Somaya Reece Is One “Classy Girl” With A Brand New Video


Somaya Reece may have been absent from a portion of this season of Love And Hip Hop, but she wasn’t resting on her laurels off-camera. She was busy working, hustling, making music, and making videos, like the one above for her new single “Classy Girl.” The video was released last night right after the final episode of season two — smart girl, that Somaya, she didn’t want you to miss her for too long. Show Somaya your love and support and check out the video now!

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  1. Lucile says:

    Chrissy’s hair is The Bomb!

  2. disappointed says:

    Was expecting a little but more……….

  3. Courtney says:

    she is so lame no body is not in to this type of music all about R&B and hip hop!!!!

  4. deepdimples75 says:

    Last season of Love & Hip Hop, I was so down on Somaya. She has vindicated herself and I’m happy for her. Olivia not accepting Somaya’s gesture of forgiveness was tacky, which is poetic justice since Somaya is doing her thang. I’m going to support this sister and Olivia can kiss! Great video!!!

  5. taniaBEnice says:

    I hate to say this, but your comment is extremely full of grammatical and spelling errors. Somaya looks great in this video! I would have loved more drums and bass….definitely on the road to being a house music diva!

  6. LU says:

    This girl is so Lame!

  7. JOANNA says:


  8. Erica says:

    I like her – not her music. She’s very pretty and I like her style. But her music… uhh.. it’s just blah! Her rapping skills are mediocre and the beat is kinda boring and 1990ish. Come on Somaya I know you can do it!

  9. lynnlynn787 says:

    Luv it….

  10. Keep it Coming Keysha says:

    Im confused what is this song about ??? so all over the place! Poor Thang

  11. Chrissi says:

    cute video, i respect her hustle and how she is working hard, gotta love her for that

  12. DMS says:

    This was WHACK, just like HER—LOL

  13. tat says:

    It’s not all about R & B. Hip Hop there are many things that classify Hip Hop. I think she’s very beautiful. I think she would be an amazing model. But, her music is yuck. And, I know LATINAS, that think the same thing. I’ve seen people make comments that say, you guys are just jealous because she’s light, and you aren’t………ignorant! I’ve got ears. I can listen to Celia Cruz (R.I.P) Shakira, and even Jennifer Lopez (who sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better). This chick sounds like crap!!

  14. Honestly says:

    Sorry Somaya think your kinda cool and pretty but this video and song suck =/ maybe next time keep on pushing your drive is awesome!

  15. kim says:

    not sure how i feel about this. it’s just alright it could be way better

  16. mrs dickerson says:

    It wasnt the best….she can make it, but something is miss n!!!

  17. kenya says:

    it could of been a little better thin that i like ur style of the video but at the same time the song made no sinces to me and dont every try to sing again with out auto tones

  18. ggalvan says:

    SUCKS!!!! No vocal content at all!!

  19. Sonya says:

    ummm…no…the video was ok but the lyrics are wack i like her as a person and respect her hustle but maybe she needs to find a new one because music shouldnt be it

  20. Bree says:

    OUCH…that actually hurt..I really like her, I want to see her shine…she has a big personality, very commercial appeal…but this was just painful to watch.

  21. Nita says:

    That’s right lady, keep making those videos and show them- especially “chrissy”- that you did not need wimpy jim to get ahead. You look so pretty and the song can be danced to, you know the clubs will playing this!

  22. Noelani says:


  23. Anguyasha says:


  24. Lovely says:

    Somaya…you, your label, your manager, and most IMPORTANTLY your Creative Director for your project need a new sound:/! You’re a BEAUTIFUL young lady who DEF has the look for the industry; BUT, this sound is NOT what’s good ma:(?
    Just sayn…

  25. mstaylor says:

    Samaya’s video sucks! first it has no point. just all about her and licking, sucking and what she think she knows. Where are real singers, like Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Cary, Lady Gaga, Patti LaBelle. Samaya has to sell sex ’cause she shore don’t have any quality singing. She better milk this op, because her body isn’t that great. Ask Jennifer how to take all that plumpness she’s wearing. Jennifer swears by weight watchers. So don’t make another video eating, licking or chewing anything. Good luck with music career, I see no longevity.

  26. mstaylor says:

    tat you got it twisted if you think in this day and age anyone has to be jealous of light-skin you really need an intervention, that boat has sank long ago, just look around. For instance Chrissy is the most beautiful of all chics. Another thing our First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA is strikingly beautiful and Harvard graduate. so if anyone is still hung up on only light is beautiful, you need to join the 21st century. By 2040 everyone is going to be mixed.

  27. Tasheena says:

    Not feeling it

  28. GURU2 says:

    This video was cheap, A lot of face shots cuz I guess she cant dance. As far as her putting her best work out there , i dont feel ths is it . and if this is what she was saving when she dumped big boy as her manager, he did right by steppin off.
    All of the people supporting this video must be family members, ill tell ya the “troof”. try try again

  29. Olivia says:

    OMGGGG Is this a joke? Am I being punked right now? Does Ashton Kutcher pop out at the end and laugh at us for watching the whole entire video? As a person she seems great. As a rapper? Please please please stop now. I’m embarrassed for you.

  30. A. Ophira says:

    I luv to see a female doing her thing!!! Somaya, keep it pushin boo boo. We love u up here in Seattle…and you representing for all the sistas…black,brown,red,yellow…we love u girl!!!!

  31. mylesa says:

    nO mA’AM….THIS IS A MESS…. girl u need to find somethin else to do with ur time…