Yandy Smith On Being “The Don King Of Reality TV,” And Whether Or Not She’s Keeping Up With The Joneses


Now that her first season in front of the camera is over, we spoke to Yandy Smith to see what she thought about being on Love And Hip Hop. For those who may not know, Yandy helped create the show and worked behind the scenes during the first season, so she’s been involved with it longer than most of the cast, despite this being her first time on screen. She attributes much of the drama this season not to her personality or her actions, but to the producers’ desire for good television. She resents being called “the Don King of reality television” she tells me, but she’s learned to roll with the gossip and chatter that people feed on. Oh, and she would also like Beyonce to know that she never meant any harm with that tweet about Blue Ivy. Check out our whole chat with Yandy below.

What are your thoughts on the recap episode?

I was a little apprehensive, I was a little upset at the last few episodes with Erica and I was like “Oh my god, you guys made it look like I was setting Kim up!” so I was kind of upset with production and Mona [Scott-Young] and I was like, why aren’t we doing a regular reunion show, I want to address people and certain things that were said and done, and Mona was like well, Chrissy doesn’t want to tape with you. I was like with me?? Why not? So I was like, I only want to do it if I can address the things that have happened because I don’t like looking a certain type of way.

Was there anything that you didn’t get to talk about that you wish you did?

We didn’t get to talk about all the girls, and there are certain things I really like about each of them, even Chrissy. I just wish there wasn’t so much craziness and drama and separation.
What’s the difference actually living through some of these situations we’ve seen vs. seeing what the producers and editors chose to put out there?

In retrospect looking at it now? You know, taping the show, there was so many things I loved that we taped. And then when I actually looked at the show, there was moments when I was disappointed because I felt like, oh my God you had such great content and you didn’t even…You know, I understand production. I understand, you know, what goes into making a great show and what the viewers want to see. So, I applaud production for figuring out, you know, they like seeing this kind of stuff so we’re going to focus on that. I get it. But you know, there were so many other things that I felt like were great that weren’t shown on the show.

I know that you were around for the filming on season one. I don’t know what your role was though. Were you on the set a lot?

No, I pitched the show but it was called, “Keeping Up With the Joneses.” I pitched it. We couldn’t really get Jim to commit the way we needed him to, so I called my good friend Mona and she came in and she was pitching a show to another network about the women behind the scenes in hip-hop. So we put our brains together, and we figured out that we did the same kind of concept that she had but with Jim and Chrissy. Season one, I was actually overseas with Missy Elliott. I was overseas for three months, and that was the whole taping. I came back the day of Chrissy’s proposal to Jim and I was there for that. You’ll see me on clips briefly in that proposal scene.

Can you compare seasons? I’m wondering if you had any hesitation about being on the show because you knew how reality works.

You know, I didn’t have any hesitation going in. My only hesitation was just I hate being in front of a camera. I don’t like taking pictures. I felt like if I could send a message out there to women, to girls, like, “Hey! You can drive a fabulous car. You can live in a great condo. You can do these things, but work for it. Not everyone who has these things was lucky to find a man in the industry or have a rich husband or rich father of their child. Not all of us have that story.” I just wanted to show there were other ways to get this lifestyle. I had no idea what it would turn in to. I hope that message wasn’t lost, you know, with all the craziness that happened.

Have you spoken to Jim at all since everything ended?

Nope, I haven’t.

And what about your relationship with Mama Jones?

I’ve spoken to Mama Jones…a bunch of times. I just spoke with her yesterday. Things are okay with her and I. She got mad at the last episode, but other than that…well not the last episode, she got mad when Chrissy and I got into it at the club. She was like, “That was unnecessary!” People don’t understand that when you’re human, you can only hold your composure but for so long, especially if it’s not who you really are. I’m not someone who gets talked to crazy or one that gets mistreated. You know, I have pretty good relationships. I’ve always maintained my relationships, so that was really difficult for me to keep biting my tongue. Someone just kept picking at me. You know? It was just difficult. It got to a point where I just got really tired and I was like, “You know what? I’m going to quit because I don’t ever want to disrespect someone’s lady.” So that’s when I just felt like maybe the best thing for me to do is just walk away from the situation to make things a little easier for him.

You reiterated that you had nothing but good intentions with Chrissy, but she kept taking everything to mean something else, something maybe a bit more hurtful.

