRODUCED.

  18. Misty says:

    I also have to take exception with Mona Scott Young and the other show producers not showing more of Somaya. I didn’t watch the first season and started watching this season after one of the Sunday marathons had me hooked. While at first I really didn’t like Somaya when she met with that producer (sorry don’t remember his name) and they sort of clicked I got interested in were things might go. I think on a show called Love and Hip Hop an aspiring artist with romantic sparks with a new producer would be of interest. And why was it that Yandy got a chance to promote her jewelry but Somaya talking about her shoes and vodka was not appropriate for the show. The lame excuses Mona gave for Somaya not being on the show to me shows their was a double standard in favor of Yandy who is clearly her friend.

  19. kmoore says:

    Mona, you are a miserable individual. You know exactly what you are doing. Chrissy’s actions were justified and any rational individual could see that. There is cause and effect to every situation. Chrissy was reacting to drama brought to her. Put yourself in her shoes…. Chrissy is a strong, intelligent, classy, and compassionate woman who weak-minded individuals like yourself and Yandy are intimidated by. Chrissy’s crown on her head shines bright and you know it. Whether Chrissy is on the show next season or any other season for that matter will not dictate who and what she is, A QUEEN AND RELEVANT….. Olivia is sooo fake…. Double-talking, snake. She may have gotten a deal, but the album will flop…..

  20. Khandi says:

    Chrissy stated that her life is a move. How so?

  21. Khandi says:

    Please guys, stop blaming the producers of the show. Theses people sign contracts, they know what is going on. They are sooooooooooooo hungry for fame, they put themselves out there and now, let’s blame the producers. Chrissy was upset because Yandy was there, and she asked Mona not have her there, well the smart thing to do is ,do not say anything to her or talk to her in an adult manner. She did not do either, she acted like an ignorant fool. She has no self contrl, and now that;s Mona;s fault? I don’t think so. Mona continue doing what you are doing. In the future, those who sign up for reality t.v., read the contracts.