I think there were things that she was bothered by. But she couldn’t say those things on TV so she picked what would look good and make the most sense. Which really didn’t because no one should get mad off of a gift about, you know, being a better daughter-in-law. That should never have gotten blown out of proportion the way it did, especially when we’ve had a thousand and one conversations about, “Why can’t Nancy and I get along?” You know, it was a help guide. It was just a nice gesture. I know some of the viewers thought like, “Oh my gosh! How could you give her a book?” But really, it wasn’t a big deal. And there wasn’t anything wrong with that. What happened was our relationship wasn’t defined, Chrissy and I, so it could have been that they didn’t know the background that she’s had numerous conversations with me about Nancy. In the reunion show, it wasn’t the book that bothered her. It wasn’t the book at all and we addressed that. Chrissy says, “I don’t care about that book, and I don’t care about the dance you did to Mama Jones’s song.” She’s like, “Let’s just make it good TV. I’m just going to argue with you about something because you’re the only one that’s going to argue with me.” There were so many other things going on in her mind that she got mad at that she felt like let me blow this book up so that my anger makes sense.

Do you take any comfort knowing that her anger and her feelings weren’t only directed at you? She had her fight with Kimbella. She’s had her history with Somaya—

Then Olivia for a little bit.


I don’t take comfort in knowing that because I think it’s sad, you know? I don’t take comfort in knowing that someone’s so bothered and just so unhappy that they have to find something to pick at. That doesn’t make me happy. That doesn’t make me comforted. I wish she could’ve been happy and have enjoyed taping and had a great experience from it. I do not find comfort in knowing that, you know, she had to find someone to pick at every season or every episode.

I know that a lot of people are like, “Yandy keeps bringing conflict and the wrong people into the mix.”

Well, again, that’s something that the viewers might not understand. You have to include the cast members, people who are contracted to be a part of this ensemble. I didn’t have say whether I could meet with Erica or not. You know, she told me she wanted to be managed by me. The producers set up the meeting, and then she was going to be a cast member. I didn’t know Erica prior to the producers introducing her to me. We don’t really have say with who we bring to lunches. They take a storyline and they move with it. And that’s really the bottom line. That’s why I really like this recap show because it kind of gives you background as to what’s going on and why certain things happen. So I hate when people say, “Ohh! Yandy’s the Don King of reality TV. She’s setting up fights. Yandy’s messy. She’s an instigator.” And I’m like, “I didn’t do it! They told me to bring them! I didn’t know they were going to fight!” How would anyone know that Chrissy was going to react like that with Kim? Who would know that?

You’ve been the target of rumors, including one about you being pregnant, how do you handle that?

It’s crazy. I’ve heard I got a nose job, people put up before and after pictures of me, but they don’t know about makeup contouring. I’ve heard that I have butt implants. I’ve heard that I hosted a party at a gay and lesbian club so I’m a lesbian, I’ve heard so many crazy things, I don’t know how to explain it. I think people are used to it and know that it’s nonsense. Every single week I hear something new about me and it’s 98& false and 2% okay, I’ll give you that, maybe I gained weight so my boobs look bigger and I do look fatter.

Does anything hurt your feelings?

Most of it! But I’m pretty grounded. At first I would get so defensive but now I’m like, you know what? I won’t let that stuff define me, I’ll just roll with the punches.

What’s going on with your jewelry line?

It’s going really well! We’re calling it a lifestyle brand, EverythingGirlsLove.com is the name of the jewelry line and the online magazine. It launched when the show launched and it’s doing amazingly well in such a short time. We have Karen Gravano from Mob Wives on the cover now, last month we had Mashonda, the first month I was on the cover.

I love when I find out that all our VH1 casts like each other.

Even if I wasn’t on this show, VH1 has become my favorite channel.

Do you have a favorite show?

I love T.I. and Tiny. Their kids are the cutest kids I’ve ever seen in my life. And I love Mob Wives. And please, when Basketball Wives comes back, that sets it all off.

Now that you have a big Twitter following, do you feel like you have to choose your words more carefully now?

I’ve responded to people that irk me and it’s ended up in magazines, “Yandy Smith of Love And Hip Hop said…” and I’m like, I was just being sarcastic!

Things blew up when you made a joke about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby.

That was so hurtful because I am the biggest Beyonce fan. And the biggest Jay fan, contrary to what people may think because of Jim, I love Jay. I wrote congratulations, hope the baby’s healthy, even though LOL she’s already been here a month, and I wrote that, you know, because that’s what everybody else was saying, it was an ongoing joke people had, and that was on every website and it was like “Industry insider blows Beyonce up!” it was in magazines, and I was like why does the world think I know Beyonce? I don’t know her! I’m just a fan like you are! I have met her several times, like in green rooms at award shows, and I just felt really bad and I hope it doesn’t get back to her or she thinks I was trying to be hurtful, that is so far from who I am. You can say that kind of thing to your girlfriends, but you have to be so careful when the world is watching.

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  1. Boomer J says:

    I believe that each person in the cast of Love and Hip Hop play a role. Eventhough it’s reality, you can pretty much pick apart everyone. Emily is a follower, Oliva is scary, Somaya is a hustler, Kimbella is really confused and winging her way threw, she trully don’t know what she wants, and Yandy is a hustler and the only one that will speak her mind to Chrissy, and Chrissy is sometimes right and some times wrong but, she’s just plain messy. And please get rid of the Erica chick she’s fake and phony!!!!!

  2. Ms. Lena says:

    Yandy, you seem to have justified you actions pretty well here. I would like for you to just own your stuff and keep it moving. You have failed to do that in your interview. Jus remember loose lips sink ships. You were so engulfed in the hustle mode of things that you forgot to keep it professional. Step back and look at the whole picture, that’s all I’m saying. EXHALE!!!!

  3. Denine Todd says:

    I really loved the furst season and couldn’t wait for the season to start. I love Chrissy! I feel she knows how to hold her own and stop let people walk all over her. I can do without Yandy! She knew exactually what she was doing and she knew what buttons to push. Oliva is boo! There than that I love Love and Hip Hop! Hope to see the girls again minus Yandy and Oliva.

  4. veshti says:

    Chrissy, Emily, Olivia and Erica need to do some serious soul searching and try to better themselves, whether they return to Love and Hip Hop or not. That is what reality TV is all about; “candidly reacting to real life situations and then sitting back and looking at how you could have better handled situations.” If Chrissy can’t see that she needs therapy and some anger management classes she is in denial. Chrissy is under the impression that if you dress well, you’re good, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In order to look good Chrissy, you have to carry yourself like a lady. If someone has an opinion different from your own remember to say what must be said and walk away without having it explode into violence. Emily doesn’t realize that it is a difference from being in love and being a fool for love; love does not hurt and if she continues to let her man hurt her she is not working to solve the problem and it will continue as before. Erica saw herself in a new light and she didn’t like what she saw; the groupies that she spoke so angrily about, appears to be her to the tee. Olivia is hard and cold and unless she loosens up and gets real she will never be a success. She still isn’t aware of her arrogant attitude towards everyone and her knack to judge. You need therapy Olivia and maybe you can better connect to your music; now you are disconnected to your own lyrics maybe someone else can express your lyrics in song better; Olivia if you’re going to stay in your shell, stay off of the stage.

  5. Mekisha says:

    Sounds good… but I’m not buying it. Try again Yandy. True, most “reality” tv is staged by the producers… but you are who you are regardless. Yandy came across as messy and VERY unprofessional. It really seemed as if she had underlined feelings for Jim. Her attitude towards Chrissy were unnecessary and way out of line. Overall I think the addition of Yandy, Erica, and Kimbella brought down the quality of the show.

  6. peter says:

    Yandy is immature and this was the worst season ever because she turned it into a ghetto show. she is very manipulative and disgusting. I can understand her problems knowing chrissy is better looking than her and classier must really bother her but grow up. the confidentiality issues she has will definitely cost her, her job as a manager. she spoke about Jim’s business too much she is immature and unprofessional she needs to grow up. Mona needs to guide her and stop making excuses there are none we are not buying it. Mona and Yandy should both apologise to Chrissy and Jim

  7. arealioness says:

    Let us not forget Mona and Yandy and close friends. Mona is still training her and showing her how to clean up a mess. Since Mona has issues Jim and Chrissy she is trying to make Chrissy look like the villian and covering Yandy’s butt. It is so obvious what is taking place. First, let start with why is everyone tripping on Chrissy, when to me Kimbella and all the others are worst than her. Kimbella told Emily that she was glad that she was leaving Fab because she used to mess with him at her party. So Chrissy defends Emily and Kimbella start to act like she is big and bad, and ask Chrissy is she wanted to get up. Well Chrissy replied yeah I’m going to up and beat her butt. Now Juelz is not claiming her on air. Karma. Yandy, the mess starter took to mamajones cd to club the night Somaya performed. that is why she got so crunk when the song was played.
    This is right after the fight But people are blaming Chrissy. If Jim want to take care her good for her. The man is suppose to provide for his home. Team Chrissy, Emily and Somaya. Oliva fake butt and the other old boring people can leave.Team Jim and Chrissy, Emily, Somaya.

  8. sissy says:

    Wow, you people who don’t see how ghetto and messy Chrissy are, scare me. This is a 40 something woman who still runs around fighting people over verbal disagreements, and not only fighting but making a huge spectacle by losing all control. It’s pathetic and childish on a level I can’t even comprehent. I’m in my 30′s and I can’t think of a single situation that warrants me putting my hands on someone, let alone another woman. It’s classless and tacky and if she hasn’t grown up by now, she never will. Yandy made some mistakes, but she can work through that. But Crissy has shown her true, classless self for two straight seasons and only gotten progressively worse. When Jim was crying and saying how his mom gets along with everyone and everyone loves her to death, but Crissy and her can’t get along and he was baffled by it. UH, Crissy can’t get along with anyone, how has he and everyone who views this show not realized that by now. You call it holding it down or sticking up for yourself, I call it knit picking, bullying and acting like a fool. Tomatoe, tomatoe.

  9. Rema P says:

    @Veshti – I could not have said it better.

  10. Watchingclosely says:

    Please stop with all this nonsense for our youth to watch. It’s one thing for an adult to engage in this kind of warped trash, but our babies watch this and mimic what they see. Chrissy is a poor example for any woman period! You are a GROWN (or overgrown) woman, where is your class? You fight people at the drop of a hat and talk like the trashy, lowclass and uneducated woman you are! GO TO SCHOOL..Get an education and put that slick mouth to some good use because you have NOTHING going for you girl…a few bills from this show and your man are going to go as quickly as you got them/…And what is money anyway..YOu have been able to con your way into men’s lives probably through sex since you were probably preteens , where is your career, your money, your own being girl? Anyone who sees her as a role model needs to get their heads examined …And Emily….Oh boy, girl you are pathetic and spineless….get an education and build on your self girl without some mans dime…because what it all boils down to on this show is that these women will put up with ANYTHING from a man because they are “taken care of” financially….sad, sad and sad…Just glad at the end of the day, I always have me, my career, education and my baby…

  11. confused says:

    Yandy I give you your props, you are out there handling your business and not having to lay down to get it. I liked Chrissy at first but her advice to Emily that she should just except what Fab was doing was ok and that she should just basically except it as long as she dont see it or he doesnt bring around her was plain STUPID and I dont see her as a role model for younger women. No amount of money or material things are worth a womans pride or respect to have except that so what does that say about her before she judges you.

  12. Meesha says:

    I’m down with team Chrissy!! I like Chrissy & I also understand Chrissy, I think that Yandy should’nt have put Jim Jones business out there like that !! & if she is his manager she’s supposed to keep it 100% professional everybody slips into drama / hype sometimes feel me … & I think the Kimbella situation when Chrissy whooped her up!! I think Kimbella has done alot in her pass as far as Fab & others she’s not proud of my mother always said to me “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you” Kimbella has alot of growing up to do as well… & Juelz don’t seem to be happy in there relationship from what I’ve seen on the show… I just think that Chrissy’s love for Jim is platinum no question about it & she’s riding with her man whether it’s LOVE & HIP HOP or FOREVER LASTING LOVE !! Chrissy’s love for Jim is ginuine !! I’m glad that Momma Jones & Chrissy are making things work out for the sake of the man they both love so dearly!! Chrissy keep your head up girl Yandy once again my sista KEEP IT REAL & PROFESSIONAL !! Your not in Chrissy’s shoes so you don’t know what she was bearing !! #imjustsayingpatchthismessupyandyifyourfriendshiptojimisasgoldenasyousayitwas!!

  13. YATTI says:


  14. ceecee says:

    I totally believe you cross the line. So what if she met someone that makes money and she does not have a 9 to 5. So do a lot of other women in this world. I think you have been crossing lines that has nothing to do with you. You are the reasons some do not trust women managers for a like of a better word. Her life was not always honki dori, I mean had no mother and father like a lot of us either. Give it a rest. She is as real as it gets on REALITY TV. Your producer said it right. You cross the line on Crissy’s shoes and other things and why she reads her mans emails. Are you crazy.

  15. ceecee says:

    And on another note, I am glad mama Jones and Crissy is in a good place. So please dont put your nose in there too where it do not belong. And i did not like the lesson you took upon yourself to teach Jim where he lost 25000.00 Are you kidding me. Jealous if I ever heard of. And if you called that an apology, well lets just say you still need some raising to do. You knew exactly what you was doing when you gave her that book. Remember you and her was not friends and giving that book was another dig, just like the dance in her face. I mean really! Grow up.

  16. sexy says:

    i think chrissy is jealous of yandy she came on the show and stole her spot light. and chrissy say she not coming back to the show who cares if there was no show chrissy and jim will not be relavent come on now when was the last time jim had a hit song balling come on now he need the show to keep his name out there because before the show who was talking about jim this much nobody and no one knew who chrissy was.the sho made both of them relavent and chrissy start to much drama like go sit down and have some kids you will never see jay and b on a show acting like that chrissy is just a hoodrat who dont know how to act get a life no one want your broke down man

  17. Yandy is so whack she doesn’t need to be on the show

  18. Truetothebone says:

    I happen to really like Yandy and thought she brought something extra to Love and Hip Hop! Even though she got caught up with Chrissy silliness I can do nothing but respect her because she’s not waiting around for someone to take care of her! And remember Mona and Yandy are friends even though they aren’t speaking now? Why? It’s about is all about the money they will be back alright when it’s time to talk business! LOL, Hah!!! Unfortunately I think it is sad that Chrissy was such an insecure individual and yes I do believe that! It’s nothing wrong with being about your business and for your business but I think Chrissy thought everyone on the show was supposed to bow down to her, and fighting! Girl PLEASE! Yandy just wasn’t having Chrissy speak to her anyway she wanted to speak to her and I don’t blame her! I liked Chrissy gumption but I didn’t like her thinking that she could bully anyone who didn’t agree with her! Olivia? I didn’t like her in the last season with her sneaky self and I didn’t like her this season but I will say I liked when she was interviewed and asked who did she think was wrong ( Chrissy and Yandi) I definitely thought she was right on with the answer she gave. Somaya is a hustler, and I think she’s got plenty of game…last season you didn’t see Chrissy running up on her trying to fight? right! Emily is really sweet and sooo in love with Fab that it is just lawless to me…I say keep it moving..You know what? I like Kimbella, I just do! It’s somethng about her that is really genuine and yes I agree that she is hurting and a little confused right now. and her relationship is sad to me because what man is going to be embarassed about being with his woman! Than he isn’t worth it to me…Own up to yours! OK, NOW Erica please sit down and don’t get back up again, PLEASE, she looks deformed to me, UGH!!!! Jim Jones with his slick self always looking down and to the side.
    What is with that about…are you smokin like that! OMG! My grandmother always warned me about men who couldn’t look you in the eye! Well thats my imput, I wonder what next season is going to be like?

  19. SexySophicatedLady says:

    First off , YANDY IS MY FAV. I think Yandy handled herself really well as much as she could until she couldn’t take anymore. Now Chrissy really crossed the line. Jim & Yandy is dealing business not Chrissy, Yandy, and Jim!! If Jim wanted Chrissy to have power he should have included her in the business. Jim is less of a man because he sot back and let the drama spin out of control, he should have put Chrissy in her place and told her to stay out of it. Now don’t get me wrong, she can speak but only to him, let him handle his business with His manager. Its called a chain of command. Chrissy has to remember she is his gf not wife!! Kimbella was also another Fav on the show. Erica was just a hater trying get more fame. Although Kimbella did tell Emily @ the wrong time about Fab, I thought it was great she be a woman and tell her. Let’s not forget what happen on Basketball Wives with Tami & Evenlyn. Olivia needs to open up more, but you did a great job with your music , keep it up love!! Emily played the dumb role. If he did not make u relevant in 8 yrs, y now??? I think she just have to live and learn, some dont learn from others mistakes……thats all folks

  20. Real Talk says:

    Good job, Yandy, with trying to make yourself look good and clear your name, but not good enough. REAL people see right through this. You addressed Chrissy’s behavior, but you failed to address yours. If you were so “professional” you would have stayed in the background as a producer like last season, but you wanted spotlight, as much as Chrissy had last season, Ms. “I don’t like being in front of the camera”. We sure couldn’t tell. Just like everybody keeps saying that Chrissy has her weak friends (Emily and Olivia) which I don’t think either one of them is weak, you definitely have your own groupies, Kimbella and Erica. Olivia switched to your side because she probably thinks you can help her in the industry more than Chrissy, but that’s a punk move, because if someone is your friend, you don’t switch on them. I actually think you and Chrissy could have been a dope duo if you could get along, because you both know the game and how to hustle, but you gotta be real, Yandy, because those of us that are 100% have already peeped what truly occurred this season. You traded in your managerial/producer hat for a quick spread on reality tv. We, the viewers, would have appreciated you more if you had stayed a manager, even as a member of the show, and showed us that side of the life. Everything in life is not about money, especially when it comes to friendships (like you claim you and Jim had), but since you’re all about your “paper”, I really hope it was worth it.

  21. Heather says:

    I enjoy watching this show. I look forward to watching season 3. I think that Emily needs to be cast out. I really don’t want to hear her wine about Fab or see her being up in Chrissy but. Emily is the weakest link, an i wonder why she is on the show. Also i believe that the girls excluded Yandy should stand up to Chrissy. I like Chrissy simply because she speaks her mind, win, lose or draw she doesn’t care how you feel once she has exhaled. Lastly who is Erica??? She is in the same boat as Emily to me.

  22. Ms V says:

    Personally, Yandy is messy…She was out of line by putting Jim’s business out. If a person is making money, they don’t need to broadcast all of the time. She needs a lesson in Maturity and how to keep it professional. Everybody knows….NEVER DISRESPECT A MAN’S WOMAN, especially one that he genuinely loves. I most disappointed by Olivia, although i’ve said it through out the season, she is disloyal and should have been up front with Chrissy from the beginning. But nooooo, she waited until the reality check to say that she thought Chrissy was wrong, instead of telling Chrissy to her face when she was asked.

  23. Barbara A Steer says:

    Jim marry Chrissy asap. I feel Yandy is in love with Jim, back off Yandy,Chrissy is the woman for Jim

  24. glenn says:

    my opion of the show is u ladies were degraded the value of a woman was pennyless! u ladies are meant for more then what this show displayed and to the young ladies grow up to be woman is the wrong role as a leading ladie…GOD said u are worth more then rubies!!!! these men treat u less

  25. Kelli says:

    I loved what Yandy brought to the show. I working woman making her own money running her business. I am confused by the comment that identify with Chrissy and endorsing her behavior. It was immarture and reckless and after seeing the way Jim carried himself during the recap interviews I now understand why. No one made anyone behave the way that they did. Chrissy attacked Kimbella, Chrissy engaged in arguements with Ms. Jones and Chrissy was angry Yandy was taking so much of her on screen time. She ws happy to have weak a$$ Emily whining and complaining and Olivia clearly already had a problem connecting to an audience hence her stalled career. Who knows what was going on with Somaya and Erica was just plain ghetto.

  26. gold$ says:

    I’m glad Olivia finally spoke up and it was the truth. Chrissy was in the wrong because she came at Tandy in a hostile way. Chrissy knew they was in a club, and with clubing comes drinking. Tandy had been drinking (not doing anything wrong) she acted out the same way anybody else in her situation would of done! Chrissy don’t realize that Jim is her match and he plays the game well. He not gonna marry her, and Tandy saw right through it when she sumed it up as a “lease”,lol.

  27. Kyana says:

    Yandy, I’m convinced, it’s not an act, you are truly ignorant and dumb, ‘Things she couldn’t say on TV’, you make yourself sound like a woman of loose morals, got me? And regroup that whole jewelry line thing you’re doing, VH1/ Mona did you no favors by introducing it as breakaway pieces.

  28. T says:

    Oh the drama. I second Ms. Lena. Yandy is cool and I believe that she could walk away from Jim and branch off to be big in her own right. However I think she ran her mouth and it had consequences. When you talk trash, know your audience (Crazy Crissy) and beware of the boundaries. As for Crissy, all I can say is when you’re a hammer, everything’s a nail! Jim will pay the price if he marries her because life will never be peaceful and he will have to cut many more people loose on account of Chrissy’s demand and drama. That woman can’t get along with anyone. Seriously! What is her problem? PreEMPTIVE striking all over the place. And I think she feels some rivalry with Yandy as strange as it seems.

  29. TD says:

    I think Jim bought some time by proposing. Fist, if you’re with a man who is reluctant to marry you, you make a statement and move on, not give ultimatums. If he didn’t do it after Crissy badgered him for a year he probably DIDN’T WANT TO. You know? I think Jim will pay attention. He is sharp despite defending Crissy and if he progresses in the industry, it would not serve him to fire and check people because Crissy can not contain her ego. Yandy isn’t perfect and she did pimp her game trying to get ahead, get coverage and face, but she isnt KEPT either. Crissy got angry with her girl Olivia. You either agree with her or you can’t be her friend. There will be no one left soon. And yes, Emily is a follower. She will kiss Crissy’s butt to avoid conflict just as she will stay with a man who doesn’t acknowledge her. Stop fighting girls. Kimbella is only symbolic of the many Fab has been with. Come on. Get with it. Can you say Denial? Let it go.

  30. kmoore says:

    Yandy, you are full of cramp! You are a liar and you know it. Your canter makes absolutely no sense. Chrissy disclosed to you that she wanted to have arguments with you to make good reality T.V…., So if this is so, you all were putting on for the cameras….., it all was arranged. With that being said, why are you and Chrissy not talking? Why are you no longer Jim’s manager? Let me give you your reality, All the snake-like things you and Mona were doing with staging confrontations, exposed you and her for what you really are. Now that the show is over, all of a sudden you are given a platform to justify your actions and clean-up yours and Mona’s image. At the end of day, you are whack and so is that jewelry line.

  31. dial92499 says:

    People hollering “Team Chrissy” is just as volatile as she is. She’s a forty year old, grown ass women still fighting and making other grown women pick sides!!!! Juvenilleatitsbest*

  32. Lovely says:


    I really like you and PRAY that you’re business, clientele, and ALL you’re future projects enlarge way more than what it is now for you puud:)! I loved how you took the “high road” approach at all times when you attempted to dead the matter with Chrissy. As a black women being over 30, 40, 50, etc; etc…we are too OLD to act like that (with all the physical fighting on television. I am in TOTAL agreement with Olivia…
    Which brings me to the CONGRATS Yandy…I don’t know if all the tweeter comments were actually true or not but I LOVE how you did not respond to it:)! I’m not upset with O either because we all have limits! Keep doing you girrrrrl, I saw you in Baumgart’s in Englewood with Nancy while you were filming LOL…but next time I’ll say “heeeeey puud” LMBO:)!!!
    In the meantime…you stay up & I hope to see you on season 3 HOTALANTA :)!

  33. val p. says:

    Yandy? Nope, don’t like her!!!!

  34. cwill says:

    Yandy is the truth chrissy is jealous of yandy’s power and money

  35. NeNeB says:

    Yandy is a hot mess and has a lot of growing up to do . I dont know any artist that will work with her. Im in the medical field and I would never put my patient business in the street. Yandy need a class on professional conduct.

  36. tara says:

    yandy is the best and realist one

  37. ladygucci says:

    First of all lets all be realistic……..Yandi, is dam good @ what she does as far being a manager…she knows her craft. She pull off the video in 2 days. When se told Crissy about taking Jim from a $2,500 artist to up there, Crissy aint had much to say. Yandi stood her ground with that one. If Crissy was so mad about the book she would have address Yandi then and there. `Yandi was a bit messy in the scene with mona but I think she learn her lesson. Yandi did not start anything with Erica and Kimbella. That was all crazy Erica. I like Yandi, she is not affraid speaks her mind. When jim wanted to do the dinner for Crissy who the hell did he call and when he wanted to talk about crissy n his mom who did he turn to…n what about when he was gonna buy the ring for crissy …..I can see how easy it is for Yandi to get caught up…..At the end of the day Yandi carries her self better than crissy….she is more a lady than crissy would ever be. Crissy wanted Yandi to quit the show because she was taking over….. Yandi is independent, young, pretty, and she is fly….Yandi I admire you….keep it coming!

  38. Achegg92 says:

    Yandy was messy from the beginning and i honestly believe that her and Jim had something going in the past and she had feelings for him. She took it too personal and let all that garbage f mess with her money NO it was a whole lot more going on that we will NEVER KNOW with Yandy & Jim , Olivia Uggghhhh hope the signing thing works out for her!, Emily baby girl needs to find self love and she wont accept that mess that Fab (calls love )dishes out to her. Kimbella you got to feel sorry for this girl, he beats you and you get pregnant by him again? DUH, just A Mess! Somaya can’t even be mad at her she is just a HUSTLER trying to make it rapping SMH! Chrissy is IDK, what you see is what you get loud mouth in your face right sometimes and wrong sometimes but if i had to pick a favorite it Definitely would be Chrissy!

  39. Mo says:

    Folks need to remember…”Judge not…”. First off, we are not all from the same places, same backgrounds, same surroundings, same lifestyles. What may work for you may not work for others. I’m not one to jump and fight folks but when Chrissy has gone off, I was right there with her understanding just how fuming mad I myself may be in a similar situation. Unless you are in someone’s shoes you have no business assuming you are “classier” or better than them because you think you wouldn’t react in such a way. Yandy has been straight up unprofessional. She crossed the line numerous times and then when confronted about it, she was like a bull in a china shop stomping over the point of it all; if you are about business then be about business, be professional and push the personal mess aside. Yandy has a real problem doing this. She has a real problem owning her mistakes and missteps as well. She became the instigator to a lot of drama and beef..all the while hollerin’ about how she’s professional and “bout her paper”. Yandy needs to learn to distinguish personal stuff and professional stuff and how to keep the two separate.

  40. Jan McGhee says:

    Yandy you are one simple minded idiot. The tings you did on the job was reckless and irresponsible. I don’t see how you managed a hip hop career. You don’t get involved in personal affairs especially IF you are the manager, and to be seen on national TV was embarassing. You act as though your text (even though we dont know all or everything you texted) but the jist of what we got, Chrissy and Jim should have went upside your head. You put people together and a comotion get started and you back the F_ _ _ out the way (not kool). You say things without thinking and S_ _ _ get started and you don’t think you said anything wrong (wrong!). I hope you are not in season 3 if you can’t be more professional and literate.

  41. Toni says:

    I really believe that Yandy is a genuine and caring person from her heart. I just believe that she choose the wrong words to express certain things. She cannot comment on everything she hear. You are a professional. No one wants somebody who feeds into every little thing as she did on the show.. Especially when it come down to other artist, actress, and so forth. Unless you carry a comedian title. You just can’t do it Yan! I think that Chrissy may have been getting a little intimidated by you, and thats what caused her to react out. But its cool! Move on! Yan need to just stop being so openly money hungry. We all gotta get it. Some one want it more than others, but don’t brag about it. That’s sickening. It makes your attitude seem selfish. Humble your mouth!!!!

  42. Beverly Soto says:

    Yandy needs to grow up, and stop hatin on the Queen Criissy. Get a life. You will never be her.

  43. LayD says:

    Chrissy is emotionally challenged and VH1 should demand that she seek professional help, before someone is terribly hurt. Chrissy has shown her true colors, by attacking every female that she think Jimmy would have an interest in, may have had an interest in, or do have an interest in. This is not how a real woman represents. This is not how a confident woman acts, this is not how a professional woman conduct herself, this is not how a mature and strong woman performs. She is actually fighting against herself, because she is so very unhappy. She is unhappy with her life period. A wedding ring can not and will not fix her mentally and emotionally. She is hiding behind hurt, angry, resentment, confusion, denial, her age, and she do not feel as attractive as the other female cast members, and she is just one big bottle of sickness. Her nasty attidtude, trouble making, and sneaky physical attacks on other females is what has turned so many people off. She can not and will not florish like real women in America with that type of criminal-like behavior.

  44. MeeMee says:

    @LayD, we love your comments. Amen, Amen and nicely said. We hope she will acknowledge her unhealthy and unprofessional behavior real soon. Her emotional instablity maybe substance induced, because I have never witness nor been close to such a vicious, hostile and bitter female in real ife. She should seek professional help for the sake her baby- to-be, Jimmy and for the sake of herself. She is definitely in the Self Destruct Mode. And hopefully she will realize that her sneaky attacks and Jimmy can not save her always. So she should stop the madness.

  45. Jasmine says:

    Yandy Smith yea she is an out spoken person and that’s not a bad thing but the way she handle thing could of been much different. Everyone that seen the show clearly we know she money hungry and she seem very selfish. It’s cool to get money and do well but money makes her the person she is without it she ain’t nothing. Her reeling for Jim was strong i think in a way she wanted him.